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Day 2980
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:24 21 Feb 2018
The rain was horrendous today. At least it was just rain. A nearby town south of us got hit by a tornado and several towns north of us are being warned about freezing rain overnight. There w… Read More
Family Day
Essence Of Wild Ging… · 00:56 21 Feb 2018
View from my back doorSunshine on snowToday is the newest statutory holiday in New Brunswick. It is called Family Day, meant to give working folks and children a day to spend with their fami… Read More
Counseling Kevin · 22:45 20 Feb 2018
On the eve of my beloved's commencement of chemotherapy, I have been struck by glimpses of two different aspects of a decades-long love affair that is facing the reality of that portion of t… Read More
Wordmall · 22:35 20 Feb 2018
Jim from Williamsburg, Michigan, came across the word crackerjack used as a positive term, as in, “that was a crackerjack of a movie.” He wanted to know more about the word.Meani… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 21:37 20 Feb 2018
Music has different ways of resonating with different people. I was sat in an Apres bar a few weeks ago listening to what was playing, screenshotting the tracks as Shazam told me what these… Read More
Right Again, Rush
The Blog · 17:47 20 Feb 2018
Rush: 'Reason Hillary Isn’t Charged Is Because...Obama Would Have to Be Exposed' I have to agree with Rush. According to the left, obama's legacy MUST be protected at ALL cost. :( Read More
Spring Wishlist
A Clothes Horse · 17:17 20 Feb 2018
This post is severely pre-mature since realistically I know I won't be wearing spring clothes for months probably (or at least not in any sort of non-layered, comfortable way--I might just s… Read More
Navigating Tight Corners
Betheinspiration · 16:38 20 Feb 2018
Hi guys, It’s a very late start to 2018 on the site but we’re working to fix this. We’re juggling a couple of things at the same time which has put a bit of strain on thing… Read More
Principal And Principles
Perspectives & P… · 15:03 20 Feb 2018
Dedicated to Fox Stoddard—a man of principle There is an old story in which a man asks a woman if she would prostitute herself for $100.00. Grossly offended and insulted, the woman res… Read More
The Old Marron Farm
Murmurs From The Hea… · 13:59 20 Feb 2018
If you go down south, it's worthwhile trying their marron. It's a type of freshwater prawn which you can find in Western Australia. We went to the Old Marron Farm. I don't really know h… Read More
Kenapa Nenek Lambat Sangat ...
Klcitizen · 13:39 20 Feb 2018
Mereka yang usianya sudah mencecah 50an ke atas, pastinya mengalami situasi yang hampir sama. Kudrat dan tenaga makin kurang dan  segala ragam  sakit mulalah menyerang. Bila d… Read More
Perfect Packing Snow
Walden Effect: Homes… · 12:00 20 Feb 2018
I've been waiting and waiting for the perfect packing snow all winter. Finally, it fell!So I borrowed the neighbor kids for sledding, snow-man (and -dog) building, and (their top choice)… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 08:00 20 Feb 2018
RT @dog_rates: This is Bruce. It turns out he wasn’t invited to the garden party. Pupset would be an understatement. 12/10 we’ll find our o… -> 4 of 5 stars to All Out… Read More
15 Must Have Light Up Shoes.
Crookedbrains · 06:08 20 Feb 2018
Why opt for some ordinary shoes when you can have these cool light up shoes?Illumi Lighted Sole Shoes: The Illumi Lighted Sole Shoes are handmade from finest materials and can do over 1000 r… Read More
It’ll Never Be Ok
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 04:47 20 Feb 2018
Just like that, I’m back Woman: Mister. Mister. Are you ok?Me: No. This past week, I had a number of clients and friends contact all at once. I’ve not really worked in any meani… Read More
Binghuman · 02:48 20 Feb 2018
Hi Friends!Have you ever tried pooping in public toilets? Like in school, office, etc?You sit in one of the cabin near other cabins. Now, you are little bit nervous because there is some oth… Read More
Black Panther
I Am Cam Jr! · 22:20 19 Feb 2018
So, I just returned home from seeing the hyped-within-an-inch-of-its-life Marvel film, Black Panther.My screening was at 10 AM on this chilly, holiday (President's Day) morning. I didn't exp… Read More
Detroit Desurgence · 21:45 19 Feb 2018
Hopefully, you are aware that just about anything in Detroit may be totally counterfeit: designer clothes, new tires, to a glass of Coca-Cola at a restaurant. Scammers also pose as utility w… Read More
Weird Stuff In My De… · 15:55 19 Feb 2018
I am working on a personal theory these days about levels of appropriate sharing on social networks. Typically my levels of sharing have erred on the longside, in the middle or not at all (i… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 15:06 19 Feb 2018
EL VIEJO REY24 DE FEBREROPIRKAS PLOTTIERENTRADAS EN VENTA ENNEUQUEN : Locales Croma (Sarmiento 2, Galería Paseo del Sol y Alto Comahue Shopping)CIPOLLETTI : Feimus Monster (Irigoyen 4… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 12:20 19 Feb 2018
VOA VOA!!! FLY!!! Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth. Henry David Thoreau #bird #fly #tree #trees #sky #skyline #chaves #tamega #river #ave #passarosUma… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 17:27 18 Feb 2018
Was mache ich nur mit ihm? Eigentlich ist er so nett, so lieb, so naiv schon fast. Harmlos. Und jetzt nervt er mich so. Die Entscheidung steht, ich werde mich nicht mehr melden, mal gucken w… Read More
Self-Help Blog - Cog… · 16:13 18 Feb 2018
I try to practice what I preach. I try to walk the talk. I try to be an example, a role model of right action. And so I share this story of how I struggled with my own anger and resentment… Read More
From A To B · 00:15 18 Feb 2018
It was a day that started out like any other (when you have a heavily pregnant wife): cries for coffee, silence, and food. There were also some complaints lodged regarding the continued resi… Read More
Mujer Evolving · 15:31 17 Feb 2018
Ash Wednesday was a dark day.  I had hoped to attend morning mass but as with many weekday mornings, we ran late and I scolded my daughter.  I dropped her off at my parents’… Read More
Miseducated · 04:48 17 Feb 2018
My husband is so cute when he’s sleeping. He talks in his sleep, you see. Tonight I asked him why he was moving and he said “I’m just waiting on you to come get me. I miss… Read More
Toilet Door Handles
Satnav For The Soul® · 19:30 16 Feb 2018
Photo: Clem Onojeg After I’ve been to the toilet I always wash my hands. Data shows that most food poisoning is self-inflicted by handling food with contaminated hands. After washing m… Read More
Mike Windham - My Th… · 17:25 16 Feb 2018
He stumbled a bit as he walked between the tombstones.  He put one hand atop one monument, then took a long step, reaching out with his arm to touch the next one. He moved until he foun… Read More
Loose Feathers #634
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:01 16 Feb 2018
Golden Eagle / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsThis weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count. You can submit counts from either your backyard or somewhere else. The project u… Read More
Catching Happiness · 12:30 16 Feb 2018
Photo by Hannah Busing on UnsplashIntroduction by Ted Kooser: It seems that love poems have a better chance of being passed around from person to person than other poems, and… Read More
Quotes-Panda · 09:28 16 Feb 2018
However, the cause of her death was ruled undetermined by the coroner. The Devils sniper missed his attempt the shootout, but Josefson eventually scored the winner. Are you serious? I’… Read More
Home · 09:16 16 Feb 2018
How, in the name of all that is Holy and true, is it that 2008 was ten years ago?  It has been a full decade since I started my PhD and the first hints of baldness were spreading stealt… Read More