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Grupo de Jovens da Torreira

Grupo de Jovens da Par?quia da Torreira, Diocese de Aveiro
Recent: Um novo ciclo

The Robe

This is a journal of my personal bible study
Recent: The lawful law - 1st Timothy

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Project Surrender: Chase

Thoughts on living a life surrendered to God.

Reflexiones y Algo m

Blog personal con reflexiones, comentarios sobre noticias cristianas y generales, M?sica, Videos y de todo un poco
Recent: Carta de Juan el Bautista a Hero

My Two Cents By Nicholas Cardot

Finances...Politics...Religion...Life...Poetry...or whatever else I just might happen to be thinking about!
Recent: He Did Eat Continually At The Ki

Dionysius Wept

Observations about religion and culture by a licensed psychotherapist and minister

What I Learned Teaching Sunday School

Encouraging messages, lessons learned from Bible study and reading books by great Christians, favorite verses and more. Drop in daily for a boost to your spirit and a step forward in your faith walk.
Recent: Review of the Book Between Heave

raindrops of sunshine

I see God in everything....come see Him too.
Recent: by the Numbers: Th

Clifton College Thought for the Week

Thoughts for the week from Kim Taplin, chaplain of Clifton College, a leading independent boarding and day school for boys and girls in Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


A blog about new spirituality, enlightenment, spiritual inspiration, & new age topics.

Beauty for Ashes

Life can be daily and ordinary, but this blog is seeking the extraodinary in a mediocre world. Trading the grime for the glory.
Recent: New Home Office

amulet charm

blog to share experience with charm, magic and amulet.
Recent: wealth Tower

Are You Thoughtful? -

Thoughtful conversations and reflections from
Recent: The Women of Christianity: From

Creative Power of Thought

This website is devoted to the teaching of the law of attraction, as well as other principles for how we create our own reality.
Recent: The spiritual job search

Creative Advance

Applying the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead to religion and politics
Recent: Sr. Joan Chittister Lambasts "Re

Christian Business Opportunities Blog

listing business opportunities available to Christians who desire to start their own Christian business or Christian home business.
Recent: Disciple's Cross's Christian Bus

Friends of Mercy

Lutherans showing mercy to AIDS Orphans and girls fleeing Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya. In 2007 we will launch Lutheran Cancer and Hospice Society
Recent: Oscar: An Adoption Story of a Ke

Anarchist Priest

The journey to becoming an ordained Anglican priest in Canada.
Recent: Quote for the Day

Light Your Lamp

This site is dedicated to spiritual growth through interactive Bible study.
Recent: God's Plan at Work


Pro-Jewish. Pro-Arab. Pro-Peace. Progressive, non-Zionist blog on Mideast politics, Israel and Palestine, American Judaism, ritual and spirituality.