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Which Trail to Choose for Revamping HTML Website to WordPress: Manual or Automated?

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There is no doubt to the fact that Wordpress has been sitting on the throne of most popular CMS for quite some time now. Powering over 35% of the website portion, this CMS is like an ideal king. There is no news to the reality that WordPress is flexible and reliable to use. While it is a blessing to have a WordPress website in your vanity, some sites are still hung up on the roots of HTML. Thus, as a website owner, you might consider ways to convert your HTML website to WordPress website.

While it is perfectly ok to have an HTML based website (as HTML 5 is a substantial update), converting your site to WordPress is like you secure your future with hacks and malware.

WordPress offers plenty of themes, plugins, widgets that not only help in improving up of a website, but it also contributes to adding useful features

Though there are many HTML to WordPress Services that help make the shift, There are two which the user mostly use. The inquest is: Which one to choose, and which is the best for them. Hence, in this article, the user would learn how they can convert static HTML to WordPress, and which for the tools are best for you.

But Before that: Important Things to Checkout while Making the Shift

  • Hosting Service: The user needs to have a hosting plan before they start. The need for the HTML site can be a bit different. The user would need a hosting plan. It can either be done locally and later can be made live
  • Code Editor: The user would require a code editor like Notepad++, Atom, Sublime etc
  • Time and Capital: This is one of the most critical factors that the user needs to consider. The user can alternatively hire a developer for the task if he/she has the funds and wants to save time.

The Two Ways to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Website

1. Manually

If you wish to convert your WordPress website manually, then it would require the user to get inside the code. WordPress Development Services that are done manually would require the user to access the current website directory with the help of FTP and then use the existing code as a starting point. From the instance, the user would need to create essential files and folders for WordPress theme and then copy the bits of code from the WordPress codex. This is constituted to be reasonably straightforward as well as straight forward for the users that are well versed with HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP

The Downside

While the user ends up working with the WordPress theme, it is predicted that it would not have all the capabilities which the WordPress has to offer. For example, if the WordPress developers do not construct the widget area or change the menu options from the backend, then it would not constitute of these features.

Steps involved in manually converting HTML to a WordPress Theme

  • Construct a theme folder and the necessary files. The very first thing that the user needs to do is create a new theme.
  • The next step is to prepare the WordPress stylesheet to copy the old site’s CSS.
  • Next, you need to separate the existing HTML into different pieces so that CMS can be put together
  • The header would devise to transfer the request for the style sheet from HTML to WordPress setup.

Now the user is going to perform to maintain a theme screenshot that coincidentally with the data from the stylesheet header would be able to work as a research of the website in the WordPress backend.

2. Automated

There are many tools out there that have the power to convert HTML to WordPress. Many people possess static HTML websites but are planning to make a shift. For such people who are not that well versed with the languages, here are some of the tools that would profoundly make their task easy. The user would be able to migrate their content from HTML to WordPress.

  • CMS2CMS plugin: This is one of the most popular and widely used plugins that helps in quickly moving up of content from HTML to WordPress pages. Available for free, the plugin soon runs the content from the open-source platform and helps in preserving the SEO magic too. Not only this, but it allows the movement of and migration of images and videos attachment. The plugin provides the user with an average of 15 minutes of full-scale migration.
  • Html to WordPress. Io: The user can migrate the content from HTML to WordPress with the help of this plugin too, but they first need to compress all the files and folders in a zip file and then uploaded on the website. That way, you would be able to see a preview of your website and move further with your task.
  • Pinegrow Theme Converter: With the help of Pinegrow theme converter, the user would be able to edit the theme in the favourite designer tool. It offers a reasonable automatic conversion of HTML website to a WordPress theme and thus having full control over the generated PHP code and the content model of the WordPress website. The user needs to add CMS features to HTML elements by assigning one or more WordPress action.

The downside

To compete with the other CMS in the market, WordPress needs many plugins to be installed. Unfortunately, these are the plugins that tend to influence the script’s efficiency and that too not in the right way. Another issue with using automated tools is that the user needs to choose the plugins to migrate from HTML to WordPress. Among thousands of plugins that WordPress consists of most of them have their clones. It means that any functionality can easily be added by many different plugins that are created by various authors. Hence, there are times when choosing the right one takes up quite some time.

Steps involved in the automated conversion of HTML to a WordPress Theme

  • Go to the WP dashboard
  • See for the option that says “Add new” under the plugin option.
  • Type and then search for the plugin in the keyword search field, install it and then activate it.
  • Go to the settings option and then try to configure on converting the file
  • This would then provide the user with different options for destination URLs and choice of delivery methods.

HTML to WordPress Conversion: Which process to opt?

HTML to WordPress Conversion Manually  Automated Tools
Knowledge of PHP   The user should be well versed with PHP language  The user does not require any knowledge of PHP language as these plugins are pre made 
CSS and HTML  For creation of  unique look, the user needs to learn CSS and HTML  Plenty of pre made templates on home page
Efficiency  The developer constructs the site with the codes. Thus, it depends on the coder you hire.  The functionality is  added by different plugins created by different authors. Selecting the right one may take time 
Formatting  Modification in tables and the graphics can be done easily  Since it is pre made, it becomes difficult to format stuff.
SQL queries  Requires additional syntax, thus queries can be difficult  Does not require additional syntax 
Learning Curve  Since it is important to learn the language, the learning curve is more  The user needs no such need of the language, the learning curve is less
Non standard fields  Can be done easily Has options to create additional fields
Cost  Depends on the quality of the coder  Depends on the premium plugins you want to buy

Now that you are aware of each and every step and advantage that is related to both these techniques, you would be able to figure out which one is the best for you. Although the decision would totally depend on the requirement that you have, and the budget that you constraint off, but manually converting your HTML website to wordpress website is the best option.

Hire WordPress Developers for Migrate HTML to WordPress: Why do it?

When you hire developers for HTML to WordPress migration, these are the advantages that you would get:

  • If you are not a technical person or from that background and do not know much about the functioning of WordPress – hiring a developer is the right choice.
  • A well-versed developer would be able to guide you to make the website function well and would help you to dodge mistakes.
  • You would have control of 100 per cent customization. This would help you to make your website unique and different.
  • An experienced WP developer would be able to understand exactly what the website owner wants.
  • The efficiency of the work is doubled, as it becomes a one-track goal


At the end of the day, all the user needs is an attractive and innovative website that can fetch more audience and ROI to them. Choosing between the two depends totally on the requirements and needs. It is pretty evident that by shifting your HTML website to a WordPress website manually is a better option. Thus hiring a coder and customizing it according to your needs is what you need.

If you are looking for HTML developers or HTML to WordPress experts that are efficient in their work, then WordPrax is the organization for you. We provide our clients with some of the best services that help them in their future ventures.

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Which Trail to Choose for Revamping HTML Website to WordPress: Manual or Automated?


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