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The most frequently asked question about Hypnotherapy...

Can I retain my mental control during hypnosis?

The human mind is an amazing thing, capable of far more than we usually give it credit for. When a person seeks hypnotherapy they have in essence already decided the outcome they are after, or programmed their own mind to attain desired results. IE; someone has known for many years that they desire to become a non smoker. After many failed attempts finally see a hypnotist(consider going to one first!), they are READY for this change. This person desires to enter into a productive and relaxing trance state, and readily accepts all of the positive suggestions, or programming one might say, that they have actually instructed the hypnotist to use on them.

Now, we know that the person is probably paying something, desires change and is ready. In such a case there is likely little conscious resistance, and the hypnotist alleviates the unconscious resistance. 

This is pretty easy to understand. The wildcard with the client is what is called their suggestibility. We are all very unique, and this also applies to our suggestibility. Some of us are analytical and detached from physical, some of us are dreamy, some of us enjoy escape, we trust or we don't, etc. What this means is we all go into hypnosis in different ways. Some of us go into a very light trance, some of us (especially people who walk in their sleep) are what are call somnambulists and may go very deep, and remember nothing. These people may even act out the suggestions, or scenes they imagine. However, ALL people enter a hypnotic state many times a day. Machines that measure brain waves proved this decades ago. ALL people are capable, if they desire, of entering a hypnotic state. Simply, and alpha or theta brainwave state.
What is important to know her here, is that the client actually maintains control of their own mind regardless of their type of suggestibility.

The obvious question that would arise is "What about STAGE HYPNOSIS? I certainly do not want to be forced to quack like a duck in front of strangers!"

Well, this may be hard for many of us to understand but, some people DO want to do that!
Let me elaborate. First, at every stage hypnosis show there are volunteers. (And, to be honest, that will never be me!) These people WANT to get onstage and act out in unknown ways. These are your classic exhibitionist entertainer types, (you know who you are…)Anyway, those people raise their hands, then the entertainer CAREFULLY tests people's aforementioned suggestibility. He or she finds the people who are most likely to become very willing, immersed, active and fun elements to the show. And these people are eager to play along. Make sense?

Stage hypnosis has been a blessing and a curse to hypnotherapy. On the positive side it shows the power of the human mind, and of hypnosis. On the down side us hypnotherapists must regularly allay people's fears of possible exploitation. Rest assured that hypnotherapy is just about the safest therapy one can experience. Find someone you feel comfortable with and you will be fine. It is NOT in my best interest to have anyone achieve less than stellar results. Remember, my reputation depends on your satisfaction. Many people say that all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis, meaning you must be involved. Since the days of Anton Mesmer in France millions of people have sought the highly effective help of hypnotists to support them in reaching their goals! I am deeply proud to be a part of this field and I can say that the peers I have are some of the most phenomenal, helpful and honest humans I have met.

The real thing to realize is the incredible power of the subconscious mind-it has an ability to reject or accept data. How do you choose to program you subconscious? With TV, ads and video games? Because by zoning out in front of this media you ARE saying YES to it saturating your mind. Or with a caring professional working just for you?! Take control of your mind. 

Have any more questions? That's what I am here for.

~ Cassandra Auker,  Hypnotherapist

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The most frequently asked question about Hypnotherapy...


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