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Big Wang
I Am Cam Jr! · 08:29 22 Nov 2017
Wilson WangOne of the greatest aspects of performing background and principal work in commercials is meeting the other actors and crew.  Honestly, the only thing I love more than that i… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 08:00 22 Nov 2017
RT @Variety: David Cassidy's life and career in photos -> RT @billprady: Without #NetNeutrality your ISP can: 1. Charge you extra to reach… Read More
15 Useful Tailgating Gifts.
Crookedbrains · 06:23 22 Nov 2017
Looking for the best tailgating gifts? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Tailgating Gifts' from all over the world for you. BROpener: The BROpener turns anything into a cool bottle o… Read More
Day 2889
Some Assembly Requir… · 03:56 22 Nov 2017
I went to the store where my online order was supposed to arrive and wasn't all that surprised to discover that it didn't come on today's truck either. The person who was helping me said, "W… Read More
Deer And Fairies
Life 101 · 02:16 22 Nov 2017
I left work later than usual today. The holidays on Thursday and Friday have everything wonky. Of course, every Friday is a holiday for me....but I digress.I turned onto our narrow lane and… Read More
Intj · 22:43 21 Nov 2017
Moon in Scorpio Astrology In western astrology, people born with moon in scorpio are said to be emotionally intense, deep and powerful. A moon in scorpio woman or man is an all-or-nothing ty… Read More
Getting Cozy
A Clothes Horse · 18:09 21 Nov 2017
I'm a total homebody. As the days start to get darker and colder I'm even less tempted outside than usual; a good night is a night in! Nothing sounds quite so appealing as laying around in a… Read More
Low-tech VOIP
Walden Effect: Homes… · 12:00 21 Nov 2017
Since we had to set up all of our utilities from scratch on our new property, Mark decided to enter the twenty-first century in the process. Why pay for both internet and a home phone when y… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 17:45 20 Nov 2017
E GIRA, GIRA!! AND TURN, TURN!!! Looking for love is tricky business, like whipping a carousel horse. George Cukor #carrousel #night #light #lighting #chaves #feiradossantos #chavesUma pu… Read More
...Don Gonzalo
Antonio F. Marín · 14:56 20 Nov 2017
Corsé underbustSuele ocurrir que mientras algunos se entretienen con las secesiones de burgueses ociosos y otras modalidades de pipirranas subidos al perigallo de la independencia d… Read More
Wordmall · 13:16 20 Nov 2017
Wally from Elk Rapids asked about a word that he hopes he never has to say out loud: tergiversation.It comes from the Latin tergum, the back, and vertere, to turn. Literally, the word means… Read More
What Peoples Are Looking For ?
Binghuman · 12:32 20 Nov 2017
Hi Friends!#1: HappinessBiggest challenge: “Not knowing what I want to do.”The #1 mentioned missing element - Happiness — has become so hard to achieve, and even harder to… Read More
Chatty Crone · 12:30 20 Nov 2017
HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING Y'ALL!!!!!!!!I am glad to be back to the blog world.  You know you guys are the nicest people ever? I am so thankful for you!I am thankful for my f… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:00 20 Nov 2017
— A MAN OF ACTION — First Lieutenant Frank D. Baldwin snapped the collar of his coat up around his neck in the chill of an early November morning in 1874 and peered thr… Read More
Choosing My Melt Downs Wisely
Expat Mum · 08:27 20 Nov 2017
A few weeks ago my maiden column for the web site "Anglotopia" launched. Anglotopia is a US based web site and blog for Anglophiles and I was talking about my recent repatriation, which… Read More
Random Thoughts · 00:07 20 Nov 2017
With a living room full of parts, and a [nearly] stock R1200GSA in the driveway, it was time to take the new bike apart to find out why it worked. Midway through last week, the weather forec… Read More
Another Kind Of Mind… · 19:15 19 Nov 2017
This is the view from my living room window. Lovely, isn’t it? I can see these beautiful sycamore trees from my desk, and they make a great distraction when writer’s block comes… Read More
Winter Sleep . . .
Live Light, Love Lif… · 10:17 18 Nov 2017
Here is a poem that I wrote a few years ago when the creative energy began flowing into my life, in abundance. Many nights I would wake up at silly-o-clock with words tumbling through my min… Read More
When I Look Back · 03:59 18 Nov 2017
#₹100BribeSo, on an undisclosed time and date, I went on a sneaky little tour to an undisclosed location. (Read last weekend & Bangalore)On a tight schedule. Friday night reach Ban… Read More
El Pensieve De Dinor… · 03:30 18 Nov 2017
Felizmente todavia está en cartelera el bello documental peruano sobre nuestra parte del Oceano Pacífico en que varios estudiosos nos hablan del mismo y la relación que… Read More
The No. 1 French Butter
Daily Refreshing · 02:38 18 Nov 2017
Further to my post of 10 June 2017 "Only French Butter Allowed", I have remained clueless as to what kind of French butter would be used at Tiong Bahru Bakery until today's revelation that o… Read More
I Was Abducted By Aliens
.square Pegs · 02:14 18 Nov 2017
While that is a possible explanation for my lack of 'celebrate' posts over the past few weeks or so, it isn't what happened. I've just been busy. Life gets like that sometimes, and although… Read More
Tight Squeeze
The Journey – We Are… · 15:25 17 Nov 2017
Most of us have heard the expression “between a rock and a hard place.”  The dictionary defines this phrase as “facing  two equally unpleasant, dangerous, or risk… Read More
Loose Feathers #621
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:00 17 Nov 2017
Tundra Swans / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsEBird announced that it will hide the locations for certain sensitive species from public output (though they will still appear… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 09:47 17 Nov 2017
Kubla won’t fold the laundry. I sit down with him and fold a couple shirts. He plays with his socks. “Kubla, would you please help fold the clothes?” “Don’t… Read More
Bir Deli Mavi · 07:56 17 Nov 2017
        Ortalığı aniden bir karanlık bürüdü. Bir nefes yalnızlık ile oturduk gecenin karşısına. Bir tutam zenc… Read More
Orange Juice For The… · 22:01 16 Nov 2017
If I have to unintentionally bite into a piece of ginger or cardamom or chilli (that ruins my taste/tongue for the whole meal), why does it have to be in the very last morsel? Every. Single… Read More