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Buh Bye
The Blog · 15:09 21 Sep 2018
Michael Moore Says He'll Move To Canada If New Film Leads To Trouble Seriously, I don't need trouble to wish you would go away. I would prefer you to go away without trouble, but the idea o… Read More
Loose Feathers #664
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 21 Sep 2018
Iiwi / Photo by Dan Clark/USFWSBirds and birding newsHurricanes pick up and move birds hundreds or thousands of miles out of their normal ranges, and birders go out to look for displaced bir… Read More
Happiness Is A Team Sport
Catching Happiness · 12:00 21 Sep 2018
Photo courtesy Rhythm_In_Life via PixabayAt work, at home, and everywhere else, our happiness, productivity, and success is intertwined with the happiness, productivity, and success of the p… Read More
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Memories Matter · 10:00 21 Sep 2018
Good night John-Boy. That phrase still brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it… and I’ve been hearing it quite a bit of late. In our household, we’ve had a bit of a… Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 07:55 21 Sep 2018
Mom was moved out of the ICU and into the cardiac care unit today. We weren't sure she would be -- her blood pressure has been dangerously low all the time she's been in the hospital and her… Read More
'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.25
The Far Queue · 07:15 21 Sep 2018
Nine hundred pound for a picture of Debbie HarryIn art shopsMade me laugh my head off~ Sleaford Mods ‘Middlemen’ 2014Jamie Nelson Shoot with model Gabrielle SullivanKrystal doesn… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 21 Sep 2018
RT @breelektra: dear God please let me marry a man this dumb. I deserve it. -> Tell Democrats: Finish the job. Break up the big banks via @… Read More
Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!
I Am Cam Jr! · 04:47 21 Sep 2018
Every day I sign onto Facebook, I read about someone dying.A college student's suicide.A mother and her three children in a car accident.A man without life insurance.Every day, it's somebody… Read More
Day 3192
Some Assembly Requir… · 01:20 21 Sep 2018
Another day that was dominated by water. I spent quite a bit of time on the roof this morning cleaning away leaves and debris. It seems a little early for the trees to be dropping leaves, bu… Read More
A Gift That Keeps On Giving
Life 101 · 01:05 21 Sep 2018
The temps were in the upper 90s today. This afternoon when I walked out to take the garbage to the road for pickup in the morning, the potted plants on the deck looked sad. It's not from lac… Read More
Journal Wunelle · 16:43 20 Sep 2018
This was written in 2016 before I went to ground school.***I've decided to change airplanes.For an airline pilot, this is kind of a big deal. The equipment you fly at an airline determines a… Read More
Typing Out Loud…
Type Oh! The Manual … · 14:50 20 Sep 2018
There are times I forget that having something to say is not always as important or as fun as saying nothing at all.  Typing allows one to say things that are relaxing and stress relief… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 10:45 20 Sep 2018
— CLASSROOM TO COURTROOM —  An outlaw called “Little Bill” Raidler stood inside the mouth of a cave near Bartlesville, Oklahoma Territory, sighted down the barre… Read More
Yosemite Trip
Love In The Suburbs · 01:13 20 Sep 2018
My little love is off with his class to Yosemite for three days. It the first sixth-grade trip and we’ve been on the edge of our seats as to whether he would go. He’s had a cold… Read More
Farm Kittens
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 19 Sep 2018
Awhile back a stray tabby started showing up at the apple farm. As this is how most of the cats that have cycled through the farm over the years are adopted, they left food out for it, start… Read More
I’m Going On Vacation
Roosh V · 14:00 19 Sep 2018
I’m hitting the road for 2-8 weeks. I may post travel updates on my Instagram. In the meantime, you can follow Return Of Kings, Roosh V Forum, or catch up on previous Roosh Hours. Here… Read More
Vidya Sury | Collect… · 11:38 19 Sep 2018
I have been struggling with a few things the past ten days. So I did the obvious thing to help my mind get sorted out, which is, deal with clutter. Somewhere in my mind I aim to clear out al… Read More
Pinch Me Moments.
Seek My Scribbles · 15:01 18 Sep 2018
Do you ever have 'pinch me' moments? I do. But not for meeting idols, getting amazing promotions, winning awards or seeing the world's greatest sights (all very good reasons for pinch me mom… Read More
Marmalade | The Curi… · 14:49 18 Sep 2018
“Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto… Read More
Oxley Opines...
Owsblog... · 09:24 18 Sep 2018
On Brexit Central Alan Oxley opines that the UK Government doesn’t really get what is at stake...the Brexit White Paper based on 'Chequers' is "unintelligible, incoherent and includes… Read More
Heartcrossings · 03:38 18 Sep 2018
I imagine the scudding silverof the rental car, zip acrossthe Golden Gate Bridge.Had I been there tonight,we would have held hands.Stopped to look downInto the starlit Bay.The place we wante… Read More
Home · 21:05 17 Sep 2018
I was at the opening of a hall at the weekend and, inevitably, got talking to people I know.  Some of the conversations were fine and others were awkward and disjointed.  I find so… Read More
Intj · 14:47 17 Sep 2018
Sun in Gemini – Moon in Capricorn  The Gemini sun Capricorn moon man or woman is someone who has a reserved and unassuming temperament but also driven and ambitious. They have a p… Read More
Pakorakorner | A Per… · 13:58 17 Sep 2018
The Definitive Strategy to Writing Paper Drag the cursor over the cells you want printed if you’d like to print just a part of the worksheet. Many sites even provide completely free pa… Read More
Chatty Crone · 13:00 17 Sep 2018
PEEK A BOO!GOOD MORNING FRIENDS GRANDSON'S CORNER:This is the picture my daughter picked of grandson to go in the slideshow they are making for graduation.  This is how we remember… Read More
Treat & Trick · 02:48 17 Sep 2018
Simple fried bread with eggs for a  delicious meal of the day.I have few loaves of baguettes at home, so I created this Fried Bread with Eggs for our breakfast today.It is simple to mak… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:00 16 Sep 2018
Ich war letztens im Urlaub. Und so ein Urlaub ist schwer zu organisieren, dachte ich. Man muss Urlaub nehmen. Man muss den Dienstplan aufstellen können. Man muss packen. Man muss ggf no… Read More
Storytelleren Sporen… · 12:03 16 Sep 2018
De seneste uger har budt på fejlfinding, rettelser og ændringer. Sproglige forseelser, slåfejl, skønhedsfejl, skrivefejl, stavefejl, kommafejl Og oprydning i ord og… Read More
Wordmall · 15:42 15 Sep 2018
Kirk from Boyne City, Michigan, asked about the word catwalk   It appears that it was named after the sure-footedness and agility of a cat, since many catwalks are narrow and some… Read More
.square Pegs · 07:26 15 Sep 2018
"Because you have seen me, you believe: blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."In the immediate aftermath of the disappearance of Jesus Christ's corpse which had bee… Read More
Who Ever Heard Of A … · 06:42 15 Sep 2018
hace 6 fucking anos conoci una chica increibleestuve en nicaraguasur la isla de ometepeuna isla bellisima con 2 vulcanos en el lago de nicaraguaera un periodo feisimano estuve bien para nada… Read More