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15 Best Violin Themed Products.
Crookedbrains · 05:02 26 Sep 2017
If music is your world, violin is your favorite musical instrument, then we are sure these Best Violin Themed Products are sure to get your attention. Violin Bag: When we said Violin Bag, di… Read More
Cotton Fields
Life 101 · 02:41 26 Sep 2017
My job took me to Fayette today. That's in the western part of Alabama. It seems like every house has a tractor. Rows of cotton seem to stretch to infinity. In years past, it was a crop that… Read More
Day 2832
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:13 26 Sep 2017
If I'd waited just one more day, I wouldn't have had to repair the refrigerator myself yesterday. The appliance repair folks called and said the thermostats finally arrived. They want to com… Read More
Beth And Lee's Blog … · 01:56 26 Sep 2017
You deserve a wonderful life.  You are worthy of a wonderful life. This Universe sees all of what you say and do and knows how truly wonderful you are. Isn’t it time for you to be… Read More
Mark My Words… – Pea… · 00:00 26 Sep 2017
I have a bad habit of not checking trail conditions before setting out on a hike. Had I done so, I’d have known before we drove 2+ hours on Saturday that our destination, the… Read More
Alentejano Em Timor · 21:03 25 Sep 2017
Como bom português só tenho a agradecer a esse pessoal as divisas que deixaram no meu País. Não me interessa a origem das mesmas...… Read More
Pepper X
Michael Christopher … · 19:59 25 Sep 2017
I enjoy spicy food. That’s a statement that is not only highly subjective, but also tends to be challenged regularly.  I enjoy a level of spice that gets me sweating slightly in m… Read More
Introducing...Mr. Kupah James
I Am Cam Jr! · 18:18 25 Sep 2017
Last month, I enjoyed a delicious, all-you-can-eat champagne brunch with Mr. Fitness Man, KUPAH JAMES.We went to one of my favorite haunts: The Warehouse Restaurant.I met Kupah on the CBS St… Read More
Are You Not Entertained?
Mondok Blog · 17:26 25 Sep 2017
I love this scene. It may be one of the greatest scenes depicted in cinema in the decade it was created in.It is a powerful illustration of the current controversy happening where sports hav… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 15:22 25 Sep 2017
TÃO INÓSPITO, ONDE FICARÁ? SO INHOSPITABLE, WHERE? If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree. Jim RohnUma publicação partilhada por… Read More
The Past Is An Anchor
Roosh V · 14:00 25 Sep 2017
It’s tempting to think that you can start over at any moment, just pack up your bags and head to new places, but like a shadow, your past will follow you. Wherever you go and whatever… Read More
Introducing Disco
Chatty Crone · 10:30 25 Sep 2017
DISCOHere is is laying on his stomach on HIS own desk chair- with HIS pillow underneath him. and HIS two blankets on top of him.  He is resting, but is has one eye open to check that th… Read More
Spoilers In Sport Cars
Binghuman · 09:33 25 Sep 2017
Hi Friends!The spoiler is a stylish automotive accessory, which is very popular in aftermarket customization. People desire to install a spoiler is based on two typical reasons: first is to… Read More
The Snot Sucker!
Little Monkey Store:… · 08:01 25 Sep 2017
The Original Snot Sucker Nosefrida Nasal AspiratorBy guest blogger:  Rachelle G. Before I was a mother, I never would have imagined that someday I might suck snot out of another human&r… Read More
Intj · 19:53 24 Sep 2017
On the question of compatibility between Myers Briggs types, it is generally accepted that in matters of romance and friendship, idealists pair best with other idealists. This notion is supp… Read More
Serene Musings · 18:24 24 Sep 2017
This is something that is probably better suited to Facebook, but I hate Facebook and don't want to talk politics with 95% of the people I'm friends with there, so I'm putting this on my blo… Read More
Wordmall · 17:13 24 Sep 2017
While reading a local newspaper, Vic from Suttons Bay came across an article about the recent earthquake in Mexico. What caught his eye was the following sentence:  “The U.S. Geol… Read More
Treat & Trick · 14:08 24 Sep 2017
A deep fried  savory  doughnut  made with semolina, onion, yogurt, cumin seeds and ginger.If you are looking for a quick and without fermentation of dough, this  Semolina… Read More
Seek My Scribbles · 12:36 24 Sep 2017
I can't even remember the last time I wrote a beauty blog post but when I was sat doing my makeup for a wedding reception last week, I felt inspired to give it another a go. You see, I spent… Read More
Retro-Awesomeness (A… · 12:28 24 Sep 2017
During the early '80s, U2 was a band with a growing cult following, known for its idealistic and sometimes spiritual songs. During the mid to late '80s, U2 became an enormously popular world… Read More
Antonio F. Marín · 05:24 24 Sep 2017
La actriz Cate Blanchett ha reconocido que ha tenido muchas relaciones con mujeres’, según la revista Variety. Yo también y no presumo de ello. Soy más discreto… Read More
A Virtual Hobby Stor… · 14:26 23 Sep 2017
Love the title and the suspense. I am puzzled though as to where this book is going. It doesn't seem the main character is going to suffer any loss in terms of family casualties post-apocaly… Read More
Dreamflesh · 09:04 23 Sep 2017
Just about twenty years ago, Simon Dwyer died, at the age of thirty-eight, after living for six years HIV positive. I imagine it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one whose lif… Read More
Rhymeclub - An Irish… · 00:37 23 Sep 2017
For Sadie and Poppy, for Bo-bo and Duke For all of the dogs that have gone Your tail may have wagged for the last time But your doggishness deeds will live on Second in line to the social M… Read More
Eccentric England - … · 12:29 22 Sep 2017
Cheese pleaseCats rule the worldApple alcoholViolet garlicNormandy countrysideLet's veg outSeptember is  alovely time to visit Normandy, the sun still sparkles in between the rian showe… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 10:30 22 Sep 2017
— FROM OUTLAW TO LAWMAN — At around sunset on a Friday in early November 1896, Sheriff Frank Canton of Pawnee, Oklahoma, finished dinner and walked out of the restaurant into the… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 10:01 22 Sep 2017
It’s time to introduce Kubla to some thinking games. Chess, checkers, Connect Four. I teach him the rules. We play a few games. I warn him what I’ll do next if he makes this m… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 22 Sep 2017
RT @audwrites: I made some cookies. -> RT @tribelaw: Could Trump's sucking up to Erdogan trace to his holdings in Istanbul? We can't be sure. That's why his Emolum… Read More
Smashing Painted Ladies
Nature Blog · 18:24 21 Sep 2017
I was driving up the canyon into the Wet Mountain Valley, flinching every time that a Painted Lady butterfly hit the windshield.They are migrating this time of year, headed south, and appare… Read More
Weekend, 9/22/17
Tarot By Woodsong · 16:41 21 Sep 2017
Hi All,Hope you've been having a good week -- it's been pretty busy here.  We're doing some painting and such in the house, so have been moving furniture and books (and books and books!… Read More
Pamibe · 15:09 21 Sep 2017
I just dug up about a million crinum lily bulbs! And Badger helped Read More
Phoenix Aquua · 11:42 21 Sep 2017
I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time -- when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have s… Read More