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If You're Drinking Too Much Too Often Rethink The Drink Talk To Us Blog
Boozemusings is a lifestyle blog and the BOOM Community is a peer support group. A supportive, diverse community, open to anyone hoping to stop drinking or just slow down. Community support to stop drinking, including a Free App and private Forum. If You're Drinking too Much too Often Rethink the Drink Talk to Us
2023-02-01 14:58
Recently, my boyfriend and I escaped to Las Vegas for a quick weekend get-away. We needed to see the sun and get our minds off work, kids and life. I will say this as a disclaimer: Vegas is… Read More
2023-01-03 16:24
Are you committing to a Dry January? Excellent plan! January is a great month to set an alcohol-free resolution because it gives us much-needed time to focus on ourselves after the holiday s… Read More
2022-12-24 07:10
To everyone working to stay truly present this holiday season, the BOOM Rethink the Drink Community offers this alcohol-free inspiration from our 2022 archive – Staying sober does not… Read More
2022-12-15 10:24
Several times in the past few years, I made a resolution to stop drinking alcohol and to work hard at staying sober. I put my foot down with myself and said “Just Don’t Drink!&rd&hell…Read More
2022-12-03 11:41
I am reflecting this morning on feeling grateful for my alcohol addiction. Wait, what??? That seems crazy, right? Why would I be grateful for something that caused me so much pain and misery… Read More
2022-11-05 05:52
The HOLIDAY SEASON is upon us. That brilliant, colorful, high-energy marathon of joy and stress between October 31st and January 1st. There is no time of year with more pressure to drink tha… Read More
2022-10-26 17:33
I used to look in the mirror the morning after a binge drinking session with heart palpitations and my head pounding, glazed eyes looking dully back demanding that ALCOHOL DOES NOTHING FOR M… Read More
Tools To Help You Quit Drinking
2022-10-18 16:54
It is not easy to stop drinking and stay sober. Sometimes people try and fail, and try and fail, in an endless cycle of frustration. We have a couple of sayings that are repeated often to pe… Read More
2022-10-08 06:46
‘Twas a Sober Octoberand all through my mindran a list of excuseswhy I should drink wine – Now I know that I promisedthis month I’d be good –I’d quit poisoni… Read More
2022-09-30 08:04
The holiday season can be overwhelming if you’re trying to stop drinking or stay sober. Why not get a leg up on some alcohol-free time by joining us for our Sober October celebration?… Read More
2022-09-11 20:14
Today is September 11th. Today is a day of unease. We grieve those lost in the United States twenty-one years ago, but this year many people also grieve the recent loss of a monarch who serv… Read More
2022-08-14 10:43
Are you sober curious? Give me 15 minutes of your time to Inspire you to give Sober a try today. I think you just have to decideTo let the alcohol disappearLet go of hol… Read More
2022-07-29 13:25
You take a drinkThe drink takes a drinkThe drink takes you I grew up with the idea that most adults drank but some had a problem with alcohol. Adults who had a problem with alcohol were… Read More
2022-07-05 07:45
Today I discovered a quote, hidden in a 2009 email written to myself, where I was struggling with drinking, moderating, and perhaps abstinence?   Simply, it said:  “Do… Read More
2022-06-27 14:19
Not so long ago, I couldn’t imagine going a day without drinking. I drank 1-2 bottles of wine a night (or more). I remember feeling “proud” of myself when I came down to fi… Read More
How I Ditched The Dysfunctional Drinking
2022-04-11 15:01
Have you ever felt like your anticipation of having a drink was greater than the pleasure derived from drinking it? A few years ago, I was drinking too much, too often, and I began to r… Read More
2022-04-04 09:56
When I first dipped my toe into thinking about stopping drinking, reading quit lit and following the online sobriety community, I had a severe case of the “I’m not THAT bad&rdquo&hell…Read More
Squashing The Brain Chatter …
2022-03-28 06:01
You know how the dolls and toys come alive when the humans leave the room?…yeah that’s what happened with my alcohol bottles in their little liars club…they had an agenda… Read More
Drinking To Escape? Here’s Another Way
2022-03-21 10:11
Drinking to escape became a habit almost as soon as I was legally allowed to buy alcohol. I would come home at the end of a long day, sit down, crack a beer, and let the day slip away as the… Read More
2022-03-02 14:02
I was recently introduced to a podcast called SOBERTOWN at Who are they at Sobertown? We refer to ourselves as “Sober Warriors” because… Read More
2022-02-14 17:39
Sobriety and life right now feels to me like I’m building a giant puzzle. I had some pieces to start but didn’t know where they belonged or how they would fit. I felt unsure, ner… Read More
2022-02-11 17:53
Are you enjoying life with two free hands instead of one wrapped around a drink? Congratulations! Alcohol-free is freedom! When I was drinking I could not imagine a Sober Super Bowl Sund… Read More
2022-02-05 17:57
One of the best things I’ve heard lately about changing habits is a simple process of weighing A against B. The SMART recovery program has a worksheet they call Cost Benefit Analysis o… Read More
What Is The Best Way To Quit Drinking?
2022-02-04 15:15
I was terrified to give up alcohol. I could feel myself on the precipice of something so bad that I might not be able to come back from it. October 25th, 2020, was the last day I drank and i… Read More
2022-01-22 20:07
Patience is something I have always struggled with. When I want something, I want it now. I have always been that way. I wanted to fast forward through childhood and be a teenager. Once I wa… Read More
2022-01-21 20:23
We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis. —LeeAnn Taylor One of my wise yoga teachers said that anything can be healed from the inside out. She’s on the money with that… Read More
2022-01-09 17:12
Sometimes I think back to what it was like. The phone calls, the screams, the fear in my throat wondering what the person ringing me was talking about. The fear of betraying someone and doin… Read More
2021-10-25 11:20
I stopped drinking in 2020 during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. My first year alcohol-free year was full of challenges, but thanks to endless lockdowns and working at home, dealing wi… Read More
2021-10-07 21:59
ALCOHOL PART 1 Over many years I was slowly sucked into papering over the thoughts in my head and the cracks in my life with the thought changing drug called alcohol. My growing depend… Read More
2021-10-06 12:37
Going sober can be so hard in the beginning. Most of us feel a freezing shame when we decide that we need to stop drinking. We are afraid that we won’t be able to learn to live alcohol… Read More
2021-09-27 23:34
This morning, when I let my dog outside for his morning business, his stance went from the casual dog waiting for a treat, to an avid hunter, and he raced like a greyhound to the back corner… Read More
2021-09-23 11:05
Yesterday I faced my fear of a hike that I was worried would be too hard for me. We were invited on this hike by a couple we had never hiked with before. They don’t know how alcohol ha… Read More
2021-09-20 11:50
I don’t think I ever fully understood the phrase “the work of sobriety”.  Sobriety seemed a passive process.  By its very nature – you don’t pick up a… Read More

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If You're Drinking too Much too Often Rethink the Drink Talk to Us


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