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What Would Happen if a Former American President (Like Donald Trump) Went to Jail?

What Would Happen If A Former American President (Like Donald Trump) Went To Jail?

With the series of charges in NYC and Florida, the former President, Donald Trump, is expected to be in the federal courtroom as early as mid-August, and there is a real possibility that the former POTUS might be jailed.

It is a dream for some and a nightmare for others. But what does it mean for a country if an ex-president, who is also leading GOP primary polls for another nomination, goes to jail?

Trump – one of the most divisive politicians in American history

Donald Trump’s federal trial is certainly not a good look for the US. After all, the States never had an ex-president on the verge of a federal trial.

Trump already has a list of questionable accomplishments, including being one of five presidents who never won a popular vote, was impeached twice, and entered the White House without political or military experience.

Trump was indicted twice, in New York, for alleged hush money, and in Florida, for allegedly mishandling classified documents. Each indictment came with over 30 charges. There are also investigations into attempting to overturn the 2020 elections, a civil case in New York that includes Trump and his children, and another reported Jack Smith's probe.

Historians agree: an ex-POTUS in jail would not be a good thing

Previously, only two former presidents were close to being in Trump’s situation. John Tyler, the 10th US president, was to be treated as an ex-president accused of treason. However, he passed away.

Jefferson Davis was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, as were all other rebels. This is another historical case that serves no purpose in discussing Donald Trump’s potential future.

Though it is possible, with no real examples, historians are certain only of one thing: an ex-president in jail could not be good for Americans. It risks deepening the division between people and leaving a permanent stain for generations to come.

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In other countries, ex-presidents have served time

In Italy and especially France, sending prominent political figures to jail is not uncommon. Some, like the late Berlusconi, managed to do time and regain the power to continue their political careers.

However, this is not the case with the US, so all allegations against Donald Trump must be carefully crafted. And regardless of his innocence or guilt, it became a spectacle even before the trials started.

As Trump potentially gets more indictments, his supporters are growing more hostile toward the FBI and the Department of Justice. Some MAGA lawmakers are discussing defunding several federal institutions, with DOJ taking the prime spot now. Others are busy trying to delete Trump's impeachments in an attempt to "clean Trump's name," as representatives Stefanik and Grene claimed.

Trump could be in a "win-win" situation

According to the Constitution, even if Trump goes to jail for the alleged crimes, he could run for president while incarcerated. This is all hypothetical, but if we get to that, Trump would be in a position where he has nothing to lose but gain more respect from his supporters.

In South America, several men in a position of power were sentenced to prison - Menem, Fujimori, and Lula. What the justice system saw as rightful, their supporters saw as an attack.

Political passion could always stand in the way of a fair trial, and the risk of further dividing the nation is too high.

Do you think Trump would even go to the court before the 2024 elections, or is that wishful thinking of the Democrats?


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What Would Happen if a Former American President (Like Donald Trump) Went to Jail?


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