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Quoted Statements of Space People - Case Study Transcript Excerpts

Appendix Article to Blog Special Report
My response to the recent military report—the so-called Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena—is that considering all of the data accumulated over the course of 74 years beginning with the events in the United States during 1947, one hopes that people in government positions of authority will eventually be able to discern the importance and then share the news about messages and initiation experiences that have been gifted to us here on Earth.  
Government officials repressing information for various reasons—there being a vast accumulation of 'classified' data—are projecting their own psychology and have been indoctrinated to the political tradition of perpetuating cover-ups and focusing on military-industrial complex assumed imperatives.  (blog articles list concerning this data)  Some examples of books about UFOlogy are those written by Donald Keyhoe and Frank Edwards.  The latter author offered a summary statement 1964 book: 
Following World War II we began to read news of "flying saucers."
From 1947, when they first appeared, to the summer of 1952, reports of flying saucers were carried openly by the news services; newspapers front-paged many of the sightings.
But the lid of censorship came down with a sudden and dramatic bang in August 1952.
The lid of censorship is still on.
The preceding Metaphysical Articles Blog Special Report is a noncommercial sharing of 'evidence' often categorized as pertaining to 'paranormal phenomena,' primarily transcendental communication transcript excerpts.  This addendum article provides correlating excerpts from the four 'flying saucer contactee' case chronologies that have been subjects of reporting at this blog.
One of the 'channeling' transcript excerpts quoted in the Special Report is the comment from The Inner Circle through Mark Probert about the 'Guardian ships' of the 'space-beings': "If you like the word etheric and can understand it, it means the same thing anyway.  They live in other densities or other frequencies, other dimensions of time, other laws of matter in motion — no more than this.  This is difficult for man on earth to understand, very difficult." 

Among the four 'contactee' cases that are the subject of this article, it is the journalist Arthur Shuttlewood whose testimonial shows what was initially some of the same social consciousness perceptions that must be similar to those of people who today are active in positions of government authority while being confronted by UFO evidence.  Arthur offered his outright response to finding himself in a predicament of the 'paranormal' when he emotionally reacted with anger and initially labeled as "impossible" and  "fairly obvious hoax calls" the telephone contacts he received late at night from individuals explaining that they were visiting people from space.  Arthur wrote in the follow-up book Warnings from Flying Friends (1968) about a home visit he experienced from one of the 'people from Aenstria' two days after the publication date of the first book.
It seems unusual and sad that none of Arthur's UFO nonfiction UFOlogy books were ever published by any major American book company and there remains little awareness about the books in America beyond the readers of this blog.
The Warminster Mystery chronicles how Arthur reacted with a programmed social consciousness orientation to the phone calls: "I discounted sentiments which would make me look foolish if trying to persuade responsible editors to publish them."  His unnerved wife "thought Russian agents were responsible" as Shuttlewood made notes about the calls in shorthand and "rapidly relayed their contents to my Ministry friend."  
However, an acquaintance researcher of the local nightly UFO sightings induced Arthur to reflect about his predicament.  Researcher Anthony Brooke is described: "He  puts due emphasis on two aspects of the Thing which he thinks count uppermost.  Its spiritual significance and the scientific corollaries of feasibility.
Arthur wrote in the final pages of The Warminster Mystery about the content of 'the mystery phone calls': "I have noticed, when casually mentioning these phone conversations to friends, that they are all fascinated by what the three persons told me; and the majority are convinced that these Aenstrians are real and anxious to communicate certain timely warnings and advice to our planet Earth . . . after ponderous thought, I eventually accepted them as sensible . . ."

Previous blog articles about 'contactee' case chronologies include "Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison", "Beyond the White Sands Incident", "Arthur Shuttlewood's Encounter with 'Karne' of the Planet 'Aenstria'" and "Here Is UFOlogy's 'Bombshell Physical Proof'".

'Captain Aura Rhanes' quoted by Truman Bethurum

(transcript excerpts from Aboard A Flying Saucer 1954)
Blog articles about this case: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Truman's description of the visitors includes: (the men) "I would say that they were from four feet eight inches to around five feet tall . . . They were fully developed small men . . . they all seemed to be wearing some sort of uniform . . . all of them wore jackets like cowboys and trousers of material which reflected a blue-grayish cast under the bright moonlight.  Their dark olive hued faces were bland and without lines or blemishes, like the skin was taut and hard over the bone structure."; (the woman captain) "She was a trifle shorter than any of the men I had seen . . . and her brown-eyed flashing smile seemed to make her complexion appear more glowing.  I am sure she wore no makeup, but she certainly needed none."  Truman mentioned that "the woman was talking to me in a swinging, rhythmic tone of voice, much like you read Mother Goose verses to your children."

We travel interplanetary, and it has been only recently that we have landed on your soil.

Time and distance are of no concern to us, and what you call time and distance is inconsequential in our lives.

We worship a Supreme Deity who sees, knows and controls all.

[After Truman told her, "You must have tremendous power and very large engines or whatever you would call them.]  We have no reciprocating equipment aboard
We call this our 'Admirals' Scow.'  We have others identical.
The things that trouble and worry you earth people in our homes you'll never find.  We know nothing of illness, doctors or nurses.  You have mechanics and laborers too.  In our land they only mean trouble, so you see they are all taboo.

[Responding to Truman telling mentioning "our atomic resources and our measures to use them to aid all mankind"]  That's a step in the right direction, but a very short one.  [Tr
uman then "spoke of politics and taxes and asked if they had these too"]  No.  That's what's cleft your world through.

We land at our own convenience and always where no one can be harmed

We land on various planets in many locations.  Also we have made many landings in different places on your earth.  Our only purpose in landing is for our own education, and to relax a bit and replenish our atmosphere tanks, since when we travel our scow is sealed tight against outside influences

Other planets are much too busy improving the welfare of their inhabitants  to have time for even minor controversies.
[fourth visit]  Hello.  You know we are here.
Mars is a beautiful place to see.  Yes, there are people there, just like you and me.  The halo you see about the planet is made of air and dust.  Mars is a great manufacturing planet.  Every home has a beautiful lawn where flowers and shrubs abound; each is a country estate and has five acres of ground.  But, as to where we live, Clarion, I think man may visit there soon and see our beautiful planet on the other side of the moon, and learn how our government is directed by others and me.
People from Clarion never kill — anything.
There is more to this than meets the eye.
Remember, I am speaking to you in a tongue quite foreign to me about matters entirely foreign to your comprehension.

Regarding "the question of power"]  The first is antimagnetic or gravitational; the second, plutonic and the third nutronic.  This nutronic we use at home on Clarion.

You can do anything or get anything, even contact other persons, through sheer concentration.
Now, we will all be around again sometime, just as we have before.  And my promise to you of a visit to Clarion is held like an open door. 


'Neptune' quoted by Orfeo Angelucci

(transcript excerpts from The Secret of the Saucers 1955)
Blog articles about this case: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Orfeo's description of 'Neptune' includes: ". . . the ultimate of perfection . . . He was near enough then for me to see that he was several inches taller than I and similar in outline to a well-built man . . . he was wearing a kind of uniform, bluish in color, perfectly tailored and tightly fitting to the outlines of his body . . . I could see his uniform and figure clearly, but it wavered occasionally, as though I were viewing it through rippling water." 
Note: Orfeo qualified the quotations with comments such as "I distinctly remember the voice making some such statement as this."
With deep compassion and understanding we have watched your world going through its 'growing pains.'  We ask that you look upon as simply as older brothers.
But only through such harmless ones as you can we work.

In the illusion of Time is written man's choice through free will . .

Once there was another planet in your solar system, the fairest and most radiant of all the planets.  That planet was the original home of Earthlings.  [The name of the planet is eventually revealed as 'Lucifer.']

Each man must work out his own destiny and salvation.  In the illusion of Time and through repeated births and deaths each entity slowly and painfully evolves spiritually toward its former glorified state of divinity

They will have learned understanding, compassion and true love for God and their fellows.

In the dawning great New Age of Earth all will forget their bitter hurts and build constructively upon the solid foundation of the Brotherhood of Man.
The immutable law of cause and effect upon Earth will govern accordingly.  As a result, but few will believe or even hear your account of our meeting.  In the overall picture your story will in no way change conditions upon Earth.  Neither will any actual Earthly event be either hastened or retarded because of our meeting.  At most your story will give only greater faith and inner conviction to the few — but it is an important few!  The ways of God are immutable and apparent only to those who have spiritual discernment.

Soon we shall recede from Earth, Orfeo
and yet in reality we shall never be far away.  Later, we shall return, but not to you, beloved friend.  You will understand the meanings of these words later on.

You are indeed a dweller in two worlds now, Orfeo.  Sometimes it is difficult for you to determine which world is substance and which is shadow, or if both are not merely differing degrees of substance.  But you have done well, considering all that you have been through in these last two years.  In reality you are now liberated from your planet, Earth and are a citizen of the cosmos.  For seven Earth days you were conscious in our world as it existed in Time, while I kept watch over your physical body as it performed normal duties here on Earth.  Thus in a way I am a part of you even as you are a part of me.  There now exists eternal bonds of understanding between us.

The vast majority of Earth's people never dream of their true status.

We were with you through it all. 

But there is no end to anything, Orfeo . . . ever!


 Voice of 'Alan' (A-Lan) quoted by Daniel Fry

(transcript excerpts from The White Sands Incident 1954)
Daniel's description of the landed spacecraft: "It was, as it had appeared from the air, a spheroid, considerably flattened at the top and bottom so that the vertical dimension was about sixteen feet, while the horizontal diameter was about thirty feet at the widest point, which was about seven feet above the ground . . . The dark blue color which it appeared to have when I had first seen it in the air, was gone now.  It was just a polished metal surface, silver color, with what seemed to be a very slight violet iridescence."
Blog articles about this case: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What we need are minds sufficiently open to receive evidence (even though that evidence be contrary to all preconceived opinion) and minds sufficiently agile to assimilate that evidence and arrive at logical conclusions.  The fact that, in spite of being in circumstances completely unique in your experience, you are listening calmly to my voice and making logical replies, is the best evidence that your mind is of the type we hoped to find.
When you say that you happen to be here by the merest accident, you greatly underestimate us.
I can make my meaning plainer by an analogy.  A man seeking scientific knowledge is like an ant climbing a tree.  He knows when he is moving upward, but his vision is too short to encompass the entire trunk.  The result is that he is likely to get out on a lower limb without realizing that he has left the main trunk.  All goes well for a time.  He can still climb upward and even pluck a few of the fruits of his progress, but soon he begins to become confused as the solid branch suddenly begins to break up into myriads of twigs and leaves all pointing in different directions.  So the seeker of knowledge finds that the great 'Basic Laws' which have always been so unshakeable, now begin to divide and to point in opposite directions.  The scientist comes to the conclusion that he is nearing the limit of the knowledge which can be conceived by the mind and that all physical laws ultimately become purely statistical.  When he has reached this point he can make further progress only by following a line of abstract mathematical reasoning.  This is like traveling on a train in one of your subways.  You will probably eventually arrive at your destination, but since you cannot see where you are going along the way, you have no way of being sure that there was not a much shorter and easier way to get to the same place.  Your science is now in this position.  For example, your scientist is now obliged to state that the electron is at the same time both a particle and a wave motion.  They attempt to rationalize this by saying that the electron is a particle in a wave of probability.  This is a condition which cannot be visualized by the mind and the only means of progress are through the subways of abstract mathematics.

The fundamental truths are always simple and understandable when viewed from the proper perspective.  So the branch becomes simple and understandable as a 'branch' when viewed from above on the main trunk.  In short, what your science must do if it is to continue to progress, is to go back down the limb on which you are trapped to the point where it joins the main trunk and then start up again.  This we can and will help your people to do, but only if they wish it and are able to follow the path which we will point out

While we are not nearly so enslaved by time as your race appears to be, nevertheless, we are aboard a craft which derives its operating energy principally from natural differential sources and we, even as the sailors of your race, often find it necessary to 'sail with the tide.'

'The Aenstrians' quoted by Arthur Shuttlewood

(transcript excerpts from The Warminster Mystery  1967)
Voice descriptions: "There was little expression in Caellsan's voice . . . without any trace of accent"; "Selorik . . . had a high-pitched voice, soft and musical to the ear.  He sounded much younger than Caellsan"; "Traellison had a strangely sweet, sing-song voice, nicely modulated and yet like that of a child, although she wields great authority . . ."
Arthur's description of the later visitor 'Karne' in the follow-up book includes: "The man was a good two inches above my own height of six feet . . . Slender, pointed fingers of his hands . . . a wafer-thin disc on his left wrist . . . pale gold in colour . . . Karne wore an ordinary gaberdine mackintosh coat, beige in colour . . . His lips were a bluish tinge, rather like those of a patient suffering a weak heart or chronic asthma.  On each cheekbone, high up, were similar blue blotches or contusions . . . a high and long forehead, not particularly wide.  Two startling tufts of pure white hair  were brushed back to either side from the front.  At their terminus, they slanted slightly inward, one toward the other . . . the remainder of his hair iron-grey, satin smooth in texture despite the unruly frontal tufts."
Blog articles about this case: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
'Caellsan' of the cantel (planet) Aenstria via telephone call to Arthur Shuttlewood at home: 
You Earth people are in danger of igniting your cantel from end to end, and in danger of destroying not only the creative system of your own cantel, and solar system, but also endangering ours.  For remember — the light from the suns shines upon us all. 

'Selorik' via telephone call to Arthur Shuttlewood at home:
We have made your earth town our base.  You must tell your people not to be alarmed.  We are not here to hurt them.  They must learn to know us.  And you, dear Shuttlewood, no matter where you go or seek to hide from us, we shall be also.  We have important work to do and you must not try to escape your responsibility either.  You may be certain we shall meet many times.
'Caellsan' via telephone call to Arthur Shuttlewood at home:
Use nature's beneficial resources to the full for peaceful and productive objects.  Your heads of government must come to their senses before it is too late.  Do not rush into a bottomless pit of doom and destruction, contrary to the meaning of life that is precious.  Forget the mad lusting after power and domination, as we learned to reject it thousands of your Earth years ago.
We ask you to help us put this important message before your cantel councils.  We wish them to think again over their supreme follies, although we cannot force them to our will.  Our beloved Trellison, Queen of Aenstria, cannot commit such power of decisions to our hands, and the Universal Spirit of Truth — whom your Earth peoples call God — banishes compulsion from our minds and hearts.
'Selorik' via telephone call to Arthur Shuttlewood at home:
I ask you to believe that we are just as you, physically.  You have exceptions to the rule in giants and pygmies, in differing colours of skin.  We have these, also.  Specific tasks are carried out for us by robots of our own creation . . . They are harmless and obey our will. 
We do need your friendship, so that we can share our knowledge with your scientists and doctors.  There is so much of value we can offer, freely and willingly, to your peoples.  Please tell them, by publications in all your cantel papers and writings, that we are not to be feared.  We come in infinite love and peace.  Yet many of you are still hostile to us.  Shots from earth-guns have been fired at our spacecraft.  We are immune to such attacks, when prepared to meet them.  But some of us have been killed, needlessly.
You see, Shuttlewood, we cannot retaliate.  That is against the laws of our cantel and the demands of the Only One's code.

Cleanse your minds and thoughts from tragic misconceptions.  Learn to live fully and not fragmentally, thus curing all your mental and bodily ailments.  Health of mind, body and spirit can never be yours while your cantel is plagued by wars, famine, pestilence and wrongful thinking.
We are but one of the many cantels in the vast universe, combining together in love and harmony in a divinely ordered plan to help rid your cantel of pressing dangers.  You must not be afraid: we shall be showing ourselves more and more in your skies next year . . .
'Traellison' via telephone call to Arthur Shuttlewood at home:
We are all children and living parts of the great Creator, the Living Force . . .  

Tear off your blindfolds!  ("she urged after a brief reference to the secreted hoards of death-dealing germs, stockpiled worldwide, and dangers of drug-traffic.")
Your puny machines are powerless compared with our spaceships.  It is a simple matter for us to stop their flight, to render harmless and destroy their engines if we wish.  But we are not like that.  Earth machines, sadly, have sometimes flown too near us and paid a penalty we did not seek to exact.  It was not of our wish, for we come in peace always.
(When Arthur mentioned the span of human life expectancy to Traellison)  I am nine times as old as that, yet I am considered quite young to be queen of my cantel.
(When Arthur asked what life was actually like on Aenstria)  Try to imagine what your life would be like if financial values were dispensed with overnight.

[The Aenstrians warned ] Remember the terrible, tragic and needless end of the cantel Lucifer.
"The meek shall inherit the Earth" is one of your sayings, handed down to you from the timeless wisdom of the Only One.  The meaning of this prophecy from the Spirit of Universal Truth will manifest itself in an unexpected manner.

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Quoted Statements of Space People - Case Study Transcript Excerpts


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