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A blog featuring recaps/ review of media with spoilers included.
Plot Summary In his old age, Kristofer is starting to deal with the effects of aging, and while he still has his wits, he decides to find his long-lost love, Miko, with the time he has le… Read More
Plot Summary In a fantasy world where necromancy and dragons exist, a war against magical people and creatures has ended, and the Emperor has fought against any with powers beyond his. Bu… Read More
Plot Summary It has been ten years since Mili’s mom was taken from her, and since then, the chip on her shoulder has only grown bigger and bigger. However, upon meeting Koko and bei… Read More
Plot Summary It’s 2005, and with another production under their belt, the RTA (Rehabilitation Through the Arts) members at Sing Sing are making plans for their next production and… Read More
Plot Summary After Ben’s marriage fell apart, he left California for Germany and began a new life there. But, alongside leaving his ex-wife in the States, he also left behind his… Read More
Plot Summary Greg, Jack, and Cassie have lived together for almost eight years, and things, for the most part, were good. Greg is a nurse, Cassie is a wedding boutique owner, and Jack i… Read More
“Latency” Plot Summary Hana has agoraphobia, but thankfully, between being a game tester and a professional gamer, she can make ends meet from her apartment. Add in her best frie… Read More
Plot Summary In “I Used To Be Funny,” we follow Sam Cowell, a stand-up comedian, who is making progress in her career. She has taped one special and is working on material for he… Read More
“Kill” Plot Summary Amrit is a commando for India’s military, and no sooner than he gets time off, he learns his beloved, Tulika, has just become engaged to another man due… Read More
Plot Summary For nearly two years, Dakota and Axel have dated. Dakota was a girl who worked at a bar, had tattoos, was sexually liberal, and formerly was part of a band. Axel was her opposit… Read More
General Information Film Length 1 Hour 41 Minutes Date Released (Tubi) June 13, 2024 Distributor Tubi Director(s) Julie Herlocker Writer(s) Jeff Dickamore, Aurora Florence Based On Work By N… Read More
General Information Film Length 1 Hour 39 Minutes Date Released (Film Festival – Tribeca Festival) June 10, 2024 Distributor Tribeca Festival Director(s) Justin Anderson Writer(s) Just… Read More
General Information Film Length 1 Hour 30 Minutes Date Released (Film Festival – Tribeca Festival) June 11, 2024 Distributor Tribeca Festival Director(s) Yen Tan Writer(s) Clay Liford… Read More
Plot Summary Glenn is within months, if not weeks, of becoming a father, and he is a wreck. Is the crib secure, and is the home babyproof? His job, will he be laid off? Rosie, his wife, is u… Read More
Plot Summary Heather is having a hard time. Her husband, Simon, is checked out. She is pushing 40 and wants to get pregnant, but her tries have been to no avail, and she has other issues at… Read More
Plot Summary Hedgehog, Dummy, and Japan are scientist trying to revive their mother. Hedgehog takes the lead, Japan is his second and handles programming and Dummy? He gets the drugs –… Read More
Plot Summary The death of Colette was shocking for everyone, but the friend group Mona curated moved on. However, on the eve of an infamous Karmapalooza music festival staging it’s gra… Read More
Plot Summary With Elena’s recent death, Adela longs for the joy Elena brought to her life. So, after a dreary wake, she takes a sudden and random opportunity to travel in time, by at l… Read More
Plot Summary In Australia, at Auckland Central Hospital, Elizabeth Taylor is one of the top surgeons, and with what should have been a relatively simple surgery, she lets her registrar, Rich… Read More
Plot Summary It’s January 2022, and Farrah has been going through it. Family members are dying, friendships are being tested, her agent is rejecting her work, and she even dealt with a… Read More
Plot Summary Zhou has gone through a lot and is going through a lot. She is in the processing of divorcing her husband, who she shares a daughter with, her father is sick and her relationshi… Read More
Plot Summary Despite going to the same school, Remy and Barnes have been strangers. However, after seeing her across from his friend’s house while smoking, Barnes takes an interest and… Read More
Plot Summary London is a surgeon in Atlanta, dealing with an influx of people who have had their organs harvested. As she handles that, she is dealing with her little sister Crystal being le… Read More
Plot Summary For Lia and Milo, originally, Brianna was just their roommate, someone to help pay the rent. However, as Milo has to go off to watch his younger sister, Lia gets to spend time w… Read More
Plot Summary Jaime is a guy’s girl. She is mostly comfortable around guys, and one of her best guy friends, Sandy, is trying to wiggle her way into being an exception. It doesn’t… Read More
Plot Summary It is the eve of Celestina’s becoming River’s wife, and she has done her best to get all the big personalities in her and River’s lives to see this as somethin… Read More
Plot Summary With Elliott going to the University of Toronto in the fall, this summer, she plans to hook up with her long-term crush, hang out with her friends, and enjoy working on the farm… Read More
Plot Summary Maurice Wright is in mourning. A year ago, his wife, Alexandra, died in a car accident, and since that day, his grief has overcome him. However, on the anniversary of her death… Read More
Plot Summary In its final season, “The Good Doctor” looks both to the past and future. With a new medical student like Charlie, someone who is on the spectrum like Shaun, we&rsqu… Read More
Plot Summary In season 4, generational trauma and the question of whether or not people can earn redemption are the strongest themes. For nearly everyone ends up having issues with their par… Read More
Plot Summary Some deemed Gary Johnson to be unremarkable. While a psychology and philosophy professor at the University of New Orleans, no one took note of him. He was nice, but didn’t… Read More
Plot Summary While a shortened season, the fourth season of “The Equalizer” is a potential game changer as Delilah approaches high school graduation and has to plan her next move… Read More
Plot Summary At a catholic camp, teenagers find themselves forced to do bible study and repent after revealing they are a homosexual or being caught having sex and not fitting into some of t… Read More
Plot Summary At 12 years old, Elizabeth, affectionately known as “Bea,” has lost her mom and might be at risk of losing her dad. They are in New York for him to get heart surgery… Read More
Plot Summary Eden and Dawn have been best friends since they were at least 11. They grew up in or around Astoria, Queens, New York, until Dawn married Marty and moved to Manhattan. But, beca… Read More
Plot Summary Twins Zoe and Anna have been close all their lives, to the point you could submit their mother Alexia is jealous of their relationship. But, the main jealousy between the girls… Read More
Plot Summary Mari and Higan are former ninjas raising their son in the countryside. Unfortunately for them, breaking the Ninja Code is a death sentence. While they got away with it for years… Read More

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