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Master your social shares and perfect SEO with BuzzSumo

When managing a blog, you should already know that the work on a particular Article isn't over once you hit the publish button. People will be able to read your post, but now your task is to share it on social media and to present the article to the as big crowd as possible. A quick tweet or post on Facebook without detailed analysis won't be enough if you're trying to perfect your blogging game.

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Once you realize that your blog needs constant attention, you will want to speed up and analyze your WordPress site. You will need to check for backlinks, manage multiple social media accounts, spend some time analyzing keywords and work towards better SEO. Today, it's not possible to do all of that without external help. Whether you want to hire a professional or you decide to do the job by yourself, you will need that extra help from online and offline tools dedicated to your blog.

We already showed you great things you can do with Monitor Backlinks, and now it's time to extend your possibilities. It's time to introduce you to BuzzSumo.


PRICE: From $99 per month

BuzzSumo is a professional research and monitoring tool which can help you to deal with social shares, influencers, keywords and overall SEO. This excellent tool will allow you track any domain of interest and see how well it performs online. You'll get to see influencers who share content of your interest, you'll get to analyze content for any term or domain, and much more.

Content Research

The first thing you'll be interested in when you open BuzzSumo for the first time is content research. From the first tab, you'll get to find most shared articles for a specified keyword or domain. For example, if you enter the URL of your website, BuzzSumo will immediately start searching for content which has been shared the most. Just after a second or two after you hit the search button, you will be presented a list of the most shared articles.

Every article will have its own number of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + shares which you can overview just by glancing at the icons.

There will also be a number of total shares, but the interesting part is that you can sort links by any social media you want.

Even better part of this analysis is that each link can be scrutinized in details. Let's say that you wanted to see more about the most shared article on your blog. All you have to do is to click one button to see all the backlinks which lead to that article! If you want to analyze Twitter in details, BuzzSumo allows you to view people who shared your article and details about their accounts. Amazing, isn't it!?

While it's interesting and very useful to analyze all that for a domain, it's good to know that you can use the same tool to analyze most shared articles based on a keyword. If you want to see the most popular articles on Pokemon Go, Galaxy 7 Edge or chocolate cakes, you just need to enter that keyword in the search area. Why is this so much of a big deal you might ask? Well, now that you have found the most shared articles about a specific keyword, you'll also be able to find backlinks leading to that article and people who shared it on Twitter! That means that you have a list of people and websites who can help you grow your business and that's something every marketer will know to appreciate.

Trending Now

When there isn't a specific domain or a keyword you're looking for, you'll appreciate how BuzzSumo finds popular stuff. Simply by clicking the Trending Now tab, you will get to see articles which have been shared the most during that day. You will even get a chance to break the 24 hours into smaller segments so that you can analyze trending stories in more details.


Backlinks are very important for SEO, so you will have to monitor what's happening with your site. Whether you want to track your own domain or you want to see what's competitor up to, Backlinks tab will help you. Simply enter the URL and find all the backlinks leading back to it. You will get all the same options we mentioned earlier in this article which means that analysis can go into details.

Content Analysis

If you have never researched content into more details, Content Analysis will wow you! Just by entering a word or a phrase, BuzzSumo will search for up to 15,000 articles on the Internet. You will get details about average shares by network type (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus), content type (article, list, video…), dates of publishing, content length, and much more.


For example, just a minute after searching for the term "chocolate cake," we found out that articles containing the keyword were mostly shared on Pinterest and Facebook. Video articles were mostly shared on Google Plus, while most shares were coming from,, and

The analysis goes into much more details, so you even get to see content related to your search. Following the same example, we learned that the term "coffee cake" was the most shared one after the one we analyzed. What this tell us is that if we were about to write an article about chocolate cakes, we would also have to include and mention coffee cakes if we wanted more interest in our original article. And this is just the of the iceberg.

Facebook Analyzer

If you choose a more expensive BuzzSumo Agency plan, you will get Facebook Analyzer. This tool will help you track keywords and pages exclusively on this social media network. If you rely your business on Facebook, you will have to have this tool at your disposal.


Influencer is a person who can easily influence peoples' opinions. When we talk about online marketing and social media, influencers are people who have many followers on popular social media, who get liked and shared a lot, and whom people trust when they write or talk about something.

With this tool, BuzzSumo allows you to find best of the best when it comes to a specific keyword. Let's follow the same example about chocolate cakes (yes, we really do like chocolate cakes that much). If you type the keyword in the search box, BuzzSumo will browse through the list of influencers in a speed of light. Then, you will get a list of people who can have the most influence on others when it comes to chocolate cakes. You can use this info to start following the influencers to learn more about choco cakes, or you can even contact that influencer. Of course, your goal is to have influencer talk about you and your site, and preferably share your chocolate cake recipe on popular social media.

How do you know all that? Well, you won't guess which person you should follow, contact or retweet, but you will again analyze the data. BuzzSumo will show you a site where the infulencer write, you will see his/her Twitter account as well as the all important info like the number of followers, total shares, page and domain authority, retweet and reply ratios and the number of average retweets.

At first, this might not seem that important, but when you get serious about your blog, you will have to know who are the influencers and how to contact them.

Chrome Extension

A few days ago, we showed some of the best free Chrome extension which can help you with WordPress. Another great thing about BuzzSumo is that it offers a Chrome extension as well. This extension will show you social share counts for the page you have loaded into your browser. If you start on using SumoBuzz, you will definitely want to use the extension which can save you time while browsing and peeking at competitors sites.

As you can see from this article, there's much you can accomplish with BuzzSumo. In the end, we can say that it is a little bit too expensive just to be playing around with all the content analysis. But if you plan on making money with your blog, you will need to analyze social shares and find influencers. We suggest that you register a free account and test BuzzSumo for two weeks – but be warned because you will probably end up swiping your credit card for this incredible tool.

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Master your social shares and perfect SEO with BuzzSumo


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