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Spending Like Drunken Sailors
2023-12-14 23:20
Spain must have seemed invincible back in the 15th century. King Philip II probably thought his Empire’s dominance would last forever and yet less than 100 years later, Spain had succu… Read More
The Absurdity Of Asceticism
2023-09-04 19:06
As stated in my last post I'll mention (5) further myths about money pushed by those on other areas different from prosperity preachers. When I say ascetic I mean that a person is somehow cl… Read More
Human 5.0: Pandora's Tower And Babel's Box
2023-08-21 22:05
[When reading this post please note I am only focusing on one or two A.I. platforms like ChatGPT and OpenAI. There are currently hundreds and that list will grow exponentially over time.]Som… Read More
Human 4.0: The Bridge Over The River A.I.
2023-08-20 15:55
How should Christians weigh the potential benefits of AI with its possible—and actual—abuses? My response is a question: How do you weigh the benefits of a very sharp knife? A ve… Read More
Human 3.0: The Wolf Of Technopaganism
2023-08-18 13:45
The main impetus behind A.I. is driven by secular visions that seek to transform humans into gods and create utopias through technology. Many negative scenarios involving AI have played out… Read More
Human: Zero (0) Or One (1)
2023-08-15 21:10
A few thoughts on A.I. (Artifical Intelligence) and God and what the Bible had to say about idols, independence from God and autonomy.A.I. is made in man’s image. Man is made in God&rs&hell…Read More
The Rugged Individualistic American Way
2023-03-25 14:13
As Christians, we must not think that the Old Testament narratives are irrelevant past history and simply interesting stories for us to read. These events in Jewish history serve as warnings… Read More
Familiarity Breeds Contempt
2023-03-20 22:45
Psalm 137:1-9 By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplars we hung our harps, for there our captors asked us for songs, our tormentors demanded song… Read More
Warrior Saints
2023-03-04 14:30
If one reads Leviticus, one sees a primary theme running through all of it: Holiness. The spiritual leaders of Israel were priests. The Christian as their successors are exactly the same. If… Read More
The Battle Is Won On A Field Of Faith
2023-02-27 22:53
The story of Gideon in Judges 6 helps answer a couple of common questions new Christian believer’s have about God's character. These are also questions that arise when a veteran Christ… Read More
Fifth Horseman
2023-02-24 21:09
Please visit my new add-on site Fifth Horseman over at site will read my posts to you if you don't have the time to read them. I'm just tryong to reach out through other meth… Read More
Working For A Living
2023-02-22 01:50
What...if not work and our chosen vocation (job) the gravitational center for the proclamation of Christ and Him crucified (the Gospel)? We are no longer an agrarian society teaching an… Read More
Because He Is...I Am
2023-02-20 00:05
Hebrews opens with lofty and majestic language. It is hard to encapsulate God’s existence and being into such a finite medium as words. At these points imagination and words fail. The… Read More
Near At Hand
2023-02-16 23:56
In the Apostle Paul’s address at the Areopagus (Mars Hill) we hear him address the men of Athens. At the time Paul speaks it was still the cultural and intellectual center of the Greek… Read More
Talents: The Currency Of The Kingdom
2023-02-13 23:23
If one reads the Bible they will quickly see a pattern of people specifically set aside by God for specific tasks. These tasks are usually aligned with their natural inclinations. In the cas… Read More
The Unforgivable Sin
2023-02-10 18:59
In Matthew we see Jesus approached by the Pharisees accusing Him of performing miracles by the power of Beelzebul or the Devil. It was a heady accusation to be sure and a slight to a Holy Go… Read More
A Bone Of Contention
2023-02-09 01:54
I literally just discussed obedience to civil authorities in my post American Politics and Jesus. That of course was from Jesus’ point of view. This passage in Titus follows suit. This… Read More
My Generation Is Time In A Bottle
2023-02-06 13:41
[Yes, I’m really borrowing three songs to create a blog title and to merge ideas. Every generation loves their pop culture, mine is no different and neither is yours. The song titles a… Read More
American Wars And Jesus
2023-02-04 01:22
…and now a quick detour down a war-torn side road to address the issue of war and what Jesus said or didn’t say about it.Many arguments in defense of war are easily set aside. S… Read More
American Rights And Jesus
2023-02-02 00:12
Americans really get wound up and wrapped up in our demand for our ‘rights’ as outlined by the American founding fathers nowadays. There are so few today in America and even the… Read More
American Politics And Jesus
2023-01-31 02:08
The political situation of a citizen in the Jewish state in Jesus’ day was peculiar if not sometimes precarious. The days of its dreariest darkness were during the centuries of captivi… Read More
American Hedonism And Jesus
2023-01-30 00:16
So, what was Jesus’ attitude toward the so-called pleasures of life? What would His take be on American hedonism and excesses in and outside the church nowadays? This question requires… Read More
The Propensity Gospel: Never In Isolation
2022-06-10 20:16
I was thinking about the Prosperity Gospel and the idea that embedded in the Prosperity Gospel that wants us to have our best life now. I have always been adamantly against the whole idea of… Read More
Redeeming The Time: Shrewd As A Viper
2022-05-07 16:07
In my experience Christian theologians don't do enough to learn about current cultural phenomenon including nuances of science, genetics, foreign policy, economics, sex, racial theory, etc t… Read More
10 Books That Destroyed Western Society
2022-04-30 13:36
What are often touted as required reading is schools should have warning labels and disclaimers. These "influential" books have led to war, genocide, totalitarian oppression, family breakdow… Read More
Nothingness Vs. Significance
2022-04-28 16:33
A universe when absent God, when there's no faith in God invariably dissolves to nothingness. Annihilates  due to lack of purpose. It is a cold universe arising from randomness, chance… Read More
The Prophets And The Paradox Of No Time
2022-04-22 16:11
For everyone and everything that draws from Biblical tradition to make a comparison to life it must be understood that that the Biblical truth that is being drawn on is in-fact historically… Read More
Ancestral Origins
2022-02-06 14:01
The Sumerian language was spoken in southern Mesopotamia (Iraq) and was the first language to be written in the cuneiform script. It is an isolate language meaning we know of no other langua… Read More
The Sequence Of Reality
2021-08-18 18:30
The universe, creation, contrary to atheistic statements is not just the sum result of random chance and time. They want you to believe this lie so you will keep them company in godless nihi… Read More
The Gate Of Confusion
2021-05-24 00:00
It should be noted that God divides men at Babel not by race, nor intelligence nor vocation or station in life. He allows their division by language. A unit or commonality to all people. I a… Read More
The Soul’s Master: Why Marxism Fails
2021-05-21 19:39
In a sentence Socialism and inevitably Communism manifest the characteristics of chattel slavery. The theory underlying Marxism is a form of spiritual chattel slavery. It makes people proper… Read More
Hatebox: The Best Revenge Is To Forgive
2021-05-17 17:22
We have a duty to forgive others. In truth we have a duty to forgive ourselves too as wrongs that remain unforgiven only work to destroy us inside. Resentment, the emotion which opposes forg… Read More
A Man As Good As His Word
2021-05-13 19:46
I’ve been beating on this next topic for over a year because I see a failure in society to maintain it for a while now. This is one of the core issues destroying America in addition to… Read More
2021-05-08 14:01
[This is a short post I essentially wanted to put here on my blog because more and more I am being shadow banned on social media due to my content. Here I merely expound on the idea of equal… Read More
2021-05-07 02:17
I've watched the unrest and tearing of the American fabric. I've watched from afar as society slowly cannibalizes itself. One gesture of grace restrained where it would've helped. One act of… Read More
2021-04-30 16:48
How can one teach history, ethics, psychology, cosmogony, without implying some religious opinion? How is it that it is assumed public education is somehow religiously neutral? Atheism or at… Read More
2021-04-20 23:13
I was asked as a Christian multiple times about the George Floyd death at Derek Chauvin's hands. I believe I've responded in a biblical manner every time I was asked. I care that my response… Read More
A Trained Professional V:  Breaking Bread
2021-04-13 00:27
Every time we repeat the Lord’s Prayer we ask the Lord to, “Give us this day our daily bread.” I believe it is appropriate that we should honor those whose occupation it is… Read More
Mind The Gap
2021-04-03 01:31
I believe what we’ve been seeing lately in the world is the barrier between the world and the demonic is coming down. The division, disunity, selfishness, violence, conflict, etc. The… Read More
The Barcelona Chair And Plato's Forms
2021-03-15 19:45
Barcelona ChairLudwig Mies van der RoheModernist1929(Knoll)Life is at times paradoxical and strangely things within life are inextricably linked because of our connection to them. We are the… Read More
A Trained Professional III: In His Image
2021-02-28 23:08
Nowhere in Scripture is there a mention of an artist painting in the style of Rembrandt or Picasso. The act of painting of portraits are not mentioned as we understand them today. No one tha… Read More
Digital Prostitution
2021-02-06 21:49
In reality this is a repost from a savage comment I left on a post that I saw on Social Media. Yes, I have been studying prostitution and whores in the Bible recently. I've done so because I… Read More
Scientific Exclusio: Into Thin Air/Aether
2020-12-18 18:46
People rely far too much on what Science says is truth/true and never question its outcomes. This is now being brought into a spotlight in lieu of the Covid-19 vaccine that is about to be fo… Read More
Goodbye To The America Of My Youth
2020-11-17 21:03
As usual I am stunned that I need to explain this to my progressive, liberal and even moderate friends in a polite coherent manner. I guess I should not be surprised about this because as a… Read More
Lesser Gods
2020-11-17 01:09
A while back I realized I could tell whether or not a book was theologically sound by looking at the publisher on the binding. Similarly, we know when we are dealing with false news when rea… Read More
The Parable Of Two Politicians
2020-11-08 16:51
Now two politicians came to the judge and stood before him. One of them said, “Pardon me, judge. This man and I live in the same town, and we had voters in the same election. The third… Read More
The Watered-Down Gospel 2020
2020-11-08 00:07
It has come to my attention that some of my Reformed brethren are calling out the false prophets for their worldly prognostications and claims that they were God's prophetic voice. Stating T… Read More
2020-11-02 01:42
We often scan the skies looking for God but in reality, we should primarily be looking to other human beings to see God in action. God most often uses a person to complete His work in this w… Read More
Election 2020: Cracks In The Foundation
2020-10-30 21:44
I have always sought to unify not divide. But we live in a divided nation. I have always sought to avoid politics on my site but everything has been politicized. So I will present my view. I… Read More
Singing A Life Into Existence
2020-10-27 01:44
In a recent post on Facebook about abortion and when life begins, I stumbled across a premise that should’ve been extremely evident yet had evaded me about the exceptional similarities… Read More
Go Ahead And Jump...
2020-10-07 21:54
I generally don’t write to make other people happy. I write because I’m compelled to. Something usually moves within me that spurs a thought. Just as a musician is inspired, so a… Read More
There's Something Happening Here...
2020-09-30 15:15
It’s called a Color Revolution. We’re in one now. It was and is an idea and method used by the United States to cause political change in other countries. It is what amounts to t… Read More
Alpha Males Aren't Misogynists
2020-09-25 20:46
It’s not misogynistic to be an alpha male. Nor is it misogynistic to believe men are created to fulfill certain rolls that only a male could, and women are created to fulfill roles onl… Read More

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