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Some people are very strict about their religion while there are others that do not believe in it. We have a segment catering exclusively to religion where we talk about both the aspects, shed light on different religion, the customs, traditions, belief and more. We try to have a light hearted conversation on these topics with the hope that people can stop bickering in the name of religion and thereby make the place worth living and loving. This is the place where you can learn more about your religion or even others and develop a mutual admiration and foster the right spirit too.
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Grupo de Jovens da Torreira

Grupo de Jovens da Par?quia da Torreira, Diocese de Aveiro
Recent: Um novo ciclo

The Robe

This is a journal of my personal bible study
Recent: The lawful law - 1st Timothy

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Project Surrender: Chase

Thoughts on living a life surrendered to God.

Reflexiones y Algo m

Blog personal con reflexiones, comentarios sobre noticias cristianas y generales, M?sica, Videos y de todo un poco
Recent: Carta de Juan el Bautista a Hero

My Two Cents By Nicholas Cardot

Finances...Politics...Religion...Life...Poetry...or whatever else I just might happen to be thinking about!
Recent: He Did Eat Continually At The Ki

Dionysius Wept

Observations about religion and culture by a licensed psychotherapist and minister

What I Learned Teaching Sunday School

Encouraging messages, lessons learned from Bible study and reading books by great Christians, favorite verses and more. Drop in daily for a boost to your spirit and a step forward in your faith walk.
Recent: Review of the Book Between Heave

raindrops of sunshine

I see God in everything....come see Him too.
Recent: by the Numbers: Th

Clifton College Thought for the Week

Thoughts for the week from Kim Taplin, chaplain of Clifton College, a leading independent boarding and day school for boys and girls in Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


A blog about new spirituality, enlightenment, spiritual inspiration, & new age topics.

Beauty for Ashes

Life can be daily and ordinary, but this blog is seeking the extraodinary in a mediocre world. Trading the grime for the glory.
Recent: New Home Office

amulet charm

blog to share experience with charm, magic and amulet.
Recent: wealth Tower

Are You Thoughtful? -

Thoughtful conversations and reflections from
Recent: The Women of Christianity: From

Creative Power of Thought

This website is devoted to the teaching of the law of attraction, as well as other principles for how we create our own reality.
Recent: The spiritual job search

Creative Advance

Applying the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead to religion and politics
Recent: Sr. Joan Chittister Lambasts "Re

Christian Business Opportunities Blog

listing business opportunities available to Christians who desire to start their own Christian business or Christian home business.
Recent: Disciple's Cross's Christian Bus

Friends of Mercy

Lutherans showing mercy to AIDS Orphans and girls fleeing Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya. In 2007 we will launch Lutheran Cancer and Hospice Society
Recent: Oscar: An Adoption Story of a Ke

Anarchist Priest

The journey to becoming an ordained Anglican priest in Canada.
Recent: Quote for the Day

Light Your Lamp

This site is dedicated to spiritual growth through interactive Bible study.
Recent: God's Plan at Work


Pro-Jewish. Pro-Arab. Pro-Peace. Progressive, non-Zionist blog on Mideast politics, Israel and Palestine, American Judaism, ritual and spirituality.