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Arid agriculture is a platform to learn and promote agriculture sciences to change its stereotype image. This blog covers two broad topics viz., general and arid agriculture from various domains and kitchen gardening in home gardens or backyards.
Introduction Introduction of farm machinery in farming has created wonders to cater the needs of exploding population of the world. The crop production has now become much more efficient and… Read More
Introduction Ecology is a common word that we come across in daily life in reference to many aspects generally but specifically from environment perspective. In general, it is a word that r… Read More
Introduction to Natural Soil Profile Natural soil profile means the layers of soil that have been made or accumulated naturally and without any intervention of human being. To make it cleare… Read More
Introduction Organic matter deficiency is a problem that is faced by almost entire cultivated lands of Pakistan. Intensive and multiple cropping have rendered the agricultural lands with few… Read More
Introduction As discussed in previous article titled Integrated Farming System that it is a system of farming, in which various types of agriculture production activities or enterprises are… Read More
Introduction Adult education in agriculture has a close link. How? As we know, agriculture plays pivotal role in the economic as well as social development of the economy of any nation. In t… Read More
Square Foot Gardening
Introduction Square Foot Gardening is an innovative and advance technique of planning small but intensively planted gardens at home. Mel Bartholomew is considered as the pioneer to coin the… Read More
What Is A Watershed?
Introduction What is a watershed? This is an important question to be addressed before going into its management. Watershed is an area of land that drains or whose runoff drains into a commo… Read More
Introduction A universal soil loss equation has been developed by the soil scientists to estimate the soil loss from any area around the globe. The equation uses the values of parameters of… Read More
Introduction Soil is a natural resource. It exists on the earth surface even before the existence of mankind on earth. So to study soil from various dynamics and its relation with other ent… Read More
Introduction To many new agriculture entrants and knowledge seekers, it is new for them to know that soil is actually formed. So this article will focus on answering the question that how so… Read More
Introduction With the introduction of the concept of organic farming and its wider demand and acceptability, there are new horizons opening in the agriculture field that are more human and e… Read More
Introduction There is a confusion exists between insects and pests. Some people consider these both as same because of many similarities. However, in realty, there exists a clear demarcation… Read More
Introduction The word Entomology is derived from a Greek word “entomone” and “logia”. If we look at the meaning of these two words, “entomone” means inse… Read More
Introduction In agriculture, crop rotation refers to growing of crops that are different from each other in successions on farm field in a specific period of time. In other words, it is gro… Read More
Introduction In agriculture field, specifically in agronomy, there are various crops that are grown with a special purpose under certain circumstances. As these crops have to serve a special… Read More
Introduction An outline about tillage is given in Introduction to Soil Tillage and further, Objectives of Tillage were presented in previous article. This article deals with the two categori… Read More
Introduction Tillage is the mechanical manipulation of soil to prepare it for crop cultivation by creating a favorable enabling environment for proper plant growth. It is carried our both b… Read More
Introduction Field operations are carried out to increase the productivity of soul. Soil tillage is one of those operations. It is one of the most researched topics in agriculture sciences d… Read More
Introduction Globally, the resources of water are depleting and the rate of recharge of these resources is slow enough that situation of water shortage has been raised in many parts of the g… Read More
Introduction Greenhouses in home garden have dual purposes. On one hand, they increase the aesthetic sense while on other hand; they provide you with a chance to have fresh and off-season o… Read More
Introduction Agriculture extension officer has a pivotal role in agriculture sector of any country. However, in case of developing countries, the role of agriculture extension office increa… Read More
Introduction Growing herbs is my hobby. There is always dedicated space available in my home garden for growing herbs. In addition to this, there are several herbs that I grow in Mason jar… Read More
Introduction Growing your own food and especially fruits at home is an adventurous and marvelous activity. It is such kind of activity in garden and home that strengthens the family bond. I… Read More
Introduction Drying the herbs at home to use them as spices in food dishes is an old tradition. However, in the today’s fast pace life, many consider it a hard and time consuming effo… Read More
Introduction Principles in any field of knowledge provide the foundation stone of laws and manners of carrying out research and development activities in a systematic way to achieve the desi… Read More
Introduction The most important thing I have learnt from my 10 years gardening experience so far is the controlling of weeds and bugs in the garden whether it is vegetable garden or floweri… Read More
Introduction For all those cherry lovers out there, growing cherries from seed or to be more exact growing cherries from pits seems surreal and fascinating at the same time, when you can en… Read More
Various Types Of Soil Water
Cite this article in APA Style as; Rahman, M. A. (2017, September 09). Various Types of Soil Water [Blog Post]. Retrieved from… Read More

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