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Christopher Foster A… · 18:04 23 Jan 2019
Yes, we are human. We have our foibles and fears, our habits and heart-aches. How I love my afternoon visits to the coffee-shop. How distressed I was recently when some back pain paid me a… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 16:04 23 Jan 2019
Heart Of Glass
A Clothes Horse · 16:00 23 Jan 2019
This post should probably be more appropriately titled "heart of ice" or something similar since I was a bit frozen by the end of these pictures. You can see the lingering dusting of snow wh… Read More
Pillow Dust
The Far Queue · 08:15 23 Jan 2019
The Third Policeman ~ Armando VeveThis story has no moral; why should it? It’s only here to take you away from the reality of the assault, from the laying of blame.A mind-fuck of the d… Read More
Take It Breazy – Ign… · 07:12 23 Jan 2019
A candle light dinner Two glasses of wine And our pounding hearts This is all that I wish for To peek into those eyes To caress those silky hair To bite those tiny ears of yours This is all… Read More
The Blog · 05:47 23 Jan 2019
Twitter Seems To See No Problem With All The Violent Threats Being Lobbed At MAGA Hat Wearing Catholic Kids Leftist Press And Celebrities Are Frantically Deleting Tweets Attacking MAGA Hat… Read More
Beyond All Masks
Reality Creation - R… · 03:25 23 Jan 2019
Beyond All Masks This is Part 4 of the Video Course “The Enlightenment Technique” titled “Beyond All Masks”.It is a guided session of the Enlightenment Technique itse… Read More
Day 3316
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:53 23 Jan 2019
It's going to be a long Winter. It was warmer today, but the wind picked up again and I still felt cold. I packed some cotton balls between Dash's toes in an attempt to keep his paws from bl… Read More
Smart Kids
Life 101 · 02:24 23 Jan 2019
Our great nephew Jordan took his first SAT test this past weekend. He came over and walked with us Sunday afternoon. He's in the fifth grade. I'm not sure I could spell SAT when I was i… Read More
Making Widows Wince · 00:32 23 Jan 2019
Dear god:I know where I am,I can read the leaves.Nothing can change, Not the memories or the sadness,The fact that this endsMachined gunned in a ditch.I know who I amI know what this me… Read More
Game Over
Lied 2 Girl | A Litt… · 00:32 23 Jan 2019
If you are involved with someone and unsure if you love them or not… the simplest way to figure it out is just to ask yourself… can I ever imagine hurting them? You never hurt… Read More
Four Blessings
Meg Evans – Stories … · 00:08 23 Jan 2019
I sometimes do a meditation where I imagine myself turning slowly in a clockwise circle and looking to each of the four directions. Then I consider what messages from my subconscious mind t… Read More
I Am Cam Jr! · 23:28 22 Jan 2019
Earlier today, I stopped by the North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Library and picked up this little treasure.My sister goes on and on about how much she loved the read, so I figured, l… Read More
Heartcrossings · 23:25 22 Jan 2019
For the longest time I have wanted to bake bread. Baking is extremely hard for me because I don't have the discipline to stick with a recipe. Measuring portions, keeping precise track of tim… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:00 22 Jan 2019
 — HE COULD OUTSTARE A MAD COBRA — Businessman Seth Bullock arrived in Deadwood, South Dakota, about the time Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down during a poker game. The killi… Read More
Tactical Financial A… · 02:53 22 Jan 2019
Whatever research you do, please make sure to get physical copies.Whether it is books, personal notes, or hard copies of video/audio, make sure to get a physical copy.In this age, digital in… Read More
Home · 22:26 21 Jan 2019
Homer Simpson had lots of jobs.  Yes, he works at the nuclear power plant in Springfield, but he's had lots of adventures as Mr Plow, an astronaut, a country singer manager, a boxer, et… Read More
Catching Happiness · 17:11 21 Jan 2019
Photo by Randy Fath on UnsplashI’m back. So where were we?The past two weeks flew by (what a surprise). After wrapping up a couple of freelance writing assignments, I en… Read More
Expat Mum · 17:10 21 Jan 2019
Happy New Year to everyone!Haven't blogged here for a while and was wondering whether to leave it and move on. But I can't. It'd be like leaving one of my children by the side of the road. C… Read More
The Commentator · 14:22 21 Jan 2019
I figured out why - well, it's a theory - Trudeau keeps doing his public appearances despite not coming off looking that good in a few of them. Aside from obviously being a bit of a narciss… Read More
Kais Pagila Besok ....
Klcitizen · 14:19 21 Jan 2019
Muka kakak tu nampak risau. Entah apa yang ada dalam fikirannya. Saya cuba senyum ke arahnya. Tapi jelas, fikirannya tidak di situ. "Camanalah nak bagi duit ni ke kampung," dia mengeluh… Read More
Passion Conference
Chatty Crone · 13:00 21 Jan 2019
 Disco's Christmas Outfit.He really didn't like it - but he is so cute!PASSION CONFERENCE 2019I think I am going to bore you with this, but it is something I want to have in this blog f… Read More
Treat & Trick · 07:38 20 Jan 2019
Made from scratch,  these Fluffy Honey Rolls are incredible to start your day.Using  instant yeast, bread flour,  honey and milk, they can be made with a  stand mixer too… Read More
For The Love Of A Car
The Writing Life · 01:39 19 Jan 2019
My dad loved cars. He loved old cars, classic cars, any car he ever owned. He loved washing and waxing them, tinkering in the engine, driving. Everything about them.He taught me how to chang… Read More
Loose Feathers #681
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:00 18 Jan 2019
Northern Shovelers / Photo by June Durbian/USFWSBirds and birding newsThe AOS released its second batch (pdf) of classification committee proposals for 2019. See also analysis from the ABA B… Read More