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VILLAINS – CHAPTER FIVE “Angels and Monsters”

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Air Date
Monday, October 13th, 2008 7/8c

Recap of events:

Opening Montage
As heroes opens Nathan speaks over multiple scenes about the nature of special abilities and how they are gifts from God. We see the scenes change from Nathan and Tracy in bed together after Nathan’s high-flying rescue, Mohinder sits in Central Park eyeing a young drug dealer, Claire is seen sitting in her car outside a pawn shop and has just purchased a very illegal taser, and Hiro and Ando are found muscling Adam’s casket from out of his grave.

Nathan and Linderman – Washington, D. C.
Nathan offers Linderman a drink, which he refuses (because he ain’t real), and asks him for straight answers to his questions. He asks how Linderman knew that Tracy was in trouble and Linderman reverts to Biblical-ese. Nathan tells Linderman that he is NOT a messenger from God, Tracy walks in on the discussion and asks Nathan who he’s talking to!

Mohinder and the drug dealer – Central Park, New York
Mohinder pretends to need a fix and when the drug dealer asks if he needs the usual bill of fare Mohinder tells him that he needs something stronger and accosts the man.

Peter and Sylar - Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Peter materializes inside Sylar’s cell on Level 5 and attacks him without preamble. In the scuffle Peter breaks Sylar’s neck! Angela comes screaming and demands to know what Peter is doing. As Peter buzzes his mothers head open Sylar resurrects, fixes his neck and throws Peter into the glass wall of the cell, thereby protecting his mother from death by finger-saw. Noah Bennett meets Sylar in the hall and tells him that they have a lead on a new target.

Mrs. Bennett and Meredith (Claire’s biological mother) – Costa Verde, California
Mrs. Bennett realizes that Claire lied to her about the cheerleading camp and is furious. As she goes through a box of Noah’s secret papers she uncovers the identity of two new villains; Stephen Canfield and Eric Doyle. Stephen can create vortexes and force people and things into them never to be seen. We are not told Eric Doyle’s power at this time but Meredith recognizes him and is afraid that Claire might run into him. She leaves quickly to look for Claire.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Canfield is on the phone and explains that he wants his family back. There is resistance and he opens a vortex and forces papers through it. As it snaps shut Claire enters the house and tazers Canfield into unconsciousness.

Adam, Hiro and Ando – Adam’s gravesite
When Hiro opens Adam’s casket he is attacked. Ando cleverly slams the coffin shut saving Hiro. A truce is struck and Adam is released. When Hiro discusses the formula Adam acknowledges that he is aware of it and that Angela Petrelli is the villain behind it.

Linderman and Daphne – In undisclosed office building
Linderman tells Daphne that a New World Order is on the rise and that she must begin to recruit more aggressively. He shows her a picture of Mohinder and instructs her to recruit him because it is time “to give them purpose!” Daphne is only in it for the money and tells him so.

Sylar and Noah Bennett – On the road – Somewhere in California
Noah tells Sylar that their partnership was Angela’s idea and not his. Sylar tells him that rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Claire has taken Canfield prisoner and tells him that she is taking him to Level 5 to be detained. She believes him to be a villain and a killer. Canfield confesses to killing a man but by accident in the heat of an argument and that his only wish is to see his family again, even if for the last time. Claire calls him a monster as he conjures a vortex and sweeps the tazer into the well of darkness.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac Mendez’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Mohinder drags the obviously dead drug dealer into his lab. As he removes his shirt we find that his skin condition (or lack thereof) has gotten worse. Maya enters and asks Mohinder why he didn’t come home the night before. She presents him with a missing person flyer for his neighbor and Mohinder feigns ignorance. He then claims to be working hard to find the cure but Maya sees the blood trail on the floor, is obviously frightened, and excuses herself quickly. In the back room of the lab we see that Mohinder has cocooned his neighbor to the wall.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Canfield continues to support his stance that he is not a monster but someone who made a mistake. This time, Claire, who is now his prisoner, listens more closely. When he tells Claire that he never meant to hurt anyone a glimmer of understanding becomes apparent. When Canfield discovers that Claire is not from the company he tells her that she can go! Claire is surprised at being released and begins to realize that she may be mistaken about Stephen Canfield.

Nathan and Tracy – Washington, D. C.
Nathan quizzes Tracy on why she felt she needed to kill herself. When she confesses that she killed the reporter to keep him from writing the story about her being Niki Sanders we realize that she could not handle the guilt of taking another life. When Nathan tells her that God gave them the power she tells him flat out that it was really a Doctor in Reseda, California.

Stephen Canfield, Claire, Sylar and Noah Bennett – Somewhere in California
Claire helps Canfield track down the phone number for his family and during the call asks them to meet him. They agree but Noah Bennett and Sylar arrive with guns drawn (for HRG, literally and for Sylar, figuratively). Canfield grabs Claire and opens a min black hole in his living room. As the vortex sucks Claire and Noah into its maw Sylar grabs Claire and saves her from disappearing into the hole. During the disturbance Canfield escapes and Noah quizzes Claire about Canfield’s location. She declares that he is not a killer and Noah tells her that if that is true they will make other arrangements rather than imprisoning him. (Does anyone out there really believe that Noah’s statement is sincere? I sure didn’t!)

Adam, Hiro and Ando – A corner tavern
The threesome enters a tavern and Adam tells Hiro and Ando that this is the place to be for “specials for hire.” Hiro immediately equates it with the Cantina from the Star Wars movie. When the three put on their tough guy swaggers the bartender, who recognizes Adam, attacks and knocks Hiro unconscious. During the fight Adam escapes the bar and Hiro’s immediate influence.

Angela, Nathan, Tracy and Peter – Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Tracy and Nathan arrive at Level 5 and Angela tells them that she has put Peter into a medically induced coma because he has Sylar’s hunger and is suffering the consequences. She then tells Tracy that her and her sisters (Niki and Barbara, who we’ve yet to meet) were given their abilities synthetically. Then, she tells Nathan that when he did not observe any abilities naturally that he too was synthetically enhanced with his ability to fly.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Maya enters the empty lab and finds the cocooned neighbor and the drug dealer stuck to the wall. When Mohinder enters she hides beneath the gurney but he realizes that she is there and begins searching for her. Maya’s powers kick in and Mohinder and the neighbor become shows signs of the effect (their eyes burn brightly black.) Mohinder implores her to fight it and she does. The effect rescinds. She calls him a monster and he advances…

Hiro, Ando, Adam and Benjamin Knox – Exterior of the tavern
In the alley Hiro and Ando search for Adam who escapes detection but is cold cocked by Knox and thrown in his van. Knox dials a number on his phone and tells his boss (presumably Linderman) that Adam is in his custody. He also asks what to do about Hiro and Ando.

Angela, Nathan and Tracy – Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Angela continues to discuss synthetic abilities with Nathan and Tracy and tells him that he was not born with the genetic code. She confesses that they wronged those who were given abilities synthetically and that is the reason why the formula was hidden. Nathan demands to know who else was used as guinea pigs and believes that finding Mohinder Suresh might give them the answers they seek.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Mohinder has gone over the edge and cocooned Maya. Now he has three victims wallpapered to his laboratory wall.

Stephen Canfield, Claire, Noah and Sylar (on the sideline) – Somewhere in California (at the carousel)
Claire finds Canfield seated at the carousel and tells him that Noah is willing to listen to his story. He tells Claire that his family never showed up and that they are afraid of him. Noah shows up and pointing a gun at Canfield’s head tells him that if he vortexes Sylar he can walk away. Canfield continues to admit that he is not a killer but Noah tells him that he is not asking. Sylar stands innocently at the car and is unaware what Noah is attempting. Canfield realizes that he cannot create a black hole to kill Sylar and opens a small vortex in his hand, drags himself through it, and disappears!

Hiro, Ando, Daphne and Benjamin Knox – Back inside the tavern
Hiro and Ando are drowning their sorrows when Daphne shows up with Benjamin Knox in tow. Daphne tells them that they are recruiting and Hiro immediately tells her that they are badass and want to join! Knox retrieves a sword from the wall and tells Hiro that he must commit a criminal act to join them and that he must kill Ando! “Kill Ando?” Daphne and Hiro echo each other in surprise. Hiro then tells Ando that he must make a sacrifice to save the world and shoves the blade through Ando’s abdomen. Ando falls lifeless to the floor.

Eric Doyle and Meredith – Also, somewhere in California
Eric has taken complete physical control over Meredith’s body. She mimics his movements during dinner and demands that she kiss him. Her mind, however, is resistant but she cannot deny his power and does as he asks. As the camera pans through Eric’s apartment it stops on a group of marionettes and we are given his true power. Eric Doyle is a puppeteer!

Angela Petrelli – Primatech facility – Level 5 (Bob’s old office)
Angela drifts off into a dream state and is awoken by a scream. It is obvious that she is in one of her trances but she heads out into the hall and finds Tracy on the floor with her throat cut. Nathan has a huge gash on his forehead, similar to Sylar’s buzzing maneuver and appears dead. Peter stands before her with his hands covered in blood. “Tell me you didn’t do this!” she implores and Peter falls to the floor with a foot-long length of pipe imbedded in the back of his head.

Angela is surprised by the presence of a stranger wearing the same ring as the original conspirators whose features are blurred in the dream. He tells her that she is meddling and that her foresight into the future is dangerous. He also tells her that she won’t be able to move. We then see Angela seated at her desk totally immobile.

Daphne and Linderman – Pinehearst Company – Fort Lee, New Jersey
Daphne tells Linderman that she is not a killer and is only in it for the money. Linderman tells her that she needs to recruit another and that he is very important. He shows her a photo of Matt Parkman! Daphne is confused and tells Linderman that her ability allows her to sneak up on anyone but not him! She waves a folder at him, which travels through him and she realizes that he is not real. Linderman claims that this fact is not important at that she must bring him Parkman!

Matt Parkman’s father steps out of the shadows when Daphne leaves and enters the Pinehearst Company building. He comes to a hospital room and has a discussion with a mysterious man in a bed hooked up to a ventilator. In one-half of a conversation he tells the stranger that Daphne is spreading the word and gaining recruits and that Knox will have Adam Monroe brought to him tomorrow. In the end Matt’s dad calls the stranger… Mr. Petrelli! (And now we know that Arthur Petrelli is truly pulling the strings!!!)

The Alternative takes notes:

New Villains:
1. Stephen Canfield – Creates vortexes (small black holes) which anything that enters is never seen again. To me this was a very cool ability and was eliminated much too early in the season. I’d have liked to see more of Canfield and his guilt-ridden dilemma throughout the season. Unfortunately, the writers have written in many disposable characters and abilities this season.
2. Eric Doyle – The Puppeteer – We are not originally told what Eric’s ability is but throughout the show we begin to understand that he can take complete physical control over someone and dictate their moves. We also find out that while the mind is resistant to his power the body id not. Meredith is finding this out (or reliving it) for us.
3. Mohinder – Spider Man? – Mohinder is becoming something unexplainable before our eyes. He is susceptible to light, creates a sticky substance on his hands, is losing his flesh in great slabs, and has begun to cocoon his victims. Why is he doing this? And what is he saving them for?

Humorous lines:
Adam calls Hiro a “little Japanese Nazi” which I found extremely funny.
Hiro and Ando tell Adam that when they take him back to Level 5 “we’ll give you a nice cell with a window… and a vent!” Also, very funny, especially considering last week’s episode when Hiro and Ando tried to escape through the vent system.
Sylar says: “Rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight!” As if!!

Symbol Sighting:
1. The Pinehearst Company’s logo encompasses the DNA strand and the symbol which is shown in the episode when Linderman and Daphne are talking.
2. The symbol is seen on the wall in Mohinder’s lab adjacent to the neighbor and his cocoon. It is not clear if this is a new sighting or a painting left over from Isaac Mendez.

For those engaged in the Heroes ARG (Alternative reality Game) some clues were revealed this evening. Note: I’m not playing so this may be old or recycled information. Stephen Canfield asks Claire if she is working for the Pinehearst Company and shows her the business card. On it we see the following:
Pinehearst Company
26877 Century Drive
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Ph # 877.309.7463

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VILLAINS – CHAPTER FIVE “Angels and Monsters”


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