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CODA Patrick Stewart 5/29/2023
2023-05-29 16:43
I recently got the DVD of "CODA" staring Patrick Stewart and it is outstanding.  And, of course, well played by Patrick Stewart. He made you believe that the character DID suffer from… Read More
West Side Story 5/29/2023
2023-05-29 16:07
I just bought the DVD of the musical "West Side Story (Steven Spielberg)" and it was and it was outstanding. West Side Story is a 2021 American musical romantic drama film directed and co… Read More
OPINION - Marcus And Abernathy 1/27/2023
2023-01-31 02:51
"Marcus and Abernathy on the deadly police beating in Memphis" PBS NewsHour 1/27/2023 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and her Post colleague Gary Abernathy… Read More
CANVAS - The Play
2023-01-31 02:34
"A look inside the acclaimed new theater production of ‘Life of Pi’" PBS NewsHour 1/27/2023 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The play "Life of Pi" opened this winter at the American R… Read More
2023-01-31 00:35
"Pope Francis says laws that criminalize homosexuality are ‘unjust’" PBS NewsHour 1/25/2023 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Pope Francis, in a wide-ranging interview with the Associa… Read More
UKRAINE - Tanks For Ukraine!
2023-01-30 23:47
"U.S. and Germany sending tanks to Ukraine for fight against Russian invasion" PBS NewsHour 1/25/2023 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The U.S. officially announced it will send American tanks to… Read More
CANVAS - Alice Gerrard
2022-11-22 03:04
"Bluegrass icon Alice Gerrard on her trailblazing career" PBS NewsHour 11/19/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  With their unique harmonies, the bluegrass duo of Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrar… Read More
2022 FIFA WORLD CUP - The Real Cost
2022-11-22 01:54
"Migrant workers recount abuse while building stadiums for World Cup in Qatar" PBS NewsHour 11/18/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The World Cup starts Sunday in Qatar, but controversies hav… Read More
MISSISSIPPI RIVER - Drought’s Impact
2022-11-22 01:04
"Drought’s impact on Mississippi River causes disruptions in shipping and agriculture" PBS NewsHour 11/17/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Up and down the Mississippi River basin, belo… Read More
MEMORIAM - Michael Gerson Dies At 58
2022-11-22 00:26
"Michael Gerson, longtime NewsHour commentator, dies at 58" PBS NewsHour 11/17/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Longtime Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson died Thursday morning at 58… Read More
CANVAS - The Hand-Crafted Pipe Organ
2022-11-21 23:03
"Monastery invests in craftsmanship by expanding its hand-crafted pipe organ" PBS NewsHour 11/15/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Pipe organs have a storied history throughout Western civili… Read More
THE ENGLISH CHANNEL - Migrant Crossings
2022-11-21 22:16
"United Kingdom and France agree to crack down on migrant crossings in the English Channel" PBS NewsHour 11/14/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Britain will pay France at least $75 million a… Read More
2022-11-21 20:46
"Digital database documents vital infrastructure created by the New Deal" PBS NewsHour 11/14/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  It’s a hidden history right in front of our eyes.  Th… Read More
UKRAINE - Putin's War Updates
2022-11-21 19:54
"Zelenskyy makes surprise visit to Kherson after city freed from Russian control" PBS NewsHour 11/14/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Ukrainian President Zelenskyy made a surprise visit to K… Read More
NEVER FORGET - 9/11/2001 Attack
2022-09-13 17:21
"Honoring lives lost in the 9/11 attacks 21 years ago" PBS NewsHour 9/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Today, the nation mourned the nearly 3,000 lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, in the dead… Read More
MEMORIAM - The Queen For The Ages
2022-09-13 16:41
"Remembering Queen Elizabeth II, dead at 96" PBS NewsHour 9/8/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving British monarch in history, has died at the age of 96… Read More
OPINION - Brooks And Capehart 8/12/2022
2022-08-16 02:02
"Brooks and Capehart on the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, the investigations surrounding Trump" PBS NewsHour 8/12/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washi… Read More
GUNS - Firearms Industry Scrutiny
2022-08-15 23:38
#StandAgainstTheNRA  Murder Incorparated "Firearms industry scrutinized for how it markets to consumers" PBS NewsHour 8/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The debate over gun control i… Read More
2022-08-15 22:44
"Rainforests in the Congo Basin are under threat as the DRC opens land to oil, gas drilling" PBS NewsHour 8/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  On a multi-country tour of Africa this week, S… Read More
LOUISIANA - Oil And Natural Gas Pollution
2022-08-15 22:22
"Abandoned oil and natural gas wells pollute the environment across Louisiana" PBS NewsHour 8/10/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Tens of thousands of abandoned oil and natural gas wells sit… Read More
2022-08-15 22:01
"What Republicans and Democrats are focusing on for midterm elections" PBS NewsHour 8/10/2022 WHAT I KNOW:  The Republican will lie, cheat, rig, and anything else to gain power.&nb&hell…Read More
ASSASSINATION - Attempt On John Bolton
2022-08-15 21:36
"Iranian man charged for trying to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton" PBS NewsHour 8/10/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The U.S. Justice Department charged an Iranian… Read More
2022-08-15 21:08
"Author Mohsin Hamid explores the construct of race in his new novel ‘The Last White Man’" PBS NewsHour 8/9/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  A work of imagination asks us to see… Read More
AFRICA - U.S. Diplomacy
2022-08-15 20:49
"U.S. makes diplomatic push in Africa to counteract Russian and Chinese influence" PBS NewsHour 8/9/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the Democratic… Read More
IN MEMORIAM - David McCullough 1993-2022
2022-08-15 17:08
"Remembering the life and work of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough" PBS NewsHour 8/8/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and writer David McCul… Read More
NUCLEAR INDUSTRY - Nuclear Ore Extraction
2022-08-15 16:31
"Residents in the Southwest struggle with the health effects of nuclear ore extraction" PBS NewsHour 8/8/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Residents of the Southwest including many Indigenous… Read More
GOVERNANCE - Inflation Reduction Act
2022-08-15 15:34
"How Democrats coalesced around the Inflation Reduction Act" PBS NewsHour 8/8/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  After working through the weekend, Democrats are on the cusp of passing an hist… Read More
PROPUBLICA - Homestake Uranium Mills
2022-08-08 17:31
"A Uranium Ghost Town in the Making" Propublica 8/8/2022 ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power.  This piece was originally published in The Weekly Di… Read More
WEEKEND SPOTLIGHT - Singer Bonnie Raitt
2022-06-21 04:09
"Singer Bonnie Raitt discusses her new album and enduring career" PBS NewsHour 6/18/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Music legend and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Bonnie Raitt is out with h… Read More
OPINION - Capehart And Gerson 6/17/2022
2022-06-21 03:55
"Capehart and Gerson on the Jan. 6 hearings, gun legislation, the importance of Juneteenth" PBS NewsHour 6/17/2022 ExcerptSUMMARY:  Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capeha… Read More
EUROPEAN UNION - Membership Of Ukraine
2022-06-21 02:13
"What European Union membership would mean for war-torn Ukraine" PBS NewsHour 6/17/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The European Union's executive arm on Friday recommended putting Ukraine o… Read More
CLIMATE CHANGE - Record Heat Wave In U.S.
2022-06-21 01:55
"Record heat wave in the U.S. raises public health concerns" PBS NewsHour 6/17/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  More than 100 million Americans this week were under some sort of heat advisor… Read More
2022 NBA PLAYOFFS - Golden State Warriors
2022-06-21 01:40
"How the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry built a dynasty" PBS NewsHour 6/17/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  After a two-year absence from the playoffs the Golden State Warriors are… Read More
LOUISIANA - Post Hurricane Ida
2022-06-21 00:16
"Coastal Louisiana struggles with housing crisis after Hurricane Ida" PBS NewsHour 6/15/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The Atlantic hurricane season started June 1, but people in southeast… Read More
UK And ASYLUM SEEKERS - Rwandan Seekers
2022-06-20 23:54
The UK made the wrong choice. "UK tries to press ahead with controversial plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda" PBS NewsHour 6/15/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  In the United Kingdom, t… Read More
THE SHORTAGE - Baby Formula
2022-05-17 01:51
"Parents nationwide struggle with a critical baby formula shortage" PBS NewsHour 5/13/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  A baby formula shortage has become a major problem for parents around t… Read More
2022-05-17 00:11
"A Brief But Spectacular take on the power of documentary filmmaking" PBS NewsHour 5/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  As wildfires continue to rage in the western United States, we look a… Read More
DRUGS IN AMERICA - Record Overdose Deaths
2022-05-16 23:54
"Overdose deaths in the U.S. reached record levels in 2021" PBS NewsHour 5/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  New CDC data released Wednesday indicates that deaths from drug overdoses in th… Read More
JOURNALIST - West Bank Killing
2022-05-16 23:43
"Al Jazeera journalist killed in West Bank raid" PBS NewsHour 5/11/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Israeli troops on Wednesday reportedly shot dead Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akle… Read More
2022-05-16 22:43
"Colorado college reckons with a troubling legacy of erasing Indigenous culture" PBS NewsHour 5/10/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Over the course of more than 100 years beginning in the 18… Read More
MIDWEST - Bird Flu Plague
2022-05-16 22:17
"A highly contagious strain of bird flu plagues farmers across the U.S." PBS NewsHour 5/10/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The U.S. is in the midst of its worst deadly bird flu outbreak in… Read More
AMERICA - The Digital Divide
2022-05-16 21:15
"White House tries to close the digital divide in rural America with more broadband access" PBS NewsHour 5/9/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  The so-called “digital divide” remai… Read More
AFGHANISTAN - Under Taliban Rule
2022-05-16 20:13
"As crisis grips Afghanistan, the Taliban tighten their draconian rule" PBS NewsHour 5/9/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Nearly nine months since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the econ… Read More
UKRAINE - Putin's War This Week
2022-05-16 18:06
"On Victory Day, Putin paints Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine as a response to the West" PBS NewsHour 5/9/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  In Moscow and Kyiv on Monday, two countri… Read More
NCAA - New Rules For Student-Athletes
2022-04-05 02:04
"How new NCAA rules for student-athletes are playing into this year’s March Madness" PBS NewsHour 4/2/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  Duke University men's basketball coach Mike Krzyz… Read More
CANVAS - 'Abbott Elementary’
2022-04-05 01:40
"Hit show ‘Abbott Elementary’ addresses education equity through a comedic lens" PBS NewsHour 4/2/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  "Abbott Elementary" is a hit new series on ABC… Read More
OPINION - Brooks And Capehart 4/1/2022
2022-04-05 00:52
"Brooks and Capehart on Biden’s shifting immigration policy, the Jan. 6 investigation" PBS NewsHour 4/1/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washi… Read More
AMERICAN JOBS - America Now Hiring
2022-04-04 22:49
"Strong jobs report shows the American economy gaining steam" PBS NewsHour 4/1/2022 Excerpt SUMMARY:  As the White House tries to manage rising inflation, the U.S. labor market is… Read More
2022-04-04 21:11
I'm all FOR it!  These rich people and corporations never have to worry day-to-day about losing their home, deciding which bill to pay and which to not pay, being able to afford enough… Read More

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