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Tom Rizzo · 10:40 20 Jul 2018
 — AN UNWANTED REPUTATION — The soldier playing poker at the Lady Gay Saloon in Sweetwater, Texas, pushed back his chair in disgust, threw his cards hand down, and stormed o… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 09:46 20 Jul 2018
The play date isn’t going well.  They fight over toys.  One doesn’t want to play the other’s game.  It’s time for a change of venue. When they were tod… Read More
'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.16
The Far Queue · 07:17 20 Jul 2018
Like a righteous harmGiving off wild like is madness~ Linton Kwesi Johnson ‘Base Culture’ 1980Ellie warned Joe on numerous occasions about his tone.“It’s about respec… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 20 Jul 2018
#Tennessee is suffering today after fatal shooting. #POTUS, stop the bloodshed. #BackfireTrump -> One more person was just killed in #California. #POTUS, it’… Read More
Blog - Andrew Chapin · 06:00 20 Jul 2018
ICYMI: Summertime , originally posted on July 10, catches readers up on my busy summer of new – new apartment, new area, new job, new life. And while I haven’t been writing… Read More
Working Toward World Peace
Life 101 · 02:05 20 Jul 2018
I spent most of the day in the cab of my truck. I had an interview with a beekeeper north of Birmingham. Way north.The community was a new one to me. I turned onto the street as my GPS direc… Read More
Alentejano Em Timor · 01:49 20 Jul 2018
Aeroporto Internacional de Beja " O A380 só não pode operar em Lisboa por causa da manga". Vamos lá colocar um ponto final no mito da manga. Com manga ou sem mang… Read More
Day 3129
Some Assembly Requir… · 01:43 20 Jul 2018
We broke a 93 year old record. The temperature was 108 today, making this the hottest day of the year as well as the warmest July 19th on record. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. They sa… Read More
Separated By A Commo… · 22:35 19 Jul 2018
Hello from the Fifth Conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, or #ISLE5, as all the cool kids are tweeting it.  We have an afternoon for touristic activit… Read More
Still Winning
The Blog · 19:47 19 Jul 2018
Another positive article about the Helsinki Summit... Caroline Glick: Trump Was The Big Winner At Helsinki Summit Keep calm and think MAGA Read More
I Am Cam Jr! · 18:28 19 Jul 2018
"Dolemite Is My Name"Earlier today, I was booked for a featured background role in Eddie Murphy's newest film, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME.My role: "Featured Engineer."I have no idea what I'll be ex… Read More
Ravensong Poetry And… · 15:28 19 Jul 2018
Lover's TaleBy: Donovan BaldwinOn wet gray stones my boot heels clattered,Echoes from silent walls... as if it mattered,That she and I had passed this way,And, parted at the dawn of day.One… Read More
The Big Argument
Correr Es Mi Destino · 12:48 19 Jul 2018
Sign on Somerset, Ottawa, 2018 I was on bad terms with my mom from fall 2016 to spring 2017. It was one hell of a long argument. I rarely argue with my parents. When I was a kid, short… Read More
Murmurs From The Hea… · 12:09 19 Jul 2018
Australia is quite multicultural with migration from many countries. So you can have many different cuisines.I went to try Brika, a Greek restaurant. I can't comment on authenticity as this… Read More
7 Days In Malta
Wilderness · 06:13 19 Jul 2018
When Kunal and I promised ourselves to each other – we always knew we are going to keep up with our love for travelling - baby on board or not ! So the first chance we got post baby, w… Read More
El Aprendiz · 04:38 19 Jul 2018
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Los Ahools son enormes murciélagos carnívoros que se dice que habitan en las selvas tropicales de Java en Indonesia. Se cree… Read More
Dressing My Age?
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 18 Jul 2018
This summer I feel like my style could be described as: stick a boater hat on it. I tend to default to the same hairstyle (waves achieved through my overnight technique) with a boater hat an… Read More
Not In Oz Anymore | I M… · 15:00 18 Jul 2018
No one knew there had been a fifth witch. Blame Lyman Baum, if you like, or just chalk it up to the fact that “Witch of the Midwest” sounds neither scary nor reassuring. Serio… Read More
Mumbaijamming · 03:06 18 Jul 2018
There is a fly. House fly. Musca domestica. It is sitting on the floor, very near to where my leg is resting. It is very still. I just have raise to my right foot and stamp it, to squish it… Read More
Three Generations
Rhymeclub - An Irish… · 21:32 17 Jul 2018
Three generations of worker looked up in the fall of the mid-morning sun United in theme for maybe the first time, focused on getting it done Signaled as one with a rap on the pain, then su… Read More
Dee Hathaway · 18:48 17 Jul 2018
How do the most successful people spend their free time? I have no idea, but I'm guessing it's probably not: googling what successful people do in their free time taking extended naps watchi… Read More
Perspectives & P… · 16:12 17 Jul 2018
“I still can’t see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.” —Langston Hughes In a recent conversation with Due Quach (pronounced Zway Kwok), the creator and author of… Read More
Mike Windham - My Th… · 14:42 17 Jul 2018
We own 15 acres.  We call it “The Farm.”  This is where Sue and I live for now. It’s about 5 miles from the four-lane. It’s fifteen miles from town. I love… Read More
Goodhealthify · 10:16 17 Jul 2018
Explanation of Dietary Guidelines Eat 3-6 meals daily (Rationale) See Possible Strategies Increasing meal frequency does not appear to favorably change body composition in sedentary... The p… Read More | T… · 09:51 17 Jul 2018
I’m sorry. It’s been almost a year since I posted anything on this blog. I’m active on Instagram, with active insta stories, too) although most of the posts were personal s… Read More
Pig Sty Avenue · 16:56 16 Jul 2018
I took a few not-bad photos at the 10k womens' race: the one of the winner crossing the line with her hands up would have made the back page of a paper in the olden days, but not really good… Read More
Counseling Kevin · 16:37 16 Jul 2018
The encounter with the beautiful can become the wound of the arrow that strikes the heart and in this way opens our eyes, so that later, from this experience, we take the criteria for judgem… Read More
Our Willy
I, Ciceronianus; Cau… · 02:28 16 Jul 2018
Vain, verbose, muddle-headed, ignorant, boorish, morose, opinionated, excitable, scatter-brained, loud-mouthed, meddlesome...all adjectives used at one time or another to describe Kaiser Wil… Read More
The Journey – We Are… · 01:06 16 Jul 2018
I remember hearing a story about an elderly couple that was out for a Sunday drive. Things were quiet when the wife suddenly broke the silence, “Sam, do you remember years ago when we… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 21:15 15 Jul 2018
Será que vamos ter sangue de dragão? #dragoeiro #dragoeiros #dragoeirovilabaleira #plantas #planta #portosanto #portosantoislandUma publicação partilhada por… Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 17:24 15 Jul 2018
Yay, my fam is here! Well, at least some of my fam. (Being the oldest of six kids means that as an adult, you rarely see all your sibs in one place at one time.) My sister Jenny is visiting… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:09 15 Jul 2018
Spannend war das Ganze jetzt schließlich wusste ich ja, dass mein Geld abgeholt wurde, aber aus anderer Quelle. Da lag schon die Vermutung nahe, dass er sich vielleicht nicht mehr meld… Read More
Heartcrossings · 15:00 15 Jul 2018
Of the Florida Keys, Hemingway said ""It's as if an imagination is intermingling salt water with desert, sea with plain, creatures of the deep with creatures of the bush." My first visit her… Read More
Treat & Trick · 14:28 15 Jul 2018
Enjoy this oatmeal cake that is flavored with coffee and cocoa.This Mocha Oatmeal Cake  is a perfect dessert to enjoy with family and friends.   Addition of oatmeal is a great… Read More
Intj · 23:38 14 Jul 2018
Here is a rundown of the some the “secrets” behind each Myers Briggs personality type. The post Secrets About Each MBTI Type appeared first on Read More
Home · 22:01 14 Jul 2018
I've lost my ability to watch TV.  It used to be that I could get through a box set in a few weeks, but lately I can't manage more than a few episodes of anything.  Its as if I can… Read More
Random Thoughts · 18:10 14 Jul 2018
As usual, the plan for the next adventure starts before the current adventure ends. While riding along, enjoying the 2018 Maritimes Adventure, we started batting around ideas for next summer… Read More
The Bodiless
Mind Frame Shift · 07:21 14 Jul 2018
What if you had no physical form? No body to call your own? You simply existed in incorporeal form. When you cannot be seen, how would you let others know of your being? Do you scream un… Read More
Aziz Siddiqui · 06:52 14 Jul 2018
I've decided to shift all my rants from facebook and other social media platforms, to this blog. That way, I have a platform to vent and don't have to deal with judgmental friends and relati… Read More