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Life Of Pt Blog

Health and Exercise tips from a Physical Therapist to help improve day to day life.
Cervicogenic headache is one of the common types of headache. This type of headache is also frequently misdiagnosed as a migraine, or stress headache. While in fact, it is a referred pain fr… Read More
Gamekeeper's thumb is a chronic injury to UCL of the MCP joint of the thumb. Physical therapy is crucial to improve range of motion and strength of the thumb. The post What is Gamekeeper&rs… Read More
What is hip impingement? Hip impingement syndrome is otherwise known as Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). It is an impingement of the cartilage or labrum of the acetabulum with the movemen… Read More
Radial tunnel syndrome is a compression of the radial nerve inside the radial tunnel. Physical therapy reduces pain and improves function with nerve stretching exercises. The post What is Ra… Read More
Cubital tunnel syndrome is the most common cause of Ulnar nerve entrapment. With proper gliding exercises and nerve stretch, it is possible to relieve the pressure of the nerve and thereby r… Read More
Biceps Stretching is important and very easy to do. The stretching can be done in various positions to maintain the range of motion, to reduce soreness, as well as to prevent shortening of t… Read More
Triceps stretch is an important stretching exercise to maintain elbow range of motion as well as the flexibility of the triceps muscles. There are a few different ways to stretch this muscle… Read More
Spinal Stenosis is a condition where the spinal cord is getting compressed within the spinal canal. The symptoms vary from mild to moderate pain to severe neurological impairment and possibl… Read More
We all feel little ups and downs emotionally depending on how our day goes or kind of life experiences we have. Most mental health is influenced by a combination of biological, psychologica… Read More
Wrist pain is extremely common among athletes,health care professionals or any one who is involved in heavy lifting/carrying etc.. A small pull here and there, happening over the time, can e… Read More
What is carpal tunnel syndrome? What causes it? what are the treatment options? This article will provide answer to all of your questions related to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The post… Read More
Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue at sole of the foot that makes up the arch of foot. It is the the largest ligament o… Read More
Scapula movements and stretching is crucial for proper posture.   A proper posture plays a crucial part in a proper posture, and shoulder blades play a pivotal role in overall post… Read More
Chest stretches and opening exercises are useful in improving the breathing pattern, correct muscle imbalance, and boost proper posture.  Moreover, these stretches also help relieve str… Read More
Back pain is one of the most common problems in today's world, which can be caused by many different factors like poor posture, improper lifting, repeated activity, etc. This article describ… Read More