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2024-05-18 12:56
Yesterday, Wonkette informed me about the male-genitals-shaped balloons Trump** supporters had released Thursday outside the courthouse where he is being tried. Most of us outgrow our toddle… Read More
2024-05-17 12:57
Yesterday, although there’s more been published about it now, I decided to use this, the first I heard of it, to share. And the cherry on the sundae is that yes, Maggie was in court th… Read More
2024-05-16 13:05
Yesterday, I got an email with a new Substack column from Margaret Atwood – not surprising because Alice Munro just died, and I suspected they had to know each other – which they… Read More
2024-05-15 13:07
Yesterday, though I am certainly not following the Manhattan criminal trial closely, this headline intrigued me, and after reading it, I thought y’all might enjoy it (Including the com… Read More
2024-05-14 12:43
Yesterday, I took in a grocery order – posted it in and received it the same day. I have been doing some baking for the first time in years, using spelt flour. Spelt is technically a w… Read More
2024-05-13 12:57
Yesterday, I saw another Parody Project production. I’m not sure it’s new, but it is delightful. (The original song is IMO deplorable, but this may redeem it.) Also, Trinette was… Read More
2024-05-12 12:45
Yesterday, the radio opera was Madama Butterfly. I assume everyonehas at least heard of it and maybe something from it, even if not the whole thing. Certainly from the song “Poor Butte… Read More
2024-05-11 13:04
Yesterday was a bad back (and shoulder) day. I wasnt happy about it, but I had to admit I had earned it – assembling furniture, packing stuff up for charity, moving heavy stuff around… Read More
2024-05-10 13:05
Yesterday, I got two petitions which I did not sign (along with a bunch of others that I did sign.) Both were from Left Action (I don’t know whether it is a wing of Care2/The Petition… Read More
2024-05-09 13:06
Yesterday, Douglas County High bowed to community pressure. I had not mentioned this earlier, but the back story is that they thought it would be nice to have their graduation ceremony this… Read More
2024-05-08 13:19
Yesterday, the Smithsonian informed me that there are 2 baby pygmy lorises (endangered) at the Zoo. This is part of a breeding program designed to help the species recover. You need to scrol… Read More
2024-05-07 13:00
Yesterday, I received an Axios alert emai telling me that Bernie Sanders is running for reelection. Good. I’m not a big fan of Axios editorially, but their alerts are usually the first… Read More
2024-05-06 13:14
Yesterday, I was able to see Virgil for the first time in just about six months. I hadn’t told him I was coming, for two reasons. First, when I emailed on Monday for a reservation, the… Read More
2024-05-05 13:11
Yesterday, the radio opera, “El Niño,” by John Adams, was originally an oratorio. But the Met decided it deserved a fully staged production it is of course the Christmas s… Read More
2024-05-04 13:00
Yesterday, I learned from Progress Now Colorado that a fundraiser in Jefferson County for Kristi Noem has been cancelled. A short quote from the email: “We’re proud to have calle… Read More
2024-05-03 12:59
Yesterday, there was a great deal of floom running through the news. I was only going to use two articles, but I added Reich because he at least gives us some ideas about what we should do i… Read More
2024-05-02 12:51
Yesterday, going through my email, I came across this headline at Wonkette: “Does It Count As A ‘Post-Birth Abortion’ When DeSantis Takes Away A Sick Child’s Healthca… Read More
2024-05-01 13:21
On Monday, Steve Schmidt’s two related articles got me thinking about the church during my lifetime, in which time there have been 7 popes: Pius XII, John XXIII (the one under whom I b… Read More
2024-04-30 13:06
Yesterday, I ran across a video on ice cream from which I learned that Joe is far from the first President to have a thing for ice cream. Washington did, and so did Jefferson, and Dplley Mad… Read More
2024-04-29 13:03
Yesterday, Trinete was by. She brought in my mail and took out my trash (and recyclables). We (I only helped a little) dismantled a chair which was broken beyond repair (my trash company doe… Read More
2024-04-28 12:48
Yesterday, the radio opera was “Fire Shut Up in My Bones”, the first opera by a black composer ever to be performed at the Met, now in its second season with a couple of cast cha… Read More
2024-04-27 12:55
Yesterday was pretty quiet.  Which is just fine with me.  I’ll just mention that the yard sign below  is the brainchils of John Pavlovitz.  You can find it, along w… Read More
2024-04-26 13:01
Yesterday, catching up on my email, I came across the comment (about Trump**) that “None of his family has showed up to support him.” Not that this is the first time I have seen… Read More
2024-04-25 13:14
Yesterday, the Arizona State House voted to overturn the 1864 abortion law, the one whose author has been so discredited. If it gets through the Senate, the Democratic Governor will, I am su… Read More
2024-04-24 13:16
Yesterday, I got an email from Katie Porter (not that that’s unusual.) We all know ahe will no longer be in Congress after 2024 is over. But this kind of makes it real, Since she will… Read More
2024-04-23 12:51
Yesterday, going through my inbox, I was seeing message subjects like “I underestimated House Speaker Mike Johnson” (Steve Schmidt) and “Mike Johnson Grows Spine And Passes… Read More
2024-04-22 13:18
Yesterday, I looked up the latest “Parody Project” – a parody of “Cat’s in the Cradle” called “Rats who enable.” And I realized how long it&rs&hell…Read More
2024-04-21 12:44
Yesterday, the radio opera was Puccini’s “La Rondine” (The Swallow), his only comic opera (which still has a suffering heroine, but she doesn’t die.) It was written o… Read More
2024-04-20 12:45
Yesterday, a man set himself on fire in the “designated protest area” outside the courthouse where Trump** is being tried. He has allegedly been identified as Maxwell Azzarello o… Read More
2024-04-19 13:09
Yesterday, I had had a pretty good night’s sleep. Of course I had done some stuff the day before – packed and tied four boxes for pickup, unpacked my new (to me and already obsol… Read More
2024-04-18 13:01
Yesterday, I arose after a long night with very little sleep (I did rip through a bunch of Sudokus, though.) I’m yawning a little, but otherwise OK – and hoping that staying up w… Read More
2024-04-17 13:07
Well, I did do a post for yesterday, but the computer ate it.  And I didn’t discover that early enough to try to reconstruct it.  Sorry. Yesterday, the court in Manhattan man… Read More
2024-04-15 12:52
Yesterday, I came across a new Parody Project video at Democratic Underground, and I’m providing the link to that site (you can easily get to YouTube from it if you prefer.) The poster… Read More
2024-04-14 12:54
Yesterday, the radio opera was “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss Jr (“The Waltz King”). This and “The Merry Widow” bY Lehar are the only two operettas I… Read More
2024-04-13 19:45
It may be that the best part of the 2024 Solar Eclipse wasn’t the eclipse at all, but the feeling of sharing a unifying connecting event as a community – especially since we&rsqu&hell…Read More
2024-04-13 13:00
Yesterday, Robert Reich’s column was about the Manhattan criminal charges against Donald Trump**. He explains in detail exactly why it is wrong to call it a “hush money” ca… Read More
2024-04-12 12:36
Yesterday, I heard from Trinette that she has a cold, and might not make it Sunday. I said let’s skip a week – I want you to be well. (Thoughts and prayers welcome.) Also, yes, I… Read More
2024-04-11 13:02
Yesterday, I finally took a few duck eggs out of the freezer ((I’m allergic to chicken eggs, n=but not to duck eggs or goose eggs) to use as toppers to corned beef hash (yes, I’m… Read More
2024-04-10 12:51
Yesterday, Democratic Underground had this short eclipse video from Xitter. I’m not going to send you to Xitter, but the embed is worth watching. (If you read the comments, you’l… Read More
2024-04-09 12:32
Yesterday, a member of Democratic Underground posted a new Biden-Harris campaign ad there. Wow. I’m going to provide the DU link (embedded YouTube videos don’t have the advertisi… Read More
2024-04-07 13:04
Yesterday, The radio opera was Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’Amore” (“The love Potion”) and I’m afraid I slept through half of it. My alarm went off… Read More
2024-04-06 20:47
When I saw this article (and particularly when I learned something else I’ll get to after the article). I figured I had to go right to the top – Athena, the goddess of wisdom. At… Read More
2024-04-06 13:25
Yesterday, I found it refreshing for an earthquake to be newsworthy in some place other than California. (And, since there were no injries, the humor is a nice touch. “The Empire State… Read More
2024-04-05 13:26
Yesterday must have been an interesting day. I reveived four separate Axios alerts before 1:30 pm. The first was about Democrats putting pressue on Mike Johnson over foreign aid, particularl… Read More
2024-04-04 12:31
Yesterday, Hump Day, I accomplished almost nothing. Fortunately, there are other days. On the last day of Women’s History Month, Heather Cox Richardson posted a biography of Ruth Bader… Read More
2024-04-03 12:38
Yesterday, I looked up on the HRA website to make sure that a payment of $10.84 was sent to one of the providers involved in my hospital and rehab time. Because they keep billing me and bill… Read More
2024-04-02 12:58
Yesterday, it literally took me more than four hors to payy just one medical bill with a credit card. A big part of that was that the bill showed a single figure which I had to go through 11… Read More
2024-04-01 13:21
Yesterday, Trinette was by – she says hello to all – we chatted for a long time, though. After she left, I renewed my PBS membership and changed my password on a website I have o… Read More
2024-03-31 13:04
Yesterday, the opera was not an opera, but Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem Mass. It is dramatic certainly (the Dies Irae alone takes 40 minutes to perform, and the whole mass is only an hour… Read More
2024-03-30 13:26
Yesterday, I heard from Pat B – you may have noticed she hasn’t posted much recently. I knew her 50th wedding anniversary is this year, so I checked my calendar, and, sure enough… Read More
2024-03-29 13:12
Yesterday, I got up earlier than i had been doing, and got a few things accomplished, including my taxes. It should have been easier than it was had I not somehow lost track of my Social Sec… Read More
2024-03-28 13:02
Yesterday, I could hardly wait to see what Joyce Vance (who lives in Alabama) had to say about the upset special election there (while being aware it might have shocked her so much that she… Read More
2024-03-27 13:25
Yesterday, one of the stories reminded me of my mother’s Uncle Fred, who died before I was born, so I never met him, but was told a story about him. Fred was a civil engineer, and some… Read More
2024-03-26 13:09
Yesterday, another uneventful day for me. But not for a number of public figures, one in particular. Mary Trump would like us non-lawyers all to calm down and take a deep breath. (I’d… Read More
2024-03-25 13:18
Yesterday, I didn’t do much. I received an order of groceries and for once got everything I ordered and nothing I didn’t. The news was light also, so I’m going with one dee… Read More
2024-03-24 12:58
Yesterday, Trinette came by. She came straight from the hairdresser, and looked great (not the she doesn’t always.) She took out my recyclables, and, because I have now cleared as spac… Read More
2024-03-23 13:09
Yesterday, still needed (and got) more sleep. Then, it being Freiday, and given that Trinette is coming today this week instead of tomorrow, I needed to so some serious moving things around… Read More
2024-03-22 13:23
Yesterday, I was still running late, but not quite as late. Hopefully I”ll catch up eventually. I am of two minds about sharing stories like this one, because I don’t want to giv… Read More
2024-03-21 13:37
Yesterday, after a couple of nights with little sleep, I slept so late that this is kind of short. A Women’s History month post – More power to them, for all our sakes. This is j… Read More
2024-03-20 13:05
Yesterday, I learned that The Borowitz Report is now on substack. That email I received notifying me explains why I hadn’t received any newsletters for some time … although my N… Read More
2024-03-19 13:27
Yesterday, I got a couple of my hospital stay bills paid (with my HRA credit/debit card.) I haven’t paid them all because I haven’t gotten them yet – the hospital got my ad… Read More
2024-03-18 13:31
Yesterday, Trinette was by again – I didn’t have much in the way of recyclables (I will next week) but I did have a big bag of trash. And she was kind enough to change the batter… Read More
2024-03-17 13:27
Yesterday, I did listen to Turandot after all. Of course it was lovely – but I was also fascinated to observe that the Met’s announcer as well as the steeped-in-opera expert who… Read More
2024-03-16 23:37
Tax time is approaching in the USA, and for the first time in years I will have to pay rather than get a refund. I did have a windfall this year, though, so I’ll have to send a check t… Read More
2024-03-16 22:57
Today, it looks as though we in the United States need some help from the goddess Cybele, the goddess of childbirth It seems ironic that today, just as almost every other country in the worl… Read More
2024-03-16 12:48
Yesterday, I got very little done. Most of what I accomplished was clearing a way to the best seat to watch the actual television from – now that it’s working again. Escept that… Read More
2024-03-15 12:31
Yesterday, I looked up the radio opera for tomorrow, which is Puccini’s “Turandot.” It’s a lovely opera, with very effective music, including “Nessun dorma,&rdq&hell…Read More
2024-03-14 12:55
Yesterday, I really did not want to get up. It might be the fault of the weather. Today and tomorrow, snow is heavily predicted, starting at 2 am today and going steadily through about 10 Fr… Read More
2024-03-13 12:31
Yesterday, I got a new email from the Theater of War and immediately thought of SpyCat, because they will be doing two readings of “An Enemy of the People” live in Ohio in April… Read More
2024-03-12 13:01
Yesterday, President Biden sent his budget to Congress – a trifling $7.3 trillion. I wouldn’t count on Congres, particularly the House, to act constructively. Also, I learned VP… Read More
2024-03-11 12:53
Yesterday, Trinette was by again and we got stuff done. She says hi back to all. You all know how it is with weekends and news – I selected articles which are less time-sensitive and m… Read More
2024-03-10 13:30
Yesterday, the radio opera was Verdi’s “La Forza del Destino.” If you ever hear someone claim that opera has far-fetched, hard to believe, plots, this may be the one they a… Read More
2024-03-09 14:30
Yesterday, after looking into and at the State of the Union address, it was impressed upon me that someone – some journalist – some newspaper or website – should each year… Read More
2024-03-08 14:05
Yesterday, I learned that Ruby Johnson, a Denver granmother of color, just my age, was awarded $3.76 million, by a jury, in damages after a SWAT team invaded her home in error while she was… Read More
2024-03-07 14:25
Yesterday, the Beau video I have posted for today actually got a “Wow!” out loud from me (right about in the middle.) The Israeli government may be negligent and pidheaded, but t… Read More
2024-03-06 13:44
Yesterday, I got another grocery order. I loaded up on fresh fruit and also got some fresh vegetables, one of which is intended to be in ingredient in a new crockpot recipe – so I&rsqu&hell…Read More
2024-03-05 14:04
Yesterday, I went through the mail that Trinette brought in on Sunday – there was less than usual total for the week, but more than usual I needed to deal with. A medical bill follow u… Read More
2024-03-04 14:30
Yesterday, Trinette came by for the usual tasks of helping me (BTW she says hi back.) This is about last week’s border visits.  I really can’t be confident it will help (cer… Read More
2024-03-03 20:14
So sorry I’m late. I had it ready bot forgot to post. Yesterday, the radio opera was Verdi’s “Ernani,” an early work, in a historic broadcast from 1962. For at least… Read More
2024-03-02 14:16
I learned that another state – Illinois – is now onn the bandwagon of keeping Trump off the ballot. Good luck to all of us. Heather Cox Richardson is reminded in our time of the… Read More
2024-03-01 14:25
Yesterday, I got an email from VoteVets (not unusual). This one – I can’t give you a link to the content, only to donate, but I can quote this: “There’s a reason it w… Read More
2024-02-29 14:03
Yesterday, apparently, Chuck Schumer, Hakeem Jeffries, and even Mitch McConnell read Mike Johnson the riot act, at the White House. When you are the Republican Speaker of the House and even… Read More
2024-02-28 13:40
Yesterday, the exterminator came. After looking around inside and out, he called his office and discussed the progress, and the bottom line is we are going to try a two-month interval instea… Read More
2024-02-27 13:48
Yesterday, I slept in, and needed it. But as a result I didn’t get to reading comments until 9 pm. So if when you looked I hadn’t rec’ed you, you might check again, or chec… Read More
2024-02-26 13:54
Yesterday, Trinette was by to bring in mail, take out trash and recyclables, and start the car. (Hi back to all.) While here, she noticed I had acquired an HD antenna and had not done anythi… Read More
2024-02-25 13:46
Yesterday,as I said on Fridaay,  the radio opera wasn’t an opera – it was a Requiem Mass and a movement from a symphony.  But the orchestra was the Met Orchestra, and t… Read More
2024-02-25 01:41
I am going to give the Furies a long-overdue Sabbatical (OK, technically only 6 months overdue but they’re exhausted) and work with some of their relatives for a while – not week… Read More
2024-02-24 14:17
Yesterday, I received another grocery order. Only a week since the last ne, but there’s a terrific sale on some things I do use, and wich keep well frozen. The luck of the draw assigne… Read More
2024-02-23 14:15
Yesterday, I had a visit from an old peoples’ services organization whom Trinette referred me to. She was very pleasant, but of course time was consumed Certainly one doesn’t nee… Read More
2024-02-22 14:06
Yesterday, After getting a quick note from Nameless that the site was borked, I spent over an hour on the phone (much of it waiting, and much of it being told we needed a developer and they… Read More
2024-02-21 14:32
Yesterday, we learned that an arrest was made Monday in the case of the UCCS shooting, a 25-year-old man, also a UCCS student – Nicholas Jordan of Detroit, MI. “Investigative eff… Read More
2024-02-20 14:24
Yesterday, one of the first things I did was check on my credit crard, and saw that the erroneous charges have been removed. I slept in, but I checked caller ID and I have not missed any pho… Read More
2024-02-19 13:42
Yesterday, Trinette was over and said “Hi back” to everyone. She brought my ballot in from the mailbox, I filled it out, signed the enveloe, stamped it, and put an ostentatious v… Read More
2024-02-18 14:19
Yesterday, the radio opera was Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera.” It’s loosely based on an actual assassination which happened in Sweden in 1792. As with “Rigolett… Read More
2024-02-17 13:52
Yesterday, a news alert from Axios alleged that Alex Navalny has died. Their source is the Russian Prison System, which I would not trust to be truuthful, but it’s also hard to believe… Read More
2024-02-16 14:24
Yesterday, I got a grocery delivery, and the driver was very helpful. I adjusted her tip accordingly. Even if you know most of these, you will probably still learn something – I did. A… Read More

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