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The Haves and the Have Nots: Back in Business (4x20)

 Warning: This contains spoilers for the newest episode of of The Haves and the Have Nots. If you haven't seen it, go watch it and eat that last piece of chicken. If you have...why are you still reading this? Review after the jump!

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Alright, y'all know how this goes by now. Picking up from where the last Episode left off Benny and David are at an all out WWE smackdown brawl outside of the tow yard. Benny wants the phones turned back on and David wants Benny to leave Jeffery alone. Personally, I'm on David's side because Benny's basically just a horny teenager with rage issues trapped in a grown man's body. He proved it when he tried to blackmail Jeffery an episode or two back and tonight when he yelled out that David was just mad because Veronica had fun riding his dick and when he got caught up on trying to get Mitch to acknowledge that he "beat David's ass". It seems silly to criticize a character on The Haves and the Have Nots for slick comments like that. This is a show that plays tug of war with character development and often drags when it comes to pacing, filling up a large portion of each episode with glances or meaningless dialogue meant to keep the episode [kind of] moving forward. Point is, Benny's trash and I couldn't care less about his phones being turned back on (which he does now, thanks to Mitch -- well, the Malone name). 

Although I just pointed out a lot of the shows flaws, I want to point out something season 4B has been doing a strangely spectacularly. They've done a great job of mixing Mitch and Ericka into all of the drama in compelling, interesting ways that make sense. Took them long enough but we're finally up at that point. When we found out Mitch's last name is Malone and he's the grandson of Rose (AKA the gangster who was ready to shove a hanger up Candace to give her an abortion for the baby she lied and said she conceived with Jim). The point is, that news sends David running and he quickly tells Brandon, formerly known as Oscar, to immediately fix the phones. I could honestly take or leave Ericka but they're doing the best possible with her and throwing her smack dab into the action. Candace recently discovered that David was behind Oscar and all of the money being snatched back out from underneath her so in order to give him some payback Ericka is going to seduce him. She delivers on step one, reeling him in, by pulling some queen be her fake boo and pretends she just found out that she was the other woman. David's idiot ass takes the bait and step one of the plan is over.

Does Candace still have all the answers? Earlier in the show Candace was an expert liar and schemer, while she's still pretty good, it's not as interesting anymore because basically everyone on the show now knows not to fuck with her because she's crazy and all she does is lie and fake on people. Personally, I'm not here for the direction of Candace's character. Last season was a bit different because Oscar was putting her on the right path but learning that Oscar was a liar basically flipped everything upside down and now she's never going to trust anyone ever again (except maybe Jeffery, and his ass looks ready to turn on her like the Sunday paper). Point is, she's gone from the baddest bitch you're rooting for to the bummest bitch you just want off your screen. The way she treats her mother is absolutely disgusting. Jeffrey brings up a good point but poorly executes trying to get her to see it his way. Her mother is an angel compared to Veronica. Candace claims Hanna has down terrible things to her too but it's all just been in response to what a dreadful slug of a human being Candace is. She's been showing her ass all season. Putting her son up for adoption instead of letting him be in the loving care of her mother simply because of her pride is one of the sickest things she's done so far, and she's down a fuck ton of messed up shit. Also, she wants Jeffery to lose it again and stab Veronica. Who could blame her though?

Hanna, Hanna, Hanna. Hanna has really won me over this season. The main reason I wasn't really trying to fuck with her before was because of the fact that she was so purely an opposite/foil to Candace's character. I loved Candace before this season so every time the two got into it I just wanted Hanna to fall out of the window of the hospital but the tables have turned. Hanna has been nothing but an absolute joy to watch this past summer. From the way she read Veronica to her kind words to him last week she's been on the real upswing for me lately. Mix that in with another scene of her and Katheryn? I think my heart just melted. I've said this before but Katheryn and Hanna are the heart of the show, in my opinion, so it's it's amazing and great to see the two of them back on such good terms. Katheryn puts Hanna in her will to receive 5 million dollars after she kicks the bucket and I'm here for it. Hanna deserves it and Katheryn basically forces her to take the money. Unfortunately things don't end as well as they start and Hanna tells Katheryn she's about to commit a crime and asks her to get her out of jail. What's the crime? Snatching Quincy Jr up from the hospital with a teddy bear the size of her like a thief in the black ass night.

Oh, yeah, and Jim has Candace all the way fucked up but we'll talk about that more next week.

"Back in Business" is a pretty accurate episode title considering I haven't been writing about the show these past few weeks. Who knows, I might catch up and review them, I might not. Writing for the show has been a bit difficult because I'm not all the way as enamored in it as I was a year a go, I think t's dipped a lot in quality over the past season and it's not as fun to watch for me anymore. I'm not saying it was Breaking Bad but it was a guilty pleasure filled with OMG moments week after week and now they toss in a twist every now and them and I don't really feel anything because the pacing is so dreadfully slow. Eh, but I should be back next week!

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The Haves and the Have Nots: Back in Business (4x20)


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