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20 Habits Your Doctor Wish You to Stop Doing Right Now

Doctors have seen it all, from unhealthy habits to accidental injuries. While they are there to help you get back on track to good health, there are certain things they wish their patients would stop doing.

Here are 20 things your doctor wants you to stop doing to live a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling life.

Stop skipping Regular Checkups 

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As you get older, various check-ups are a necessity. It does not mean you should ignore your gynecologist or cardiologist merely because you are in your 20s. 

Routine check-up visits will not prevent death. However, they are essential for patients with chronic illnesses and in screening for cancer. Additionally, they help promote healthier doctor-patient relationships. 

Stop delaying working out

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You already know that exercising is responsible for better mood, sleep, and overall health. Yet, most are guilty of promising ourselves we will start working out next week or next month.

The sooner you start, the sooner it will become a habit. Though it might be challenging at first, working out is among the top things that promote longevity.

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Stop excessive drinking 

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Doctors will recognize whether you have alcohol issues, regardless of what you say. Alcohol is a poison, a depressant, and should be savored for special occasions.

Alcoholic beverages are filled with sugar, and if you are not careful, it leads to weight gain, and your risk of type 2 diabetes also rises.

Stop thinking Tylenol is a miracle medicine

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Most are guilty of using Tylenol or ibuprofen to treat anything, from headaches to severe flu.

While you might feel relief, you should know what is wrong instead of pushing through. You might be contagious or develop a severe medical issue because you did not want to see your GP.

Stop thinking you should quit medication without consulting a doctor 

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If your doctor prescribes a drug, you should always talk to them before quitting it. Even if you feel great, there is a reason why a heart medication was given to you.

Stopping medication on your own, even if it is an antibiotic, might worsen your condition. This is especially important for blood pressure medication or anti-anxiety meds. Similarly, consult your doctor ASAP if you notice a reaction to the drug. 

Stop Googling your symptoms  

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There is a reason why doctors study for years, and if you think you can heal yourself by using Google and nothing else, you might only create a bigger problem.

Instead of self-diagnosing your condition, it is always better to write down your symptoms to give the best possible description of what's bothering you once you go to your doctor.

Stop using supplements without talking to your GP

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Talk to your doctor if you plan on using any supplement or if you want to try out alternative medicine.

Herbs, for example, can make your medication more or less potent. Leave it to your GP, who knows your history, to determine which supplements you should take if any. 

Stop lying to your doctor 

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Hiding information from your doctor can be life-threatening. Lying to them is even worse.

Doctor-patient confidentially is real, and you should not feel ashamed admitting you went against the medical professional's advice. They won't be happy they have to fix your mistakes, but doctors will do their best to save you, even from yourself.

Stop smoking or vaping 

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You've heard it all before. Smoking kills, but it is not easy to quit.

If you are experiencing trouble, you can find a support group. Just do your best to quit smoking or vaping since it leads to cancer, diabetes, and stroke, increases risks of tuberculosis, eye diseases, and compromises the immune system. 

Stop living off junk food 

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Doctors are not selling you kale. They know what makes leafy greens essential for your well-being.

While you don't have to follow a strict diet, choosing a balanced lifestyle over fast food chains will do wonders for your body and appearance. Reduce your sugar intake, and remember to drink water. 

Stop questioning Immunization 

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Make sure your children get their vaccines in order. 

Despite the rise of conspiracy theories, talk to your children's doctors about your fears, and prevent your child from deadly polio, tetanus, or diphtheria. 

Vaccines saved humankind by eliminating several deadly diseases. Just like googling your symptoms is a road to nowhere, entering the world of anti-vaxxers will only make your head spin. 

Stop picking your nose

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Picking your nose leads to bleeding and infections and is even linked to developing Alzheimer's.

Over 90 percent of people are guilty of this nasty habit, so instead of hiding it, try quitting it altogether. 

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Stop skipping dentist appointments 

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It is not only about brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Taking care of your oral hygiene includes using the proper toothbrush, changing it regularly, washing your tongue, etc.

Oral hygiene is vital since gum disease, for example, has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, and Alzheimer's.

Stop thinking there is "one size fits all" in medicine 

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If a diet seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Similarly, if your friend's using a medication that helped them with hair loss, that same product might not work for you.

Your body is unique, and the doctors will adjust any treatment to fit your needs.  

Stop avoiding the scale 

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Watching your weight is essential, and drastic changes can point out significant changes in your body.

If you gained or lost weight rapidly, you should do a check-up. Doctors do not want to shame you but to ensure you are looking after yourself. And that is why you should stop avoiding the scale. 

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Stop sitting for hours 

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Physical activity during long periods of sitting is crucial not to compromise metabolic health. 

If you sit a lot during the day, take walking breaks, stretch out, do sit-ups, or do anything to get the blood flowing. 

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Stop delaying necessary procedures 

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If you have doubts, it is your right to ask for a second opinion. Just do not turn it into the third, fourth, and so on. 

It is okay to be fearful of a procedure or even a medication. However, if you have an issue, talk to the doctor, express your concerns, and do not undermine their coworkers. 

You do not have to like your doctor, but if you are already in their office, it shows that you have a level of respect and trust. 

Do not take yourself to the hospital 

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You've noticed something is going on that might resemble a heart attack. Instead of taking yourself to the hospital, take a cab, Uber, or call someone. Do not drive! 

The same applies to other situations, like giving childbirth. 

Stop taking your mental health for granted 

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Disturbed sleep, feeling sad for no reason, or feeling tired all the time, could be symptoms of declining mental health. Do not think it is all in your head and it will magically disappear. It might be depression or issues with the thyroid. Either way, you need to see your doctor. 

With the current state of the world, mental health should be a priority. There is courage in admitting that you have not been feeling great and need help from a doctor. 

Accept that doctors are humans, too  

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Do not pretend your family history is better than it is, or nod your head if you don't understand what your doctor is saying. Politely ask about your health issue without overstepping boundaries and getting into your doctor's personal business. 

If you see your doctor in a mall, say hi, but do not get into your issues since they are off the clock. 

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20 Habits Your Doctor Wish You to Stop Doing Right Now


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