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Air Date
Monday, December 4th, 2006 7/8c

NBC Press Release

AS SHOCKING DETAILS ABOUT ISSAC'S NYC NUCLEAR BOMBING PREDICTION ARE REVEALED, THE "HEROES" FACE TRAGEDY AND BETRAYALS -- The tragic events in Texas have sad, serious repercussions for many of the "heroes," their families and friends. Meanwhile, shocking details about the moments leading up to Isaac's predicted New York City nuclear bombing are revealed. Later, Isaac's newest painting has fascinating future implications for a hero in crisis. Suresh takes the first steps along his new path. Matt and F.B.I. Agent Audrey Hanson pursue a break in the Sylar case. Horrified by Jessica's recent actions, Niki makes a tough decision to protect her family.

Re-cap of Episode Chapter : “Fallout”

After Homecoming, Claire and Mr. Bennet return home. H.R.G. tells her that he has known for a long time about her ability. He also tells her that the man who killed Jackie has been taken care of and that because there are others out there like him Zach and Lyle need to be warned to remain silent.

Matt and Audrey visit the crime scene at Union Wells High School and determine that Sylar either had help escaping or disappeared.

Nathan visits an incarcerated Peter who tells him that he is suppose to stop the bomb in New York City. In a dream Sylar tells Peter, “How can you stop what’s coming? You don’t know a thing about power!”

Jessica shoots D.L. in the arm and attempts to shoot him in the head. But he is prepared for the second shot and phases out as it passes through his head. When Jessica comes to the car Micah and D.L. are gone.

H.R.G. confronts Sylar in a bunker inside the Primatech Paper Company. He calls him a watchmaker and Gabriel Gray. Sylar tells him that he “restores timepieces and that he sees how things work. How they tick.” H.R.G. responds by telling him that the infusion of so many alterations to his DNA has corrupted his mind. Sylar threatens Claire and tells H.R.G. that he will take her ability too. Outside the bunker Eden tells H.R.G. that she could persuade Sylar to kill himself and it would then all be over. H.R.G. tells her that her idea will have to wait.

Matt and Audrey attempt to interview Peter and when Matt tries to “read” him is confronted by feedback. Peter reads Audrey’s mind and tells Matt that he must protect Claire.

Mohinder returns to Brooklyn and attempts to warn the FBI that a serial killer is on the loose but is unsuccessful.

Isaac is sober and sketching in his book when Eden comes to see him. She tells Isaac that the cheerleader has been saved and that she is “going off the reservation.” She hands him a cell phone and a Primatech key card so that he can exit the building.

Hiro and Ando make their way to Union Wells High School but are too late. They believe that the cheerleader is dead but Hiro convinces Ando to continue. Hiro utters the new slogan, “Find the artist – stop the bomb!” Isaac then calls Hiro and tells them that they have to meet.

Audrey Hansen interviews Claire and H.R.G. as Matt tries to read their thoughts outside the room. What he doesn’t know is that the Haitian is also nearby blocking and/or deflecting his attempt to read minds.

Jessica and Niki argue over who has the power and who is stronger. Micah finds Jessica and tells her that D.L. is hurt.

Peter is visited by Claire and H.R.G. Mr. Bennet tells Peter that he owes him his life and that he promises to return the favor. Claire’s affect on Peter seems to be wearing off as he appears to become sick (probably from the five story fall.) Claire calls Peter her “hero.”

Jessica attempts to beat D.L. but he gets the drop on her and knocks her down. When Micah is hurt in the scuffle Nike comes back out.

Claire destroys the tapes that Zach had of her and her “accidents.”

At the Greyhound Bus Depot in Midland, Texas Isaac steps off a bus and finds Hiro and Ando waiting for him. Hiro shows him the comic that has not yet been printed. Hiro tells Isaac that he has seen him in the future and that he was lying on the floor dead. Isaac tells Hiro that the man who cuts off heads has been captured.

Claire comes home to find that her brother, Lyle can remember nothing about her ability.

Niki leaves D.L. and confronts a Utah State Trooper. She asks him to arrest her for murder.

Matt and Audrey are staked out at the Primatech paper Company. When H.R.G. and the Haitian come out of the building Matt tries to read them but can only manage a bloody nose and the word “Sylar.” They are otherwise closed off from him.

When Claire calls Zach to meet her she finds out that he too has been mind wiped.

H.R.G. brings food to Sylar who tells him that they are very much alike. They both like to collect special people. H.R.G. tells Sylar that they are going to “take him apart!”

Hiro, Ando and Isaac have taken a room at a hotel in Midland, Texas. Isaac has a blank canvas in front of him. Hiro tells him to concentrate. Isaac’s eyes turn white and he begins to paint!

H.R.G. receives a panicked call from Claire. She suspects that whoever is after her has wiped the minds of both Zach and Lyle. The Haitian enters her room and tells her that her father is the one wiping minds and that he was ordered to do the same to her. For some reason he feels that he should not follow that order and that Claire should pretend to have had her mind wiped.

Isaac finishes his painting and it seems out of place. The painting is of Hiro holding his sword in front of a dinosaur (T-Rex.) Hiro and Ando are confused as they think that Isaac can only paint the future.

Mohinder gets a call from Eden. She tells him that she needs to make things right and that she is going to kill the man who murdered his father.

When Eden confronts Sylar she tells him that she is going to place a gun in the food tray and that he will take it and kill himself with it. He breaks the glass and drags Eden to him with his mind and tells Eden that he is going to take her ability. When she points the gun at him he laughs and tells her that it will not work on him. Instead, she points it at herself and pulls the trigger. Sylar is amazed that she would kill herself to keep him from assimilating her power.

Nathan bails Peter out of jail but as they leave Peter passes out. In another dream he awakens in New York. He meets Mohinder who looks at Peter’s chest and runs away. Matt Parkman, D.L., Micah and Niki also run away from him after looking at his shirt.
Claire runs up to Peter but turns and runs away after looking at his shirt. Nathan, Simone and Isaac also show up as does Hiro and Ando. They all seem happy to see him until they look at his chest. Suddenly, Peter’s fingers begin to glow and then his entire body. Almost as if he was going to explode…

Peter wakes up on the ground outside the Sherriff’s office in Midland, Texas. He tells Nathan that the explosion is his fault. It seems that Peter is dying and Nathan does his best to try and revive him but…

To be continued…


* When Sylar yells at H.R.G. about his name being Sylar, the sound of a ticking clock can be heard.

* The plate on the abandoned building found by Micah and D.L. reads, “Station B238 Forest Dept.”

* Mohinder tells the FBI on the phone that James Walker of Los Angeles was killed 9 days ago and Charlene Andrews of Midland, Texas two days ago.

* The note from Eden to Mohinder reads, “Welcome home! I knew you’d be back! Now get to work! Love, Eden.”

* “The Twelve Commandments”, the A.A. list of twelve steps is hanging on the wall in the room in which Isaac is staying in at Primatech Paper Company.

* Hiro and Ando discuss saving the cheerleader and use the terms “if” and “then”. Hiro says that it is not an “if, then statement which is the most basic of all control flow statements in computer programming. Both Hiro and Ando were programmers at Yamagoto Industries.

* The interview room in which Claire and H.R.G. are interview by Audrey Hansen is Room C-167.

* The Midland, Texas Greyhound Bus Depot street number is 151.

* Hiro gives Isaac the Vulcan hand sign (fingers split in the center) when he greets them after getting off the bus. This is a Star Trek reference.

* Lyle is wearing a t-shirt with the words, “Union Wells” on it.

* There are three signs outside “The Halfway House” BBQ restaurant off highway 12 in Utah. They are: 1) KEEPSAKES, 2) GIFT SHOP (Last Stop for 30 Miles), and 3)SOUVENIRS (Treasures From Utah).

* The Haitian tells Claire that he has wiped the minds of her friend (Zach), her brother (Lyle) and her mother many times.

* Hiro touches on the “Butterfly Effect” when he says, “What if I step on a bug? I could change history!”

* The pass code to Sylar’s bunker at Primatech paper Company is 5-9-6.

* The Odessa Sherriff’s department is located at 15 King Street.

* Peter’s watch reads 7:35 when he wakes up in New York (in his dream).

* The taxi that Mohinder gets out of is # GLO728

* A sign reading, “Vote Nathan Petrelli” is seen in Peter’s “dream.”


Episode 11
1) Matt and Audrey arrive at the murder scene at Union Wells High School the day after the murders.
2) H.R.G. meets Sylar (Gabriel Gray) in the special bunker at Primatech Paper Company.
3) The Haitian wipes the memories of Zach and Lyle.
4) Peter is interviewed by Matt and Audrey in Odessa, Texas.
5) Hiro and Ando arrive at Union Wells High School one day too late.
6) Isaac calls Hiro on the phone.
7) Audrey interviews Claire and H.R.G. at the Odessa Sheriff’s Department.
8) Matt introduces himself to H.R.G. and Claire.
9) The Haitian is at the Odessa Sheriff’s department to block any mind reading that Matt might attempt.
10) Peter is visited by Claire and H.R.G.
11) Isaac meets Hiro and Ando in Midland, Texas.
12) During a stakeout at Primatech Paper Company Matt and Audrey see the Haitian and H.R.G. come out of the main building.
13) The Haitian visits Claire.
14) In his dream Peter meets with the following “Heroes”: Mohinder, Matt, D.L., Micah, Niki, Claire, Nathan, Simone, Isaac, Hiro and Ando.

Nathan Petrelli

Episode 11
1) Nathan visits Peter in jail.
2) Nathan bails Peter out of jail and is present when he dreams of exploding.

Peter Petrelli

Episode 11
1) Matt tries to read Peters thoughts but is confronted by feedback.
2) Peter reads Audrey’s thought.
3) Peter sees Sylar in a dream.
4) The effects of Claire’s powers are wearing off Peter who probably ahs internal injuries that could not have healed.
5) H.R.G. makes a promise to Peter that some day he may be in a position to save his life and will do so.
6) Peter dreams of the future.
7) Peter glows and then explodes?

Peter's Dreams

Episode 11
1) Peter dreams of Sylar in his cell at the Odessa jail. Sylar tells him that he "doesn't know a thing about power!"
2) Peter dreams that the Heroes have all gathered in New York as he begins to glow and seemingly explode. (An interesting side note: The Haitian and H.R.G. are not seen in New York.)
(Note: Peter dreams of Nathan's car accident in the preceeding episode.)

Claire Bennett

Episode 11
1) Claire knows that her father is aware of her ability.
2) Claire begins to realize that her father is wiping the memories of people she knows.
3) Claire calls Peter her “hero.”

Claire’s “accidents”

Episode 11
None in this episode.

Mr. Bennett (Horn Rimmed Glasses or HRG)

Episode 11
1) Has captured and imprisoned Sylar.
2) Reports to a higher authority.
3) Does not command complete loyalty from the Haitian (or Eden for that matter.)
4) Promise Peter a future saving of life.
5) Instructs the Haitian to mind wipe Zach, Lyle and Claire.

Isaac Mendez:

Episode 11
1) Isaac is clean and sober.
2) We see that Isaac can indeed paint the future without being high on drugs.
3) Isaac is given the means to escape Primatech by Eden when she gives him the pass key card and the cell phone.

Isaac's Paintings
1) Painting of the "Exploding Man"
2) painting of Hira and Ando late to the Homecoming.
3) Charlie and Hiro at the Burnt Toast Cafe (sketch).
4) Hiro and Charlie at lunch counter at Burnt Toast Cafe (sketch).
5) Hiro and Ando at Burnt Toast Cafe (sketch).
6) Ando alone waiting for Hiro at Burnt Toast Cafe (sketch).
7) Hiro and explosion (see image).
8) Hiro with sword facing a dinosaur (see image).

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro’s “events”

Episode 11
Hiro does not teleport or stop time in this episode (but Peter may – dream sequence.)

Mohinder Suresh

Episode 11
1) Returns to Brooklyn to resume his father’s research.
2) Tries to warn the FBI of Sylar and his serial murder spree.

Chandra Suresh

Episode 11
Not in this episode.

Niki Sanders / Jessica

Episode 11
1) Shoots D.L. in the arm and in the head.
2) Argues with Niki over power.
3) Turns herself in to the Utah State Patrol.

Micah Sanders

Episode 11
1) Is hurt by Jessica.

D.L. Hawkins

Episode 11
1) Phase shifts to keep a bullet from his brain.
2) Phase shifts through a door to unlock it.

Eden McCain

Episode 11
1) Gives Isaac the means to escape Primatech Paper Company.
2) Kills herself rather then seeing Sylar gain/assimilate her ability.

Matt Parkman

Episode 11
1) Tries to read Peter’s thoughts but encounters feedback.
2) Tries to read Claire and H.R.G. at the Odessa Sheriff’s Department but is blocked by the Haitian.
3) Reads Audrey’s mind in the car while on stakeout.
4) Tries to read H.R.G. and the Haitian in the parking lot of Primatech and gets only “Sylar.”
5) Uses real police techniques to show Audrey that more than one person was present when Sylar “disappeared.”

Paul E. Sylar / Gabriel Gray

Episode 11
1) Breaks the glass enclosure to his cage with his mind.
2) Pulls Eden towards him with his mind.
3) Tries to perform skullification on Eden but is interrupted when she kills herself.
4) Has altered his DNA in some way to assimilate others abilities.
5) Sees himself as a collector of special abilities.
6) Restores timepieces (is not a watchmaker.)


Episode 11
Not in this episode.

The Haitian

Episode 11
1) Blocks Matt from reading Claire and H.R.G. during their interview with Audrey.
2) Erases Lyle's memory of Claire's ability.
3) Erases Zach's memory of Claire's ability.
4) Tells Claire that he has erases her mother's memories many time.
5) Does NOT erase Claire's memory. Why?

The Symbol

The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

Episode 11
1) The Haitian is wearing his symbol necklace at the Odessa Sherriff’s office. The symbol is on the necklace. (The necklace is seen twice in this episode)
2) Jessica’s tattoo reveals the symbol when she is arguing with Niki in the woods.

The Mark (The Partial Symbol?)

Episode 11
Not seen in this episode.


Episode 11
1) Audrey Hansen asks Matt if Sylar took Jackie’s Brains.
2) Hiro tells Isaac that in the future his head was cut off and his brains missing.
3) Ando calls Sylar “Brainman!”
4) Eden shoots herself in the brain on purpose to keep Sylar from assimilating her ability.

Note: The next episode "Godsend" will air Monday, January 22nd, 2007. I will be posting once each week during the interim.

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