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Liquor Reviews - Spi… · 00:35 02 Jul 2020
Do Bar Lives Matter? Not to get too political here, but out of the recent news that Texas and Florida Bars are closing due to covid concerns birthed a new term, “Bar Lives Matter… Read More
Vitamins Found In Green Tea
Green Tea Lobby · 07:08 30 Jun 2020
What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of green tea? Antioxidants, perhaps? Well, there is no denying the fact that green tea abounds in health-enhancing polyphenols… Read More
India Bans FAMOUS Chinese-Apps
Bombay Rocks · 05:41 30 Jun 2020
During this lockdown, India and China have faced some trouble. As we all know. India Bans FAMOUS Chinese-Apps; and some of our favourite, for instance (similarly India’s favourites) as… Read More
Hilarious Viral Instagram Trend
Bombay Rocks · 06:05 29 Jun 2020
A hilarious viral Instagram trend has started to take over the app. Several celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and the big stars of Hollywood and Bollywood are doing it! They are pa… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 06:19 26 Jun 2020
Yet another Kardashian, setting unrealistic body-image goals for young girls. Kim Kardashian West posted an exotic picture of herself wearing a nude corset. The problem? In this day and age;… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 06:35 25 Jun 2020
Frappuccino or Latte lover? These Easy Mid-Work Coffee Recipes will be sure to give you a kick and recharge your day, mid-work. We all wish we were at Blue Tokai rather than working from hom… Read More
Justin Bieber Sexual Assault
Bombay Rocks · 06:06 24 Jun 2020
A woman on the inter net claims that she was assaulted by the singer. Justin Bieber Sexual Assault ? What did he say, and what did he think of this? A reputed singer like Justin was furious… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 05:45 23 Jun 2020
After a long ride of 33 years, The Undertaker is finally thinking of settling down. The Undertaker’s legendary career is seemingly over As was shown on a WWE docu-series that debuted o… Read More
#PrideMonth Cutest Couples Ever
Bombay Rocks · 06:43 22 Jun 2020
In honour of pride month, Bombay Rocks has come up with #PrideMonth Cutest Couples Ever. Why not celebrate the best, and most adorable LGBTQ+ couples? Here are some of our favourites With pi… Read More
Footballers Wines · 16:03 21 Jun 2020
One of the most important and useful accessories for smokers is the cigarette holder. Cigarette holders are generally used by smokers to prevent smokers’ lips from touching the cigaret… Read More
Father’s Day Gifting Guide
Bombay Rocks · 05:27 19 Jun 2020
With Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20th, it’s time to thin gifts, and think fast. Bombay Rocks brings to you – A Father’s Day Gifting Guide; for making sure the best g… Read More
Kylie Jenner Tax Fraud?
Bombay Rocks · 05:08 16 Jun 2020
Last year, Forbes Magazine had published an article about the young makeup-mogul and her wealth. She was reported to have earned in the billions; but how far does this news go? Kylie Jenner… Read More
Dominion Tea - Passi… · 09:27 13 Jun 2020
Nothing says summer like a tall, cold glass of iced tea. We all have our favorites when it comes to which teas we ice (Classic Iced, Georgia’s Peach, and Adirondack Berries are three o… Read More
Inspiring Stories Worldwide
Bombay Rocks · 07:34 10 Jun 2020
As we’re nearing the weekend, here’s a mid-week surprise. A little feel-good article to calm those nerves. Feeling low? Understandable. These Inspiring Stories Worldwide will be… Read More
It's More Than Tea · 22:09 09 Jun 2020
I just saw yet another recipe for sun tea—made by putting tea leaves or tea bags into a container full of cold water and then letting the thing sit in the sun for a few hours to brew… Read More
Shocking Item Found In Bladder
Bombay Rocks · 08:04 08 Jun 2020
I have seen people ingest weird and dangerous things. I also know that people swallow glass, coins and other household items by mistake. But this Shocking Item Found In Bladder. – real… Read More
Kylie Travis Back Together?
Bombay Rocks · 15:26 05 Jun 2020
It’s no secret that Travis Scott, rapper, 28 and Kylie Jenner, 22 share a baby. It’s no new news. Kylie is doing everything she can to include him in her daughter’s life. T… Read More
Biggest Celebrity Breakups 2020
Bombay Rocks · 15:26 05 Jun 2020
Sure, 2020 has been a year of great disasters for us. But these Biggest Celebrity Breakups 2020 have affected our favourite celebrities and made their lives even more miserable! Especially n… Read More
All Lives Matter
Bombay Rocks · 15:26 05 Jun 2020
Black Lives Matter is an international human rights movement. Originating in the African-American community, Black Lives Matter campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black p… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 15:26 05 Jun 2020
Want to show your partner you care, but stuck in lockdown? We’ve got your back. After getting inspired by this amazing man, we have some ideas! Being stuck in lockdown has got our crea… Read More
Superman Strikes Again?
Bombay Rocks · 15:26 05 Jun 2020
The Clark Kent we all know and love may come again on the big screen. Superman Strikes Again? Variety confirms that Henry Cavill may be breaking out his cape to play Superman again. In an up… Read More
Bombay Rocks · 07:16 05 Jun 2020
Sajid Khan remembers late brother Wajid in a heartbreaking post: ‘My brother is a legend and legends don’t die’. Here is the Best of Sajid Wajid. The one hit numbers and so… Read More
Migrant Saves Injured Father
Bombay Rocks · 14:09 02 Jun 2020
Recently, a 15 year old migrant girl traveled across India to get her father back to safety. Migrant Saves Injured Father. A true story of love, trust and courage. India’s hero in the… Read More
DIY: Mask From Sock
Bombay Rocks · 14:09 02 Jun 2020
Featured Image via Crafty Ideas – YouTube (DIY: Mask from Sock) This woman on TikTok is accused of ‘witchcraft’ as she teaches her audience to DIY: Mask from Sock. You h… Read More