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San Pedro Is Green Today
Lynn sent me some images of the area around our house in San Pedro this weekend. There has been some much ran there, that the park that is about a block away from our house and they moun… Read More
Trump Gets Shot
There was an assassination attempt yesterday on Donald Trump. I am writing this post, not so much to comment about it, but to provide a marker in the blog for when it happened. The first… Read More
Lorena and I love the Panda Express in Granbury, Texas. It has been our experience that, while most Panda Expresses are at least “pretty good,” they are not all created equal… Read More
Prepping To Move
With only a few weeks to go, the preparation to move has accelerated. We are tearing down beds, making hard choices about what to put in storage, what to take to Mexico and what to throw… Read More
Granbury House Design
This is close to the final design for the house we want to build in Granbury. The color is not quite right–it will be blue rather than gray, but the floor plan and the rest of the exte… Read More
The First Floor Window, Finally
The first floor window on the valley side of the house up on the hill is taking shape. The whole first floor was dark before the window was punched in–it completely changed the atmosph… Read More
Picking House Colors
Since Larry, our house designer, has to submit our stuff by Wednesday to get on the Historic Preservation Committee meeting agenda later in the month, we have been frantically scrolling… Read More
Pop Theology And Narcissism
I had occasion to call an old acquaintance in Oregon yesterday. The purpose of the call was to make a connection between people whose parents had been friends in the distant past. After… Read More
Granbury Trolley
This Fourth of July weekend has been relaxing for Lorena and I. Our main goal this weekend has been to decide what colors we want for the exterior of the new house so we can take it to t… Read More
On The Brighter Side Of Pastel
Lorena thinks she wants a the new house to be yellow. She likes something a little bit on the brighter side of pastel. We have to pick the exterior colors for the house by Monday so our… Read More
Packing To Move In Progress
Lorena rented climate-controlled storage space for all our worldly goods today. I worked through the insurance for the things in storage and for Christian’s car which should arrive… Read More
A New Backpack
I bought the black backpack on the right about fifteen years ago at some place like Marshall’s, T.J.Maxx, or one of those outlet malls. I lucked into a very, very good backpack tha… Read More
Moving Into The Apartments
We made the hard decision to move into one of the units in the apartment building rather than the first floor of the house up on the hill. We would just get in the way up on the hill and… Read More
Books And Bookshelves
I ordered a used book I have been wanting to get for quite a while by C.S. Lewis that has four of his works. I really bought it because it had a work in it I wanted to read (Surprised by… Read More
Sell, Move, Build Update
We got a text from our real estate agent that said the people who want to buy our house have made an offer that is acceptable to all parties. We were supposed to get to get a document to… Read More
Only One More To Go (h-index)
When I first started back to school at University of Nebraska, people talked about something called an h-index. It was almost universal that I got told two conflicting things about it. The f… Read More
Getting Ready To Move
Yesterday we received notice that a couple liked both our house (Lorena is the queen of staging houses for sale) and the price and plan to make us an offer today after figuring out some… Read More
Happy Father’s Day
Lorena and I are thankful for our fathers. From our view, they had out-sized impacts on the world in which they lived as manifested by how much they are missed now that they are gone. They w… Read More
Early Father’s Day Dinner
Lorena made reservations and took me to Mesero’s in Clearfork, Fort Worth this afternoon for an early Father’s Day celebration. It is our favorite Mexican restaurant in Fort… Read More
Amazing Landscape Team
Gerardo put some extra lawn in an area of our back yard for erosion management today. He had previously put in the sprinkler system to support the new grass. We were totally humbled by h… Read More
Artificial Intelligence
I would like to know who created this, because I would love to give them credit for saying out loud (well, in an image anyway) what many of us really believe, at least on a day-to-day op… Read More
House Showings
I think we are getting about three house showings per week on our “for sale” house. It seems like everyone likes the house and thinks the price is just fine, but finds some d… Read More
First Renters Moving In
Lynn rented the first apartment today in our San Pedro renovation building. The tenants are scheduled to move in on June 23. We hope to have the whole thing filled up by mid-July, but wh… Read More
I received and signed the offer letter from University of Nebraska-Lincoln to make me an Adjunct Professor. I am very appreciative for the opportunity to continue to participate in Troy… Read More
Happy Birthday Brother
I have one brother named Doug. He has been an amazingly good brother. He was the first of five while I was the second. Doug turned 70 today. The shortness of life started to hit me when… Read More
Memories In The Godley House
We are trying to sell our current house. We have been here over three years now and I was thinking there were fewer memories and events of note that we lived in this house than previo… Read More
The Oregon Coast
There is nothing quite like the Oregon coast with its rugged terrain and spectacular ocean views. I took this panorama shot while Lorena and I were there, but it was not the best site to do… Read More
Getting To Know The Animals
Dr. Mary Harner from University of Nebraska-Kearney sent out this image a couple of days ago. It was captured at the KOLA research site. One of the really fun aspects of this work is getting… Read More
I am amazed that I was so impressed by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jonathan Witt’s book The Farm at the Center of the Universe kid’s book published by the Discovery Institute. I a… Read More
I finished the Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume Three by Michael L. Brown on the trip to Oregon and started reading Volume Four today. These books have been major eye-opener… Read More
The Siblings
Lorena and I flew to Oregon to get together with all my siblings to celebrate my older brother, Doug’s, 70th birthday. We met together at a resort at Depoe Bay, Oregon. I am very… Read More
Friends And Colleagues
We flew to Oregon last week to get together with all my siblings for the first time since our parents funeral, seven years ago. Part of the trip was set aside for a meeting with two coll… Read More
GaugeCam GRIME Lab ML/AI
Dr. J is exactly half-way through to his PhD at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research software is turning into something amazing indeed. This is an example of his (very preliminar… Read More
Selling The House
No offers yet, but today we had the third showing in the first three days the house has been on the market. We have been trying to figure out what we should do to be out of the way while… Read More
Troy Out In The Field
Troy is out in the field at the Kearney Outdoor Learning Area working on our research targets. I actually really like this picture. He looks like a real working hydrology scientist. That… Read More
KOLA Snapping Turtle
This image of a fairly large snapping turtle was captured at the Kearney Outdoor Learning Center on Turkey Creek south of the Kearney, Nebraska High School by the water level measurement… Read More
House For Sale!
Our house in Godley is officially on the market. It hit the websites earlier today and we had our first visitor in the early afternoon. We are not sure what that means, but we think we h… Read More
Tío Lauro In Brazil
My brother-in-law, Lauro has had some pretty amazing jobs. Right now he runs a team of several groups of engineers located throughout Latin America. Right now, he is visiting a couple of… Read More
Turtles And Rabbits
This is the time of year when we have lots of turtles and rabbits in our yard. We are really hoping we will have them at our new house, but because it is in town, we are not so sure abou… Read More
Brilliant Mother’s Day
Lorena and I had quite an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday. Both the kids called and we had long, interesting talks with them about life, plans, frustrations, and ambitions. Maybe th… Read More
Mother’s Day 2024
This image above was captured at Depoe Bay, Oregon on Mother’s Day, May 9, 2004. This was just a short few weeks before I started this blog when Christian was 8 and Kelly was 10. I sta… Read More
Cactus On The New Property
Lorena was quite pleased to learn there is edible cactus growing on the new property. I was hoping it would be the type with the sweet tuna (cactus fruit), but it was not, so we will hav… Read More
Lorena’s In-town Property
It is Mother’s Day in Mexico (not until Sunday here in the USA) and we just signed off on a piece of property closer to town where we hope to build a house. There is a lot of work ahea… Read More
We were supposed to have the kick-off meeting with our house designer this afternoon at 1:15, but we started getting tornado warnings pretty early in the morning so we bumped the meeting… Read More
Putting Our House On The Market
The closing for the property where we want to build a house in closer to town (within walking distance) is on Friday this week. The preliminary meeting with the house designer is tomorro… Read More
The Jewish Roots Of Jesus
Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus by Lois Tverberg arrived yesterday. It is a book Kelly’s boyfriend, Adam, gifted here. I think it will be a good companion book to go along wi… Read More
High Water In TX And NE
An insane amount of rain has been coming down in the middle of the country. Here in Texas, we have had consistent rain, day after day, for weeks, to the point that if feels like we are i… Read More
Things Are Moving Fast..
…but they will slow down dramatically after we buy the property. We do not think our house will sell immediately so there will be an impatient wait there. After that, there will b… Read More
Working With A GREAT House Designer
We spent the afternoon, yesterday, talking to the builder and designer, God willing, for the new house. I think it is going to be an incredible process that we will enjoy greatly, but it… Read More
House Visit (with Our Builder)
Lorena and I had a really interesting day today. First, I had a meeting with a professor from the Guadalajara campus of ITESM (important Mexican university system). There is a great chan… Read More
Lorena and I drove to the office of our builder in Acton today to meet the guy who is designing our house. He is actually retired and only does projects that interest him with builders a… Read More
It is never the case that there is no drama when it comes to making large purchases (large being a relative term). The sellers accepted the offer, but changed the document to say “… Read More
I always get nervous buying or selling real estate when an agreement on price has been reached and we have done all the signing our side, but are waiting for the other side to do the fin… Read More
A New Property
Currently we are in a one acre lot with a fairly large house out in the country. We really love the house, but it is a long way from civilization (25 minutes to the closest full-size gro… Read More
Lorena’s Prickly Pear Cactus
The prickly pear cactus Lorena planted early this spring is starting to bloom which means we will soon have the sweet fruits from the cactus called tunas. It is amazing that not only the… Read More
Thinking About Family
The fact that I am a senior citizen is something I am embracing more every day. I still think of Lorena as a young wife. I do not think I will ever think of the kids anything other than… Read More
Lorena La Plomera
Lorena, very impressively, fixed the non-filling of our toilet by installing a new float apparatus. And she did it all while I was not looking nor aware by watching online videos. I am t… Read More
Troy Presents In Tuscaloosa
Troy flew to Tuscaloosa, Alabama yesterday to attend a water conference. He will give a presentation on the work we do at the GRIME Lab. The main focus of the lab is to drive complexity of t… Read More
Lorena Makes Butter
Lorena saw something somewhere on social media the other day and decided she needed to make butter (and buttermilk) with her KitchenAid mixer. She was highly entertained and it came out just… Read More
A Rainy Day In The TX Spring
I talked to my buddy, Bryan from Oregon, today and it was kind of surreal. They are having a spectacular, warm, sunny day there while we have rain and enough cold for Lorena to fire up t… Read More
Friday And Dragon Fruit
Last week at HEB, we saw a kind of fruit we had never seen before called dragon fruit. A nice guy working in the department took the time to tell us when (you need to let them get a litt… Read More
GRIME Lab Articles
Still more good things are happening with our GRIME Lab research team at University of Nebraska. Troy sent me links to two articles that were published yesterday. The first is an UNL gen… Read More
Photo From Troy
Troy took this selfie of he and I while we were standing in the hallway waiting to enter the arena at University of Nebraska–Lincoln for the graduation and hooding ceremony (notice… Read More
Back when we lived in Oregon, we would sometimes go to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Newberg. The restaurant was run by El Salvadorans. They served fairly good Mexican food, but they… Read More
Shish Kabob Of The Season
I am finally trying to get back on the weight/exercise/health wagon and get my program on track. To that end, Lorena cooked her first chicken shish kabobs of the season. Last week she di… Read More
An Addition To The Wall Of Shame
Lorena took Christian’s Honor’s Mathematics certificate he earned from North Carolina State University down to Michael’s to get it framed and then added it to the &ldqu… Read More
One of our favorite things about living where we live is that we are only about 20-25 minutes from one of our very favorite restaurants of all time. Baked Bread and Pastry Co. has quite… Read More
My Brilliant Wife
Lorena did a no-look cell-phone capture of the total eclipse and this is what she got! Notice the star (or planet–might be Venus) down and to the right from the sun in the image. I… Read More
Lorena And Health
Lorena had her annual medical check-up yesterday and it came out great. She continues to work out HARD four days per week and that was manifested in her results. The doctor told her that… Read More
Azotea #2 De Casa #1
Lynn sent this picture of the upper azotea of the first house we bought in Mexico. The mountains are the same ones we can see from the front of the house we bought further up the hill, b… Read More
Blog Anniversary: 20 Years
I started blogging in Albany Oregon on April 6, 2004. It is hard to imagine that 20 years have passed since that unauspicious start. Kelly was in finishing fourth grade, Christian was fi… Read More
Latest Cool KOLA Image
We get lots of cool images from the cameras we use at University of Nebraska for our image-based water level measurement research. This latest one is new for me. My understanding is that… Read More
Christian Honors Math Degree
Lorena found this in a file box today when she was looking for some tax documents for me. It reminded me of how proud we are of Christian’s hard work and dedication throughout his Bach… Read More
Easter Dinner
We went all out yesterday for Easter. When I saw “we” went all out, I mean Lorena went all out and I helped, but mostly just got in the way. We cooked a ham–Lorena made… Read More
Easter Weekend: Food And Worship
Lorena is the most amazing cook in the world. This morning we ran down to McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin breakfast after which we ran across the parking lot to HEB to get some meat… Read More
Spring Gardening
The weather here in our part of Texas has turned just about perfect for gardening and working outside. Lorena is in a near nirvanic state. When the weather is like this and she has some… Read More
Post Doctoral Research
I just got notice of approval to become an adjunct professor at University of Nebraska–Lincoln. It is not official yet, but it appears that all the required approvals have come thr… Read More
We found out today that the grandfather of Omar, one of our most dear friends in Mexico fought in the Mexican revolution as a Carrancista. If you do not know what that is, it is okay. Yo… Read More
My PhD adviser, Troy, at University of Nebraska just sent me an image from a new camera he put up for some research we are doing. I actually have quite a few updates about the work I am… Read More
This is the stream/drainage ditch that runs beside our house. It only fills up when we have a big rain storm. Those storms are semi-frequent events during parts of year in our part of Te… Read More
Lorena ran down to the Spring Market in our town to buy a few things and fill the tank up with gas. She came home all a flutter with the really big news that the gas kiosks where we get… Read More
Lorena went with me to my annual lab test appointment. There was a lady there who had a Dobermann Pinscher service dog. He was nothing short of spectacular. His owner gave him her busine… Read More
This is the view from the lower azotea (there is one up higher) in the first house we bought in Mexico. He has some finish work to do, but it is easy to imagine the setting for carnes asadas… Read More
Lorena makes me a big salad (in the spirit of the Big Salad from Seinfeld) every night we eat at home. Lorena makes an olive oil and vinegar dressing for it that is fabulous. I LOVE my b… Read More
Yesterday we learned that we need to do about $700 worth of work on our irrigation system. That was after our 8-year old dryer’s motherboard went out and we had to buy a new dryer… Read More
Christian was given one of the coolest challenge coins ever for some of the research he has accomplished in his job. He got one from his professor when he was getting his PhD, but this s… Read More
Aunt Julia is the absolute best person. She promised to send me something from Grandpa and Grandma Jenkins house and, yesterday, it arrived in the mail. It is the Cottage Grove High School Y… Read More
Well, shoot. We just found out our dryer is kaput and it is only eight years old. The repair guy was just excellent, but we all decided (he, Lorena, and I) that it made a whole lot more… Read More
There are big culture and spiritual things going on in our lives right now–many of them to do with just getting older and the kids really “owning” their own lives, but… Read More
Lorena and I are embarking on an effort to read through the whole Bible together today. We have been reading through the New Testament 3-5 nights per week with Grandma Conchita over Skyp… Read More
I was in a really good place, health-wise, just a couple of months ago. Then, after the graduation and the holidays, I gained a bunch of the weight back that I lost (maybe 60%). If one s… Read More
Lorena and I have been living according to an ad hoc schedule since when I finished my degree back in December. We have been at loose ends trying to figure out what to do next. We have finis… Read More
Even after finishing my PhD at University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL), I continue to work there as a volunteer. We have collaborative projects with the ITESM University system in Mex… Read More
Lynn is putting the final touches on the apartments and potential buyers have set appointments to come seem them. The top picture is the base for the stairway leading from the main az… Read More
Since I started posting back in 2004, I have written almost 4000 posts. There are a handful of guest posts, but the vast bulk of them are mine. By the time I hit the 20 year mark, God wi… Read More
Lynn’s construction team should finish putting one of the final touches to the apartment construction: the stairway to the second azotea (roof entertainment area). It truly is turn… Read More
Grandma Conchita, Lorena, and Tío Lauro visited a restaurant owned by Conchita’s first cousin in Allende, Nuevo Leon, not to far from Lauro’s atelier. The whole family… Read More
Toda la perrada fueron a ver las casas, la foto arriba y lo de abajo a la derrecha del mero abajo estuvieron tomados por el hueco que va a estar el balcón de la primera planta de… Read More
Lorena is having a great time in Monterrey hanging out with her mom, her brothers and their families, neighbors, and other friends. Last night they went out for cabrito. After church the… Read More
Lynn is working with Lorena on the financial aspects of our little remodel projects in San Pedro and, today, she is going to do a walk-through of both of them. He sent us this picture of… Read More
Tío Lauro took Lorena and Grandma Conchita to visit his atelier in Loma Prieta yesterday. They are having entirely too good of a time for me to not be there with them. The image on th… Read More
Almost everywhere we put our GaugeCam cameras, raccoons show up. They are amazing little animals. They have been particularly prominent at the KOLA location in Kearney, Nebraska. They are to… Read More
My wonderful bride is headed off down to Mexico to visit her mother who is having some medical issues. She and her brother Lynn are going to go over all aspects of their construction bu… Read More
Lorena is on day 2 of her watercolor painting ambition. It is kind of amazing that this is only her second watercolor. She plans to go through this same video tutorial a couple more time… Read More
Lorena has wanted to start painting watercolors for a long time. Today, at long last, she started. She did not want to start too big so she ran down to Michael’s and bought only a… Read More
I went way too cheap by far ($26)–the writing is very small. I could read it, but it would be a painful process. I think I am going to give this to one of the kids and spend enough mon… Read More
Congratulation to Professor Troy, Gilmore for the publication of his first textbook with co-author Kip Solomon. I am very proud to have gotten my PhD under his tutelage. It is great to b… Read More
This is a nice view of the Huasteca from our house on the hill. The new Tesla plant is being built toward the left side of this photo and the large buildings right in front of the Huasteca… Read More
Lorena and I drove a couple hours to a funeral today. We really did not know the person who had died, but I knew her sons really well. We had studied together at Texas A&M. It was re… Read More
We have been in our current neighborhood for just about three years now. Our next door neighbor, Darrell was a good friend during our time here, helping us out with one thing or another… Read More
Lorena and I have been reading a chapter of the Reina Valera (1909) Spanish version of the Bible aloud with Grandma Conchita via audio chat for the last few months. Our plan, God willing… Read More
I am very proud of my buddy John S. who had his first PhD committee meeting at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I meet John in 2007 when I started a new job in Raleigh, North Carolina. We… Read More
It is another beautiful day in the barrio in San Pedro. My brothers-in-law, Lauro and Lynn, took Grandma Conchita up to look at the house on hill and at the apartment building which is s… Read More
I am working through the weekend to finish some algorithms for a demo one of our sales people needs to do on Monday. The purpose of the demo is to show that we can measure bacteria in im… Read More
Puedes decir que quieres, pero la verdad es que Tejas tiene atardeceres sin par. Lorena tomó ese foto alrededor de Navidad con una luna hermosa y colores increíbles. Es una… Read More
We have a big demo coming up at my day job that has to do with the ability to measure different types of bacteria and one type of fungus in an time series of images. Of course, I have on… Read More
Lorena returned from her visit with Christian in Boston today and life is profoundly better now that she is here. It is just not as nice when she is not where she loves to be in her hous… Read More
The one on the left is Tío Lauro’s etching titled El Científico. The one on the right is a picture of Christian that Lorena took from his apartment in Cambridge working f… Read More
The volunteer Hydrology work I do with University Nebraska-Lincoln is starting to solidify now that I no longer have a formal position at UNL. Last night a researcher in Brisbane, Austra… Read More
Christian and Lorena got tickets for the Trump rally today in Manchester, NH, drove up there from Cambridge (only about an hour drive), saw the massive lines to get in, checked the te… Read More
Our insanely talented (and creative) friend Stacey knitted these two gnomes for our fireplace. They are PERFECT! We had no idea they would be so good. They had to be a ton of work and th… Read More
Today is a travel day for Lorena and I. I am headed for a very short start in Portland to meet with my research team for my day job, spend a long overdue evening with my siblings and to… Read More
The offering from official photographer for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2023 Fall graduation arrived in the mail the other day. I was not planning on getting any more pictures, bu… Read More
We woke up to snow on the ground with a temperature of 10° Fahrenheit and a wind-chill factor taking it down to -5°. The temperature was in the forecast, but the snow was not… Read More
This little device arrived literally on my doorstep today and, marvel of all marvels and miracle of all miracles, it was delivered there on a Sunday by the venerable United States Postal… Read More
I took my beautiful bride for birthday lunch at an exceptional restaurant in downtown Fort Worth named Istanbul just a block or two away from the building the exploded there a couple of… Read More
60 calorie Dave’s Killer Power Seed Bread (made in Oregon with Red Mill flour) has been a staple of my weight loss regimen ever since we discovered it back when we were living in W… Read More
It is supposed to be very cold on Sunday and Monday, but we have a full birthday weekend planned. We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and stopped at McDonald’s for decaf and pie for d… Read More
I figured out a little bit of a medium term project to do now that I am done with college. I have wanted to build my self-hosted, open source video surveillance system for our house for… Read More
I finished my tenth read through the Old Testament since I started keeping track of my reading on February 9, 2006. In my first read through the bible, it took me almost 3¾ years… Read More
I find myself in an odd frame of mind of late. I am past the “normal” retirement age, but not all the way to the “maximum benefit” social security retirement age. I h… Read More
Another book arrived today at the same time as my quarterly medicare payment. Maybe that was reminder that I should not be buying so many new books. I have plenty of reading to last me f… Read More
The first “product” we developed when the GaugeCam project started back in 2009 at NCSU was called GRIM. That stood for GaugeCam Remote Image Manager. The name did not evoke… Read More
I probably should quit qualifying the things I do with the adjective “retirement.” What was supposed to be a retirement PhD was wholly completed before I retired and, worse… Read More
Lorena took this picture a little before 10 am this morning in Granbury at my favorite coffee bar. I had to wait a few minutes for the store to open while Lorena went antique shopping. W… Read More
I quit watching my diet (on purpose) and exercise (had good intentions, but did not follow through so well) during the graduation and holiday travel and celebration. At my peak, I had ga… Read More
The University of Nebraska merch pays off! Just letting you know, if you have it you need to wear it. We have had MULTIPLE people either stop us to talk and/or yell GO HUSKERS in Texas… Read More
People are finally scheduled to move into the apartment building in San Pedro by the end of the week. Lynn is still fighting through the endless details. A hot water heater install, chec… Read More
Lorena and I cooked a turkey on New Year’s Day because we had one in the freezer that we bought over a year ago. We were a little worried about how it would turn out, but boy ho… Read More
I had all kinds of big plans for my first day of work after the new year, but got off too a very slow start. I finally just gave up at about 3:00 PM and took a two hour nap. I did get a… Read More
The burros in the image live on the farm road that goes to Granbury from our house in Godley. They are part of a beautiful drive that we take often and for which we are grateful because… Read More
We honestly think we are done now. We think this is the final form of the diploma wall. A 1978 BS Oregon State University — Ken B 1981 AE Oregon Institute of Technology —… Read More
I texted Lynn today to see if he was letting his workers have the day off since it is almost New Year’s Eve. He said no because he is about three days away from the first two rente… Read More
I am off and running on the volunteer work I am doing for the GaugeCam GRIME Lab. I am now automatically downloading images from the USGS HIVIS KOLA camera site and plan to see if I can… Read More
Kelly got Lorena a new “Best Mom Ever” mug for Christmas this year. The old one was the only one she ever used. Even if there were plenty of clean and perfectly adequate m… Read More
We returned home yesterday from all our graduation and holiday travels after getting up at 3 AM to catch a plane from Washington (DCA) to Texas (DFW). We had Christmas dinner at Jack… Read More
We spent Christmas day traveling back to Texas from Washington, D.C. and ended up eating tacos and egg rolls for Christmas dinner at Jack-in-the-Box. That was the only place we could… Read More
We just got news this morning that Lorena’s Tia Mina and Grandma Conchita’s sister passed away in Monterrey after a short illness. She is the second of twelve children (Conch… Read More
One of the best things we did as a family in Nebraska for the graduation and in Washington, D.C. for Christmas was just do a thing or two on a whim. This picture is from when we went to… Read More
Lorena, Kelly, Christian, and I took Uber over to Ted’s Bulletin Restaurant for a late breakfast, then walked to the Capitol Mall to see the Capitol Christmas tree and to visit the… Read More
We flew to Washington, D.C. the day after we returned from driving home from the graduation commencement in Nebraska. It was pretty helter-skelter for a bit, but now all of us are enscon… Read More
Christian and Kelly took Lorena and I to the fabulous Boiler Room Restaurant in Omaha for a steak after the commencement ceremony at University of Nebraska–Lincoln. That is the sam… Read More
We met Kelly’s boyfriend, Adam for the first time, last night at a little party in her apartment. We plan to be together again tonight along with Adam’s aunt and uncle. It wa… Read More
I have the diploma, my University of Nebraska email and Teams accounts are going away in a month or two, and there is a real feeling of finality to this enterprise of getting a retirement Ph… Read More
Lorena and I had an outdoor thermometer at our house in Centralia that we loved to check. Youngin’s parents wanted to get me something. Unbeknownst to them, they got us just the p… Read More
A huge note of thanks to my PhD adviser, Professor Troy Gilmore (top photo), at University of Nebraska–Lincoln and founder of the GaugeCam GRIME Lab where I plan to volunteer now t… Read More
Done. They handed me the actual diploma during the graduation. Troy and Youngin threw us an amazing after party. I will describe it all in a little more detail when I am not writing on my ph… Read More
Today, Lorena and I are meeting Troy and Youngin for lunch in downtown Lincoln. This is probably my last day of school, ever. It has been an incredible amount of work, but every minute was w… Read More
Lorena and I drove up from Texas to Lincoln Nebraska today for my graduation. It was a really nice drive that we took pretty slow, stopping to eat whenever we wanted. I’m getting a… Read More
It is starting to pile higher and deeper now. I am now in the registry of earned doctorates kept by the NSF, NIH, and others. This is certainly not the diploma, but it says that I am off… Read More
Lorena got out my gown to make sure everything was as it should be. We are heading up toward Nebraska tomorrow, first to pick up the Kelly and Christian in Omaha on Thursday afternoon, t… Read More
Our buddy Ralph S. brought a watercolor he had painted with with him when he came to visit at Thanksgiving time. He put it into a nice frame, and presented it to us as a visiting gift. W… Read More
I am now below my pre-Thanksgiving weight. I even ran out of notches on my belt so Lorena picked me up a new one yesterday. One thing I have been doing that I think has helped a lot is w… Read More
This photo is of the same prickly pear cactus as the one from this post yesterday. It was a good thing Lorena stole her two tunas when she did because the next time she went by, all the rest… Read More
Yesterday turned into a Mexican heritage day for Lorena. When she was shopping, she found a prickly pear cactus outside one stores with bright purple tunas. She harvested a couple of… Read More
I was starting to despair because I have been enjoying the audio books I got from the Hood County Library Bookstore and it looked like the influx of books on CD that are of interest to m… Read More
The red arrow shows my 5.5 pound backslide during the Thanksgiving holiday. Just today, I made it below my previous low, but it took me two weeks to take off what I put on in about four… Read More
Planned Vs. Actual Ph.D. Program
I thought the following table was pretty interesting. I created it in November 2020 after I had been in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Ph.D. program for about a year. I did not… Read More
A response to the question Is it Wrong to Retire by William Lane Craig on his website Reasonable Faith really resonated with me. It is something I have been thinking about for quite awhi… Read More
With Thanksgiving and our first Sunday morning of even numbered months worship meeting that we host at our home behind us, we are in a week of calm before we start traveling, entertainin… Read More
I found an amazing new source for audio CD books. Ebay. I cannot believe I did not think of this before. I am going to start loading up on these things so I have books for my walks. I wa… Read More
These are my two new friends who sing to me on my daily walks whenever they are outside and they feel like it. Sometimes they do not feel like it. Beautiful dogs! There must be one of th… Read More
Well, I did not do as well as I wanted over the Thanksgiving holiday in terms of weight gain, but I suppose I could have done a lot worse. I was up around five pounds. I absolutely think… Read More
Grandma Conchita has now displayed my dissertation in the highest place of honor in the dining room. I am very gratified. She is not shy about her pride in her children and I count mysel… Read More
We pretty much had to trash our exercise room to get it done, but Christian and I got our new projector installed, hooked up to a NUC (mini-computer) and pointed at the screen on the back wa… Read More
Thanksgiving was phenomenal this year. The addition of Ralph and Olivia injected a ton of energy and we hope they can make it back again next year. They are leaving a little later today. Gra… Read More
I got up early this morning to get everything done in a somewhat relaxed manner before I got our 25 lb. turkey into the oven. I really enjoy the whole process a lot. I am even getting pr… Read More
I got up at about six this morning to read my Bible, drink some coffee and enjoy the morning before all the bustle and noise associated with a Thanksgiving celebration for a dozen people… Read More
Ralph and I do not have all the problems of the world solved yet, but we have made a good start. It is becoming obvious, though, that we will have to take it up again soon–possible in… Read More
The first wave of Thanksgiving visitors have arrived. Ralph, Olivia, Kelly, and Christian are here and we are having just a great time. The first event is to head out to a Mexican grocery st… Read More

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