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Puritan Princess
Streetsofsalem · 12:51 21 Feb 2017
Today I have the story of the Salem girl who probably came closest to the Gilded Age “dollar princess” stereotype and scenario, whereby American money was wedded to English arist… Read More
Passion For Rugs · 22:42 20 Feb 2017
Grand picture walls offer maximum impact and color in any space from a hallway to a gabled room. Grand picture walls present themselves in a variety of ways. A wall can be considered grand d… Read More
Creative Giving
Lilu Interiors Desig… · 18:17 20 Feb 2017
by Lisa Peck, ASID Wishes and More is having their Winter ball on February 25th and LiLu is thrilled to support this outstanding organization with the event. We sponsor the Heads and Tails g… Read More
Spanish Sophistication
La Dolce Vita · 16:00 20 Feb 2017
Many of my favorite designers happen to be Spanish. While each designer has his or her own perspective, in general, it seems that designers in Spain have a real knack for sophisticated eclec… Read More
Ella's Flowers
Rattlebridge Farm · 08:44 20 Feb 2017
On a cold, sunless day in January, I took down the festive holiday garlands and tucked away the woodland ornaments. The house looked off-kilter, bare in some places and cluttered in others… Read More
Blog - Modscape · 02:29 20 Feb 2017
After a long week of making modular magic, there is nothing the Modscape team like more than kicking back on the couch with a glass a red wine in hand and a dose of design inspiration on the… Read More
Marcelo Gardinetti · 20:45 19 Feb 2017
El estudio Hadid ha producido algunas de las mejores obras de los últimos años. También otras con un alto estruendo visual que distorsiona su real valor arquitectó… Read More
Ghosts Of Presidents Past
Streetsofsalem · 16:34 19 Feb 2017
When a ghost appears, you know that something is not right: restless spirits always have a mission. Sometimes it is inspiration; sometime censure, but one always has to take notice. The rela… Read More
Active Villa
India Art N Design G… · 07:31 19 Feb 2017
Compiled by Avinash YadavPhotography: Luca Morandini; courtesy the architectRead Time: 2 mins.Statutory warning! Never judge still water. If you judge it by the scale and its facade, then yo… Read More
The Best Chandeliers!
Lilu Interiors Desig… · 14:52 17 Feb 2017
by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID A spectacular light fixture can be a great starting point for a design. And the chandelier can be a particularly impactful element in a room. For this Fri… Read More
Friday Favorites 02.16.17
La Dolce Vita · 13:00 17 Feb 2017
Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe that another week is behind us, but I am definitely ready for the weekend. We have been busy with new client projects and some exciting new initiati… Read More
Ice Melt
Streetsofsalem · 12:23 17 Feb 2017
Yesterday was one of those wonderful winter days when it wasn’t too cold, all of the old dirty snow was coated with a fresh dusting of new, and the sun occasionally peeked out of the l… Read More
The Big Mac Index
Hus Langford · 06:43 16 Feb 2017
It's been a few years since I posted about the Economist's Big Mac Index. I think it's time for a revisit.To recap, the Economist started the index as a way to measure global currencies agai… Read More