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For a great overall personality not only staying healthy is important but having a good height is also very important aspect of your personality. Height below average is intolerable not only for the person who is short in height but also for others (peers and companions). People look down upon the people who are short in height as if it is only the height that determines their abilities and taller people are made the center of attraction without any prominent reason. People short in height have to crane their necks to talk to the people who are taller in height. These people tend to become hopeless with all the humiliation and criticism they face in their life. They are often regarded as “dwarfs” by their peers and are often made the subject of joke in their social circle. People short in height not only have to suffer humiliation they also have to undergo rejection in their love life as well as in their work life. There are many spheres in which jobs are given to those persons who are taller in height and shorter persons are not even taken into the consideration even if they are more skillful then the taller one. There comes a point where the person shorter in height loses all his confidence and self esteem. They think that there is nothing that can aid their suffering and help them gain some inches. But this perception does not stand true. There are many medicines available in the market that helps you gain height. Earlier people used to fear to use any capsule or pill as they thought that they possess side effects. But now with changing time people have started believing and one such name of faith is Dr. Hashmi’s heightole capsules. It is the secret answer to “how to increase height naturally”. This naturally increases your height by compensating for the deficiencies of required essential nutrients in your body. It is very effective in stimulating the growth hormone. It do not have any kind of side effect as it is 100% natural. Not only medicines but there are height increase exercises and height increase tips that can help you grow taller up to some inches. To know more details about the exercise regime for height growth check out the following list of height increase exercises :- 1.Hanging exercise – Whenever you would ask any elderly person or any other person about how to increase height quickly the only answer you will get is to hang yourself frequently. Hanging exercise is one of the best ways traditionally known over ages to increase height naturally. It is a good way of coordinating with your upper body muscles. This exercise can be performed in many variations. What you need is just the hanging bar to start off. Hanging exercise How to do : i. Reach for hanging bar. ii. Hold the hanging bar with both of your hands. iii. Let your body free in the air and stretch as your hands are clutched on the bar. iv. Now fold your legs and try to bring your legs up towards the bar, making your legs parallel to it. v. Hang like this for up to 10 seconds and gradually increase your timings as you practice it daily. vi. Practice this exercise about 10 times a day on regular basis to get the desired result. 2. Bow Down Exercise – Bow down exercise is another exercise which will help you grow your height significantly. Bow down exercise How to do : i. Place your hands on the hips and stand straight. ii. Now bend yourself downwards, being in the same position, bend as much as possible. iii. Now your hands should touch the ground. iv. Your legs should be straight and knees should not be bent. v. Your chin should be away from your chest. vi. Remain in this position for few seconds and then repeat.
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