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Interview With Sarwar Azam, Founder & Ceo Of Zombie Marketers Blog
1. Tell us about your Business and co-founders Based in New Delhi, Zombie Marketers is a digital commerce and creative agency with a talented group of professionals. Our company came into existence in 2020 during the pandemic. For the past year, we have worked with a wide array of clients from different industries. We help our clients with brand strategy, digital marketing, content production, and social media marketing. Our sole aim is to offer services that can assist brands as well as individuals in getting a modern and sophisticated image for today’s online market. Zombie marketers was founded by two friends in 2020. We had a digital marketing background but had no technical and business know-how. We literally started our journey with a blank sheet. We have a young team of professionals, and with hard work and dedication, we got 7 projects in a single month. Projects varied across different domains, and it boosted our morale. We face highs and lows, success and failure, but we are 100% dedicated to what we do. The best part is, we love what we do. 2) What is the biggest challenge of being a CEO, and How do you overcome it? The biggest challenge for me would be decision-making. When you are the captain of a ship, you can't make mistakes. Everything depends on your decisions. Overcoming the problems of being a CEO is not a big deal. As I said, you are the captain of a ship, and you are well aware, your one mistake can sink the loaded ship. So you better need to be prepared for the worse. You need to be confident and strong while taking decisions. 3) Where do you see the company in the next five years, and how will you bring about the change? 5 years is a long period. Still, I would say within one year, if I am giving an interview to you guys, it means that I am somewhere rather than nowhere. In 5 years, I would be definitely representing myself as an owner of the best digital marketing services provider in India and other countries too. I want my company to rank in the top 100 digital services providers. Definitely, the path is not going to be easy, but with proper planning and execution, it can BE ACHIEVED. We need to be proactive and we need to analyse the market well. We also need to focus on changing trends of the market. We need to keep brainstorming to achieve what we dream for. With our dedicated team and Vision of Zombie marketers, I believe we will be able to achieve whatever we dreamt of. 4) Did you ever feel like giving up on being a CEO, and what motivated you to pull this off? To be honest, when we started, I was excited because since my childhood, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to be a successful businessman. So one thing was clear: “piche nahi hatna hai”. And someone told me that most start-ups close within 1 year, and if you pass this duration, then you can survive. So “giving up wala kahayal” never struck my mind. One more important thing that motivated me was an event, and we were having a meeting with our employees. An Employee who is older than me said, Sir, we will do well as you are feeding us. You are not just paying salary but also feeding a family of 4 people. This incident is something that motivating me a lot. 5) Describe your biggest achievement? So far, I would say running my business successfully has been an achievement. Tackling clients from different domains like makeup, home decor, interior designing, food, healthcare and technical ones all at the same time has been our biggest achievement. It becomes quite difficult to fulfil the exact needs of each and every client. But we have maintained client satisfaction and for me, that is a big achievement. 6) From where you get the idea for business? In 2020, when the lockdown was imposed, the fear of losing job was there. I was in the sales department of a digital marketing firm. Businesses were closed. The company was preparing for ATL or may be was planning for something else. Being into sales doesn’t leave you with much scope for freelancing. So I was having a coffee with my friend, and she said let's start a company and get our own projects. We both are childhood friends so we understand each other well. We both had a background in digital marketing so, gradually we kept on moving. We had experience in the domain and we understood the mistakes people were making. We learnt from those mistakes and started our agency. 7) What was your aim to start the company? If I say my aim was to do some social work or something different than others, then I would be lying. My aim is to make a profit and generate enough revenue. If I am able to do so, then I would definitely be able to keep my employees satisfied. One thing that I have learned or experienced is that you need to keep your employees satisfied so that they don’t lose focus on their work role. One of the primary reasons for me to start the business is also that, I wasn’t satisfied while I was working. But now, even if I am not able to do well, I am still satisfied at the end of the day. 8) Tell us some of your failures? Failure as a Founder of a company!!! I won’t say that I have faced a big failure exactly, but yes there are some small failures like not being able to crack deals, when a client is not satisfied by our work or when we are not able to fulfil the promises that we have made. I believe in 100% customer satisfaction. If my client is not satisfied (due to any reason), I consider it as my failure. 9) What is the role of your family in your successful career? Woah!! Family plays a very important role. I do remember the day when I called my father, and said you know I have registered a company. So now I am legally a businessman or an entrepreneur. He was happy and a bit emotional too. It was kind of a feeling for him like “OK, ab ye kuch kar lega.” That confidence of Indian parents on their kids, matters a lot. But the most important strength that I got was from my mother. She always says, “Beta mehnat kar sab acha hoga.” Her prayer and support in everything that I do is incomparable. 10) What is your message to the young generations and to their parents? The only thing that I would like to say to the younger generation is, “if you want to be an addict, get addicted to your dream, your passion and your work. Don’t be a time killer. It will only give you pain and regret in the long run. Plan and start today. No matter what you want in your life, how much unachievable it may seem, just take the first step today because this moment is not going to comeback.
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Interview With Sarwar Azam, Founder & CEO of Zombie Marketers


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