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The skin is not the boss, but it sure feels like it sometimes!

Do you itch?

  • morning, day or night?
  • in the elbow..on the back?
  • on the face and scalp?
  • the back of the knees, feet or anywhere on the body….

The insistence of itchy Skin can be all consuming and even life crippling…….respite may be short and intermittent at best.

Itchy skin

Perhaps you’ve tried topical creams, antihistamines, corticosteroids or some other form of medication and only found mild or temporary relief?

……although the skin is having problems and doing all the complaining it is not the cause.

So who is in charge?  Well, it’s not the skin…

Generally, most problems involving Itchy Skin can be put down to a lack of supply of good quality blood……this may even simply be a question of not enough blood.

In times of need, the body will prioritise nutrients and warmth to the organs essential for survival like the brain, heart and kidneys.  

This process may cause structures such as the skin and muscles to go without, starving them of vital nutrients and preventing waste products from being removed….

Hard to believe, in this day and age, the body would need to prioritise in order to survive…..if you are struggling with fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, emotional turmoil or all of the above, that may be exactly what is happening

The truth is that the skin is also very low in the pecking order when it comes to body chemistry…..  

The skin is normally used by the body for protection and to release toxins, which should be no problem……..however when there is chemistry imbalance in the blood and the body’s immune system the skin often suffers.

For various reasons, the organs in charge of generating a healthy immune system find themselves not coping …….unable to provide the exact type of immune factors that the skin requires, the system tries to replace them with more general and larger scale defensive agents.  

As seen in forms of contact dermatitis, these agents may take care of the allergen but also often create inflammation, damage and itch at the site of contact….

Often, you may well find, the immune factors have nothing at all to do with an allergen on the skin. It may just be struggling with factors in the respiratory or digestive systems……no matter where the site of the problem the immune factors still travel in the blood and to the skin.

So not only does the skin have to put up with the inadequate supply for its own reasons but also it is expected to release unwanted agents for the rest of the body.  THIS IS WHY simply soothing the site of the inflammation and itch only has a limited effect….. it DOESN’T reach to the root of the problem.

So how can acupuncture help to stop the itch?

Much of the health of the body not only comes down to correct functioning of each cell and organ but also how the body communicates as a whole.  

The relationships within the body are many and complex and, as in the example of itchy skin, can be pivotal for our health.

Acupuncture uses systems known since antiquity that makes use of the natural communication systems in the body…..thus by influencing specific points on the body acupuncture can affect the functions of specific organs as well as their relationships with others.

By doing this we can get to the root of the problem and sort out the “boss”……

Itch skin relief

When the boss is happy and working good things run a lot more smoothly….. all the workers suffer less …..helping to break old habits and establish a better working ethic.  

This is how WE restore balance and harmony to the body so Make an appointment with one of our experts today and stop the itching in as little as one session…. or just head over and like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for more articles just like this one.

Alternatively, you could head over and like our Facebook Page for more articles about this topic and other health issues.

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The skin is not the boss, but it sure feels like it sometimes!


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