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2016-11-30 19:02
Endemes are useful for some things and not others. ADVANTAGES ———- Not to make light of these disadvantages because they are significant, why do I like them? 1. Endeme sets… Read More
2016-10-28 21:27
Semantic data semantic layer for software development could software development become easier if we could build a data semantic layer on top of databases? what if we could build a data sema… Read More
2016-09-30 20:01
Programming won’t really be complete until we push our software development technology up to level 4. Level 4 issues: workflow layout ontological meaning/context The reason we have so… Read More
2016-09-23 21:50
You can think of level 3 as adding a third dimension to programming. The first dimension is database, the second dimension is object orientation. The third dimension is information orientati… Read More
2016-09-09 14:37
Human computer communication through creativity: Endemes provide an excellent way to merge user desired characteristics and randomness (aritificial creativity). An endeme is a permuted list… Read More
2016-08-11 18:23
How to Design Endeme Sets Designed to Combine: Each characteristic in an endeme should be designed to combine with any of the others resulting in a large number of possible emergent properti… Read More
2016-08-04 14:43
In figuring out how to work with information inside a computer program, I am working toward building an inner platform. The thing I have to watch out for is an anti-pattern called the &ldquo&hell…Read More
2016-08-03 20:35
We should probably avoid the EAV model. The definition of an EAV model is having tables in a database that contain three columns: object, attribute, value. Either do information full up in a… Read More
2016-07-26 19:18
DRY In software development, DRY stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. Conventionally this principle gets implemented by frameworks like ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails by having a single so… Read More
2016-07-25 19:14
Once you have the endeme sets, you can automatically build a UI to access the information and the data – the data with endeme based context UI’s, these ‘views’ would… Read More
2016-07-22 14:39
Why do companies outsource their IT departments and software development? It hurts them in the long run, as they lose control of the knowledge of how their company works. They also have trou… Read More
2016-07-18 14:04
The dreams of computer programming: The dream of writing a true AI program. The dream of writing programs to meet our needs and desires and to provide benefits to us, for example including i… Read More
2016-07-14 14:40
The world GDP is about 75 Trillion. More half of people are mismatched to their jobs which means they are working at less than half productivity. More than half of managers are not matched t… Read More
2016-06-30 16:34
The first thing to do when wrapping and glomming a database is to extract the endeme sets. Part I – Extracting the endeme sets To extract candidate endemes from a database, it would be… Read More
2016-06-30 13:50
Denormalization has something to do with information. People like to see denormalized data because they like to see its context. Context is an important part of information. Denormalization… Read More
2016-06-24 14:07
Programming is all about defining the meanings of words and using them to do things. Our next step is to write programs that handle the meaning of words or something analagous to that. I cou… Read More
2016-06-01 17:02
I miss wiki wiki web If feels like a deep hole in my soul now that it is no longer active we could go there and talk about general programming issues We could work on each other’s stuf… Read More
2016-05-05 15:53
To see people committing technological suicide, and to rope me in as being part of it, leads me to feel nausea. I feel like throwing up when I have to build reports. Reports are a form of te… Read More
2016-05-04 15:42
Users see the wrong things so they can’t ask for the right things. Programmers work really hard to convert data to information to show the users based on user needs. These are ad hoc c… Read More
2016-05-03 14:36
We have report generation tools like Crystal reports and SSRS. We could do better that these. I propose building a tool called ‘fReports’ which stands for free reports. It would… Read More

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