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2023-10-23 11:44
Jeans are a timeless wardrobe staple, and they can be a versatile and fashionable choice for women of all ages. For women over 50, jeans can be a comfortable and chic option that suits a wid… Read More
2023-02-07 04:38
Decluttering your home can be a daunting task, but it is essential for a more organized and stress-free living space. There are various methods for effectively decluttering your home, and th… Read More
2022-11-02 09:13
It’s been over a month since my youngest kid graduated from College. Hubby and I will be able to take a bit of respite from the expenses before focusing on other financial concerns… Read More
2022-08-12 18:27
I’m thankful that our humble blog, Pen Paper Pan, made it to FeedSpot’s list of 100 Best Philippines Blogs and Website for the month of August 2022. Thank you, FeedSpot!… Read More
Budgeting Tips For College Students
2022-07-15 23:23
Almost every person I know worries about their financial situation one way or another. And in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that many people, especially the younger cr… Read More
Advantages Of Enzyme Treatment
2022-07-13 15:26
The advantages of enzyme treatment are numerous. They are safe to handle compared to highly reactive and unstable chemicals. The treatment process helps improve yields and reduce t… Read More
An Overview Of Inshore Fishing
2022-05-24 08:15
While fishing in the sea requires some electronic equipment, inshore fishing doesn’t. All you need is the primary fishing equipment. The fish you catch inshore won’t require too… Read More
Tips For Weatherproofing Your Deck
2022-05-07 07:04
Adding a deck to your property will increase the value of your home and provide you with opportunities to enjoy nature. Over time as your deck is exposed to the elements, it can get worn or… Read More
First-Time Home Buyer Tips
2022-05-03 03:25
Making the decision to buy your first home is really exciting, but there it can also feel a little daunting. An organized and strategic approach to buying your first home can help you go int… Read More
Giving Your Pump System A Boost
2022-04-25 19:41
A pump is a mechanical device used to move fluids such as oil, water, chemicals, and more. It provides vertical lift. Pumps are a necessity in many fields of work, such as oil refineries, li… Read More
What Are Land Contracts?
2022-04-25 18:55
If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ve probably heard of land contracts. This type of contract can be beneficial for buyers and sellers alike. However, the rules and regu… Read More
Tips For Improving The Value Of Your Home
2022-04-12 18:08
Buying a home provides you with an inflation-proof shelter that increases in worth the longer you live there. By improving the value of your home, you’ll have a comfortable, beautiful… Read More
4 Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Safer
2022-04-05 20:30
When you own a business, many times your first point of contact with customers is the parking lot. Failing to maintain a safe parking area for visitors can make or break a business, and put… Read More
3 Reasons To Keep Your Office Clean
2022-03-09 07:14
Most people are aware that a clean house is more visually appealing than a dirty one and can save you the hassle of dealing with things such as ants and roaches down the road. The same is tr… Read More
How To Start Scrapbooking
2022-03-08 16:51
Scrapbooking is a great way to make personalized memories last forever and a fun hobby to explore your creative side. Here’s what you need to start your very first scrapbook. Gather… Read More
Barricades: Versatile Safety Guides
2022-03-05 01:58
Barricades may be a viable barrier solution for you to consider if tasked with traffic or pedestrian safety measures. Here, you will learn about traffic and pedestrian barricades and their u… Read More
How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Great
2022-03-01 16:41
It is never too late to start thinking about your lawn. A nice manicured lawn creates great curb appeal for your home. This can lead to interest when you sell your home. But it can also give… Read More
How To Set Up A Print Shop
2022-02-03 19:49
If you’re starting a print shop, there are a few things you need to think about. From the equipment you need to the layout of your shop, here are some tips to help you get started&hell&hell…Read More
How To Maintain Your Yard
2022-01-18 18:34
Your yard is an important part of your home, but in the busyness of life, it can sometimes get neglected. You mow your lawn, of course, but you might procrastinate about other important main… Read More
Teaching Kids About Food The Fun Way
2022-01-08 05:50
If you want something your kids could learn at an early age, what would it be?  Most parents want their young kids to be aware of the cleanliness and neatness at home by teachin… Read More
2021-12-29 10:09
Filter presses are used for separating liquids and solids. It is used in a variety of manufacturing industries to produce goods. This article will give a brief overview of filter presses and… Read More
How Asphalt Construction Works
2021-12-03 09:03
Asphalt construction involves more than just laying down the material and moving on. Several processes need to be accounted for to pave asphalt successfully. To learn more, continue reading… Read More
3 Tips For Creating Your Best Home Office
2021-11-24 04:47
Many people see the need for having a home office. You might be one of those people in the workforce who spend part or all of their job hours working from home. You may not use a home office… Read More
Easy Ways To Increase Your Savings Account
2021-10-14 14:36
Are you thinking of buying a new home? Are you worried about your financial future? When you start saving money, it can be hard to know which steps to take for the most impact. Thankfully, a… Read More
2021-10-11 15:34
Five years ago, a cousin succumbed to breast cancer complications. I thought of sharing a brief story about her cancer journey in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My cousin wa… Read More
We Are Vaccinated!
2021-09-18 15:09
Have you had your Covid19 vaccine yet? I hope you did. Getting vaccinated the soonest possible time protects yourself and the people around you. Covid19 vaccines will give you an extra la… Read More
Playing Solitaire And Other Mind Games
2021-09-08 15:50
Playing Solitaire often takes me back to a time of my youth. I could not help being nostalgic because the person who introduced me to the actual card game when I was little is no longer arou… Read More
2021-09-03 14:45
Blogging becomes therapeutic for me when I quit my job in 2007. Maintaining an online diary has helped me cope with stressful living. Through blogging, I meet new online friends who are m… Read More
5 Reasons To Hire Live Music
2021-08-16 16:24
Have you been thinking about hiring a band for your next corporate event, wedding, or simple family gathering? But, you are unsure of the benefits it will bring your guests. Here are practic… Read More
2021-08-12 15:30
Artwork by NVT Twenty-five. Nothing much has changed except that we both have lots of grey hair now and look a little older, too. But those physical changes are inevitable. What is import… Read More
My TAHBSO Story Revisited
2021-08-05 21:13
Five years ago, I underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy to save my life. Surgeons removed the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix to prevent certain illnesses from developing… Read More
2021-05-03 03:39
When you are out and about, things can go downhill quickly. People may start attacking others with very little warning. That is why it is important to avoid becoming an easy target. If you f… Read More
Coping With Health Issues During COVID-19
2021-04-13 04:49
Anxiety One of the challenging situations this pandemic caused me and my family was when I needed to seek medical help and that uncertain feeling when I reached the hospital. It happe… Read More
2021-04-02 04:41
How I started blogging more than 10 years ago. I started my first blog on a free platform in 2009 in the hope of continuing an advocacy that I have come to love when I was a reporter for… Read More
International Women’s Day 2021
2021-03-08 10:47
Happy International Women’s Day! Cheers to the working women; mommies at home, mommy blogger friends, mommies in the corporate world; and single ladies (including my young adu… Read More
Pocket Vegetable Garden
2021-01-15 12:39
Hubby is so excited about growing a mini vegetable garden. He started with the sili labuyo plant (chili pepper) which I bought from Halamanan sa Pasig last month. I also purchased from… Read More
Thank You For All The Christmas Gifts
2021-01-01 05:45
“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa We are always on the receiving end of gifts. And we are more than thankful for t… Read More
Virtual Toast For The Holidays
2020-12-26 12:49
Despite repeated warnings by health experts, many continuously violate the health and safety protocols of Covid19. We have seen people posting on social media big gatherings of family member… Read More
2020-12-05 13:18
It’s no mean feat rearing and raising a family that sometimes you tend to neglect yourself along the way. In my case, I’m guilty of this. I haven’t given enough time f… Read More
Thankful For The Online Source Of Income
2020-11-27 03:49
I first wrote about my passive source of income 10 years ago. I was and still thankful of the little blessings that came my way through my blogs over the period. Past forward to 2020, I&rsqu&hell…Read More
2020-10-17 11:27
I’m glad to have stumbled upon this photo posted by DPWH Secretary Mark Villar in his Facebook page in July. The photo showed segment of Tarlac Pangasinan La Union Expressway (TPLEX)… Read More
Find The Perfect Ready To Assemble Cabinets
2020-10-10 11:03
Having the right cabinets in your home can mean all the difference in looks and functionality. Select from many different styles and, colors, and designs to find one that really fits your ho… Read More
DIY Entryway Ideas
2020-09-24 18:08
The entry of your house is the first thing that guests will see as they enter your home, and the last thing they will see as they leave, so you will want to make it memorable. In Feng Shui t… Read More
30-minutes Self-care Tips For Moms
2020-09-03 13:07
I’ve got this very useful tips from for moms out there to spare a few precious minutes to take care of themselves — self-care tips for you and me. “Running… Read More
2020-06-16 20:25
Do you have errands that need to be done? Make sure you follow the #NewNormal guidelines before and upon returning home. All you need to know to keep yourselves prepared and protected aga… Read More

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