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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 20–26

Listen to the stars…with this week’s forecast.

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February 19–March 20

Continue to tap into your subconscious and rely on your intuition this week, since Mercury in your subliminal corner is gelling with three other planets. Quiet reflection can help you gain insight into your self-worth, personal values, finances, intimate relationships, psyche, goals and career, while private study or investigation could enable you to achieve an objective. You might disclose a secret to someone you trust, bringing the two of you closer. Later in the week, Mercury enters Pisces, revving up your brain and boosting your self-expression. You should watch out for impulse splurges and disagreements over money or possessions when Mars in your resources zone spars with Pluto and Uranus. But it’s the Solar Eclipse in your sign that you’re likely to notice the most. Each year, the new moon during your birthday season invites you to reinvent yourself—and not only is this one a solar eclipse, but it’s also aligned with Neptune, your ruling planet. So your fresh start is truly supercharged this time around, pushing you to change up your image and try something new. Neptune can lead you to send out murky signals, so consider how you come across and ask yourself how you’d like to revamp your persona so it’s a truer reflection of your inner self. New year, new you!


March 21–April 19

Mercury in your humanity sector is clicking with three planets this week, including Uranus in Aries, so group communication is bound to be a plus. Talk to friends, do a bit of professional networking and brainstorm with other people if you’re trying to figure something out. Keeping your own counsel would be a mistake because your interactions will be stimulating and even educational. Do as much circulating as possible; you might meet someone new who opens up a new world to you. With Mars in Aries battling Pluto in your authority angle, you’ll have sufficient drive to make major progress, but you may become frustrated by having to answer to someone or work within a system. A Mars-Uranus meetup tempts you to behave rashly, break the rules, blow up your game plan and start over haphazardly. You’re changing faster than your life path is evolving, and you’re impatient to tackle new goals before reaching old ones. Finding out who you are is what will allow you to make your mark on the world—and getting those two things in sync has not been easy in the last few years. A solar eclipse in your release corner reminds you that the search for meaning begins within. You need downtime now to clear your mind and replenish your spirit.


April 20–May 20

With Mercury at the top of your chart jibing with several other planets this week, you should be able to communicate well with higher-ups and articulate your objectives effectively. Your instincts for career planning will be sharp, and you won’t have much trouble publicizing what you’ve accomplished and what you’re capable of. You can speak with authority now if you’ve done your homework, but after Mercury segues into your network zone, it will make more sense to exchange ideas with your equals. Mars in your subliminal corner is feuding with Pluto, which could cause you to work against yourself. Try to uncover your own hidden motives in order to avoid self-sabotage. A Mars-Uranus alliance is likely to trigger subversive impulses, so if something unexpected occurs, consider the possibility that you set the wheels in motion. We’re all tempted to act rashly under this influence, but your behavior is apt to be quite unconscious and potentially self-destructive; vigilant self-awareness will help. A great use of this energy: Work behind the scenes to change something in the world, and don’t worry about whether you’re receiving credit for your efforts. Last but not least, the solar eclipse invites you to extend your network of friends, join a group and meet new people who share your interests and ideals.


May 21–June 20

Learning and travel are highly favored this week, thanks to your ruling planet’s fruitful meetings with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. Merc is in your exploration corner, making this a time for broadening your mind and your horizons—and these meetings imply that doing so will benefit your relationships. In turn, your relationships may provide you with opportunities to meet new people, gain knowledge or have an adventure. Interacting with a wide range of human beings from all walks of life can teach you, inspire you and even inform who you are becoming. Listen to what others have to say, and if you’re inclined to offer your own views, you’ll probably find a willing audience. However, with Mars in your network zone clashing with Pluto in your sharing sector, you may find collaboration quite challenging and could get into a power struggle. Since Mars is also rendezvousing with revolutionary Uranus, teamwork could very well be worth it, since you stand to effect real change together. Give each other the freedom to offer your own unique contributions. A solar eclipse in your ambition angle pushes you to set new objectives. A new chapter in your career or a twist in the path to reaching your dreams could be coming soon.


June 21–July 22

Devote your mental energy to a research project, a close relationship or an investigation into your own psyche this week, when Mercury meshes with three other planets. Your focus could pay off in the form of career progress, emotional growth and problem solving, so it’s worth digging deep. After Merc moves into your expansion zone later in the week, you can start to think outside the lines. In fact, the solar eclipse there urges you to open your mind to more of what life has to offer—exploring different places, cultures, beliefs and perspectives and chasing after new adventures. Mars is fueling your ambition, and his current quarrel with Pluto in your one-on-one angle will make it hard for you not to step on someone’s toes in your quest to achieve your aims. Don’t push others too hard, as their agenda need not be the same as yours. Still, it’s possible that you can bring about change in a relationship if you push in just the right way. A Mars-Uranus conference might spell a hard left turn in your career, and it can also lead you to rebel against authority. Be careful what you do, as you’re in the spotlight now. Begin an innovative professional endeavor or take an alternative approach to reaching a goal.


July 23–August 22

One-on-one communication is a boon this week, with Mercury in your partnership angle contacting various other planets. A dialogue could expand your awareness, enable you to speak your truth, inspire greater optimism and acceptance and help you get to know yourself better. Whether you need to have a heart-to-heart, clarify matters or consult another individual, this is a good time for it. After Mercury changes signs later in the week, deep thinking, research, intimate conversations and psychological self-inquiry will gain importance. The solar eclipse in your depth-and-sharing house could bring a psychological shift, an intense relationship, recovery from a painful chapter or a change in your outside resources in the months to come. With Mars in your exploration corner contending with Pluto and Uranus at the moment, your drive to break out of your comfort zone, fight for what you believe in and pursue learning experiences might cause you some problems. Your health, job or daily responsibilities may curtail your freedom—but it’s also possible that you’re running yourself ragged and your health or ability to function effectively will be impaired as a result. This is an excellent opportunity to enthusiastically pursue a new path to improving your wellness or your work, but avoid impulses to embrace radical views or take unreasonable risks.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, is in the house of your chart that governs Virgo affairs such as details, critical thinking, self-improvement, mental work and careful planning. Merc’s positive meetings with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn this week suggest that all of the above will be quite successful. Your problem-solving skills are especially sharp, and you ought to devote some cerebral energy to plotting financial growth; understanding your values and priorities; gaining insight into your psyche or a close relationship; becoming more aware of subtle nuances; coming to terms with your backstory or your family; and growing your self-worth. After Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle later in the week, you’ll be more predisposed to consult others and engage in dialogue. A solar eclipse in that angle hints at a new relationship in the pipeline or a new level of commitment in an existing one. Consider how romantic illusions or unattainable ideals might color your perceptions of people, especially if you’re looking for a partner. Mars in your sharing sector is fending off Pluto and Uranus, alluding to a sudden, powerful sexual connection or fireworks in an intimate relationship. This planetary configuration is rather explosive, and you’re apt to lay too much on the line in order to feel close to someone. Resist the temptation to force matters.


September 23–October 22

Creative, romantic, playful, funny, heartfelt self-expression is in store for you this week, thanks to Mercury in your joy sector vibing with three other planets—including Jupiter in Libra. You’re in a growth phase and will be capable of conveying a great deal about the person you’re becoming. Plus you should be able to strike a nice balance between lighthearted and serious. After Mercury segues into your efficiency house, your mind will turn to more practical matters. A solar eclipse in that house invites you to turn over a new leaf to improve your wellbeing, your work or your daily life. In the coming months, you could begin a different job, diet or exercise regimen, alter your schedule, start a positive habit, get organized or adopt a pet. Mars in your one-on-one angle is contending with Pluto and Uranus, making interpersonal conflict a distinct possibility. Strong underlying emotions can act as a trigger, so attend to inner turbulence. If a disagreement spins out of control, avoid overreacting. Because of the houses being activated, it’s all too easy to project difficulties onto others and not deal with core issues. A new relationship—or a sudden change in a current one—may not be permanent. Regardless, be willing to accept change as an inevitable part of life.


October 23–November 21

Mercury is nestled at the bottom of your chart, putting you in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings, and its links with three other planets this week will make personal reflection rewarding. You could gain insight into how to change your habits, work, health or daily life or how to shore up your finances, self-esteem or personal security. Examining the past will be illuminating, and you’re likely to attain self-understanding that facilitates future growth. After Merc skips into your joy sector a few days later, the tone of your thoughts and words will lighten. A solar eclipse in that sector inspires you to bring your inner child out to play, get your creative juices flowing, enjoy life, express your personality and feelings and go after the love and happiness you yearn for. A new romance or source of pleasure could be in the works. With Mars in your productivity corner battling Pluto in your communication corner, you may run afoul of coworkers if you speak too harshly. And a Mars-Uranus encounter will tempt you to rebel against the confines of your job, everyday routine or responsibilities. But throwing your energy into challenging work and taking a novel approach to what must be done can be liberating in itself and is liable to empower your mindset.


November 22–December 21

When Mercury in your thinking-and-talking corner syncs up with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn this week, you’ll find that you’re able to express your ideas, feelings and creativity; communicate with a group; learn from others; make sound decisions; and discuss issues that are important to you. Make a point of connecting with people—particularly if you’ve felt isolated lately—because they’re bound to boost your spirits and bring out your buoyant, optimistic side, helping you look to the future rather than getting bogged down in current concerns. Mind you, with Mars in your pleasure sector fighting off Pluto and Uranus, you could swing too far in the other direction and take a questionable risk. Your inclination to go after what you want may entice you to leap before you look, and your finances, self-confidence or values could feel the brunt of your actions. But this is a fine opportunity to turn a hobby into a moneymaking venture, so take into account what you do for pleasure and how it might bring in income. Note that a love affair that begins now may not have a lot of staying power. The solar eclipse indicates an impending shift in your living situation, family or emotional state, and you may decide that a major housecleaning project is in order.


December 22–January 19

Your financial judgment will be on point this week as a result of Mercury in your worth house gelling with three other planets. Its link with generous Jupiter in your ambition angle will make you feel hopeful about achieving your lofty goals; use this opportunity to plot how your success can provide the means to meet your monetary and material needs. You might also give some thought to the possessions in your home and consider changes that will free up space. Also, contemplate the resources you have at your disposal that will allow you to finish something up. With Mars in your foundation angle battling Pluto in Capricorn, you can expect strife on the home front, and a confrontation is liable to become destructive. Since the energy involved is extremely powerful, do the best you can to channel it toward a productive end. You may feel provoked, but it’s possible to transform the situation. Confronting the past and your private emotions—and letting go of old anger—will liberate you and change you on a deep level. The solar eclipse coaxes you to learn something new, tweak your default mindset and express yourself in a different way. A short trip or a development in your community or among your siblings could be on the horizon.


January 20–February 18

With Mercury in Aquarius harmonizing with several other planets this week, your mind and communication skills are as sharp as ever. You can think quickly, come up with original ideas and deliver your message with authority in a group setting. This is a suitable time for organizing a team effort or planning how to reach a new goal. Given Merc’s link with visionary Jupiter, you’re able to perceive the wide array of possibilities that lie ahead of you, and the power of positive thinking is readily apparent. Legal dealings, publishing negotiations, travel and education are all highly favored. Since Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner is clashing with Pluto in your subliminal house, you’ll need to keep a close eye on potentially destructive energy bubbling beneath the surface. Subconscious emotions will permeate your interactions, and you could speak abruptly or even aggressively without understanding why. A Mars-Uranus conjunction suggests conversations may take an unexpected turn. Try to keep argumentativeness in check; utilize this planetary meetup to conceptualize—and perhaps sell others on—an avant-garde strategy. The solar eclipse hints at a new source of income, an influx of assets or a spending spree. In the next several months, you might want to create a budget, pursue moneymaking ventures, clarify your values and strengthen your self-esteem.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 20–26


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