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All Year Garden | Wh… · 17:13 22 Feb 2024
There is nothing particularly attractive about February, the weather is dreadful and summer is way off in the distance. It’s too soon to start planting, even indoors, and the gar… Read More
Gardening Blog At Se… · 15:38 22 Feb 2024
Growing tomatoes is such an enjoyable endeavour with lots of culinary rewards. Yet, when we see the ominous signs of tomato blight, we might feel that all our efforts were for nought. Howev… Read More
Gardening Blog At Se… · 19:44 21 Feb 2024
Do you dream of a huge crop of delicious homegrown tomatoes? While tomatoes are not all that tricky to grow, there are some easy tricks every gardener should know to maximise their chances o… Read More
Revista De Flores, P… · 21:57 18 Feb 2024
El Rosmarinus officinalis es un sinónimo de Salvia rosmarinus. La popular planta aromática de romero la hemos estado llamando Rosmarinus officinalis hasta el año 2017, m… Read More
All Year Garden | Wh… · 02:52 17 Feb 2024
The beginning of February used to mark the midpoint of winter, and I so wish that were still true! The cold season starting close to Christmas, almost a month later than it used to, puts… Read More
Cool For Cats
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 09:08 11 Feb 2024
We’ve had a huge amount of rain again, the rivers are fit to bust again but yesterday we had some extremely welcome sunshine. We were surprised there weren’t more plotholders on… Read More
Allotment Life · 20:31 05 Feb 2024
My only excuse for such a pun is work – the whole day in front of a screen with a spreadsheet… But what should I have not done I hear you wonder?  What I should have… Read More
Little Red Corvette
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 13:58 29 Jan 2024
It turned out that my Cornells Bush Delikata squash had survived being stored for nearly 4 months and have become part of this spicy parsnip, squash and leek soup.All home-grown vegetables a… Read More
All Year Garden | Wh… · 02:50 27 Jan 2024
It’s rainy and warm, a lot more like March than January. I worry a little bit that the bulbs are going to emerge ahead of their time, I can already see leaves and I’m pretty sur… Read More
The Riverboat Song
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 15:11 21 Jan 2024
The temperature last week dipped to -9.2° in the polytunnel. Brrr certainly not gardening weather but bright enough to tempt me out for a brisk early morning walk to see the Sun.As well… Read More
Revista De Flores, P… · 18:05 19 Jan 2024
PoleDay es una marca de la empresa Poleplants. PoleDay es el nombre de marca, que corresponde a la Jornada que organiza la empresa comercializadora de plantas ornamentales Poleplants, ubicad… Read More
Revista De Flores, P… · 09:13 18 Jan 2024
Sobre el libro de Mil maderas Un amigo, Fernando Cuenca, me ha pedido que escribiera unas líneas para su página web, referente a este libro que él hab… Read More