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Ready for a life reset?

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Every now and then our lives just need a Reset.

Do you see yourself in either of these women?

Woman 1“I feel I’m being pulled in so many different directions every day and there’s never enough time to get everything done let alone take care of myself.”

Woman 2“I feel like I’ve lost the meaning in life who I am and what I want and I struggle to get out of bed every morning.”

Some Women are so mind numbingly busy that they lose their sense of self in a whirlwind of stress and activity. Other women lose their sense of self because they fully invest in supporting others only to find that they have become completely defined by the roles they’ve had – as a partner, wife, boss, employee, mother, daughter, friend, professional etc. Both can become determining factors of whether they’re healthy and happy or unfullfilled and empty.

As different as these women are both would benefit from a RESET.

Here are easy 5 ways to RESET body, mind and spirit.


Start each morning with a half a lemon squeezed into warm water. This gives the Body a healthy alkaline burst and flushes the liver. Reset the body. Great start.

lemon and water

Lemon and water provides body reset


Take a deep breath. Open a notebook or journey and write down 5 things you are grateful for in your life. Follow each one by asking, WHY. Asking ourselves why is like peeling the layers off an onion it gets deeper and deeper where we understand ourselves better our hearts soften and the gratitude practice is truly life changing.

grateful for

5 things you are grateful for and why

KNOW YOUR I AM_______________

What do you want to attract in your life today? Are you ready to make a change or take a next step? Try an intention like this – I am fearless…ready, able and fully prepared to take this step. Are you wanting to make a deeper romantic connection with a partner or are you looking or a partner?  I am sensuous, beautiful and desirable.  Are you ready to take care of your health? I am filled with vibrant health and energy.  Are you ready to get out of a rut and stretch and grow? I am excited to engage in all the opportunities I will see today. You get the idea. We sometimes lose sight of the fact we can have anything we want in life but it’s up to us to a) know who we are and what we want b) ask for it c) be ready and welcome it into our lives. The world is full of possibilities. Go girl!

What’s it going to be? Know your I am….


If life gets away on you. Stop. Take a few long slow breaths breathing into the small of the back and exhaling ensuring the exhale is longer than the inhale (this slows the beat of the heart). With each breath imagine smiling into your heart. Equilibrium will be restored in just a few minutes.

Remember to breathe


Got a bit of empty space. Let it be. It’s tempting to fill up every waking minute of the day with tasks. Stop. Leave space. The space between things is just as important as the things we do. Go for a walk, meditate, drink a glass of water, breathe. Or switch gears and engage in something that will allow the mind to become unfocused. Then be prepared for the AHA’s that are able to come through. Scientists call these Mind Pops and they only happen when then mind is unfocused and the wisdom within can come through the clutter as spontaneous thought. Try it. Remember to capture your AHA’s by writing them down.


Your ultimate goal is to live a rich, fulfilling life full of what truly matters to You. A series of small steps done daily is the way to achieve this.


When we try to embrace big change all at once we are often not successful and end up aborting the mission almost as soon as it’s begun. The secret is in taking one small step at a time, knowing that as humans we require a minimum of 21 days of consistent effort and repetitive action to create a new habit. Pick one of the RESET ideas above and begin implementing today.

Would love to hear about your RESETTING experience.

Email me – [email protected]

Please pass this post along to friends who is in need of RESET.

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Ready for a life reset?


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