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Revering thoughts is a platform for opinions on Everything. Movie reviews to travelogues, from socio-political commentary to cricket and even fiction and poetry. Revering Thoughts has it all.
2017-01-16 18:11
~Revering Thoughts~ There’s an inherent need of most of our elders to “please people”. “What will people say” holds the supreme status... The post We cannot ple… Read More
2017-01-15 17:21
~Revering Thoughts~ The Viral Fever Videos, or the TVF as they are better known as, have hardly ever disappointed when it comes... The post TVF’s Humourously Yours: Not A Review appear… Read More
2017-01-14 18:27
~Revering Thoughts~ When there’s no TV at your place, you end up scanning through Youtube quite often. And when I end up... The post The Youtube Tamasha appeared first on Revering Thou… Read More
2017-01-13 18:33
~Revering Thoughts~ Political tidbits: Achievements Just three of the masterstrokes by our Government in recent weeks! Digital India! We’re finally witnessing results of the Government… Read More
2017-01-12 18:27
~Revering Thoughts~ Yesterday I shared one of my all time favorite, “Jinhe naaz hain hind par, wo kahan hain ?“. Sharing another one, “Jaane wo kaise log the jinke pyaar ko… Read More
2017-01-11 18:24
~Revering Thoughts~ Whenever I watch any of Guru Dutt’s classic, a question pops up in my mind, always! How did we reach to what we’ve been watching now, considering many other o… Read More
2017-01-10 18:22
~Revering Thoughts~ When Meryl Streep spoke at the Golden Globes Award, the 1st World along with the people who aspires to live like the 1st world, listened. She wasn’t the first big n… Read More
2017-01-09 17:51
~Revering Thoughts~ “Why” is that one question which is the most difficult to figure out. We can look up for a “What” and there can be a definition for it. If we&rsqu&hell…Read More
2017-01-08 18:25
~Revering Thoughts~ We are all selfish creatures. The Humans. Whenever we do something for others, its always is to make us happy. We are all seeking a little bit of gratitude whenever we do… Read More
2017-01-07 09:01
~Revering Thoughts~ I’ve been trying to articulate a lot of things over the last week to say something about what happened in Bangalore on New Year’s eve. And no matter how hard… Read More

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Revering Thoughts - Opinions About Everything


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