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The Top 4 Best Foosball Coffee Tables for Sale in 2017 Reviews

A few days ago, I managed to uncover the best foosball tables from the bazillion models on the market. Today, I am going to be specific and concentrate on the best Foosball Coffee tables. Foosball coffee tables combine the functionality of ordinary foosball tables with the beauty of a coffee Table. For this reason, they pair with most home décor. Coming with an extra advantage, the demand for these tables is increasing each single day.

I have played foosball table game for years and mastered the art perfectly. However, it is not all about improving the skills, but also evaluating the performance of different foosball tables. With manufacturers releasing a plethora of coffee foosball tables to the market, I have already played with most of them and noted the difference. With this knowledge, here are the best coffee tables on the market.

Lists of Top 4 Best Foosball Coffee Tables in 2017

The Top 4 Best Foosball Coffee Tables for Sale

#4 Foosball Soccer Game Wooden Coffee Table

#4 Foosball Soccer Game Wooden Coffee Table

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By: Eastpoint

Why consumers love this?

Making friends has always been one of my hobbies. In fact, I developed this behavior when I was at the age of 10. As I grew up, the behavior continued to develop till now, three decades later when I am in my forties. Considering that weekends are always the days for me to take a break from work, I find these days as the perfect time for me to hang around with friends and develop my skills.

Well, it was on a one weekend when I and my friends had left to one of the major hotels to have fun, as it was the custom. It was at this hotel where I came across this foosball coffee table. In fact, this was the first time to set my eyes on a foosball coffee table. Having gotten used to the ordinary foosball tables, I was eager to know how it feels like to use this table.

Having been developed by one of the well-reputed manufacturers of sporting tools; Eastpoint, this foosball coffee table features a sturdy construction to guarantee years of great experience. The attractive color gives the table an amazing look when still making it easily pair with almost every home décor.

#3 EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game, Dark Wood

#3 EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game, Dark Wood

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By: East Point Sports

Why consumers love this?

Just like me, my friends really enjoy this game. In fact, most of them have gone to the extent of bringing the game to their homes.

Being my friend’s perfect choice, I cannot deny that this is one of the best coffee tables. Coming with a wood veneer finish, it doubles up as a fully functional foosball table. The telescoping player rods provide a safer play to minimize storage space. The tempered table top is made of a clear glass that allows us to view all the action.

The classically designed ergonomic wooden handles allow us to enjoy the game from any place of our choice. The table comes with 2 foosballs.

#2 Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42″ Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop

#2 Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42 Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop

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By: Barrington

Why consumers love this?

This is another amazing foosball coffee table in the market. The first day to come across it, I thought that it was the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table. This is because they feature the same designs. However, it wasn’t after a long time when I noted that there was a difference between the two; this foosball coffee table had a darker brown color.

Just like other foosball tables, each player controls three rows of hand-painted foosball men. However, the chrome-plated steel rods are sturdier for durability. The 3/8-inch of heat-treated tempered glass withstands wear and tear providing me and my friends with a perfect surface to hold drinks and snacks as we enjoy the game.

#1 Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

#1 Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

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By: Chicago gaming

Why consumers love this?

If you pay me a visit, this is the foosball coffee table that you will either get in my sitting room or my gaming room. Well, you may get it in the sitting room because, during meal times, it serves just like the ordinary tables. However, if you get it in my gaming room, it is because it can serve as an ordinary foosball table.

Featuring one of the best designs in the market, this is the most preferred foosball coffee table. In fact, not just that; it is the highest rated foosball coffee table. Considering my love for the game, I couldn’t try fortunes in getting a foosball coffee table; I had to go for what had already worked out for most people.

Luckily, I came to realize that I had gotten the best foosball coffee table on the market. It features a solid hardwood construction with elegant accents and hand-carved detailing. Besides, the furniture grade play field has inlaid wood veneers and well hand-painted foosball men. The telescopic rods allow for easy controls of the foosball men while the octagonal handles allow me to easily move the table from the gaming room to the sitting room and back.

Reasons to own Foosball Coffee Table


The fact remains that foosball is one of the most interesting games. However, not all ordinary foosball tables will pair with the home décor. For this reason, most end up looking weird in our homes. For the case of foosball coffee tables, they all pair with home décor. This means that they don’t only bring the game to our home but also adds decoration.


One of the great benefits of foosball coffee tables is their ability to double up as both a gaming unit and as an ordinary table. This means that they have the ability to hold meals and at the same time act like the ordinary foosball tables. To combine the two, you and your opponent can enjoy drinks and snacks when playing the game.

Highly Durable

Normally, foosball coffee tables are made from a sturdy wood. For those made with glass, in most cases, the glass is of high-quality meaning that it does not easily break. The durability nature allows the users to enjoy the great versatility for years. Durability is always a factor one needs to consider when purchasing anything. Foosball coffee tables are highly durable and ensure that you have a great gaming experience.

More Fun

For those who like football, like me, will always find the game very interesting. In fact, it uses simple yet attractive tactics. Just like the normal football, scoring against your opponents is always great fun. For this reason, the admirers of this game continue to grow on every single day. Unlike those normal tables, a foosball coffee table makes the experience even better and more exciting than ever before. If you want to spice up the experience, then you need to try a foosball coffee table.


Considering that foosball coffee table producers are increasing each day, they begin to compete on the basis of prices. In the course of their competition, customers gain an advantage of getting these tables at a lower cost.

Great for Relieving Stress

Sometimes our jobs may be stressing. After a hectic day, you definitely need to time to relax and relieve yourself from the stresses. This game makes you forget your experience. This makes it beneficial to one’s health.

Super Easy to Learn

I find chess being one of the most challenging games. In fact, even after weeks of learning, am yet to perfect in the art. However, when it came to foosball game, I only needed a few days to master the game. For this reason, this game can be played by anyone, whether young, medium or old.

Final Thoughts

Foosball is currently one of the most interesting games. In fact, the numbers of the game lovers continue to grow each day.  While manufacturers may release many models into the market, not all foosball tables are worth your penny.

Before you bring this game to your gaming room, you need to consider the décor. Most ordinary foosball tables do not pair with most home décor. For pairing purposes, producers have gone a mile further to introduce the foosball coffee tables.

These tables are highly versatile as they can function in gaming or holding purposes. To ensure that you end up with the best table, you should consider going for one of these foosball coffee tables. Having been proven by many, they hardly disappoint.

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The Top 4 Best Foosball Coffee Tables for Sale in 2017 Reviews


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