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DVD Reviews

DVDs in the past are still very valuable and worth to preserve and collect the treasure.
The hilight valuable DVDs:
Inglourious Basterds (2-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Brad Pitt
Of Gods and Men (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Lambert Wilson
Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray]
Bryan Cranston
The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary Platinum Edition)
Phil Harris

The Office (Season 2) DVD Review

One of the best new comedies on television, The Office chronicles the inner-workings of the fictional Pennsylvania paper company Dunder-Mifflin. The name itself sort of alludes to a bureaucratic labyrinth administered by dunderheads, and in reality, it is. Unfortunately, what makes The Office so outrageously funny is the frightening ability of its millions of viewers to relate to the onscreen happenings. Dunder-Mifflin is mis-managed by the politically-incorrect, borderline lunatic Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Deploying his twisted logic as the basis of company policy, substituting worn out clichés for real leadership, and offering an endless array of ever ridiculous group activities to "increase morale," he fosters a white collar environment that makes the comic strip world of Dilbert seem desirable in contrast.

Carell, one of Hollywood's hottest stars, shines in the role of the crazed and eccentric office manager, and his talents are well complimented by Rainn Wilson in the role of Michael's butt-kissing, rule-Nazi sycophant, Dwight Schrute. Dwight's over-the-top antics regularly conflict with the rest of the office, particularly co-worker and desk neighbor Jim Halpert (John Krasinski). An unspoken office crush between Jim and Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) makes for an interesting and recurring subplot. The two epitomize the rest of the Dunder-Mifflin employees who convey themselves as logical, well-reasoned, and normal individuals; normal people trapped in a bizarro world where bumbling idiots like Michael and Dwight preside over their work week. Similar in theme to the hilarious feature film Office Space, the show provides viewers with a much more excitable Bill Lumbergh lording over an army of Peter Gibbons-like worker bees. For creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who first experienced success with the concept in the United Kingdom, it's a surefire recipe for pure, unadulterated laughter.

The Office (Season 2) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "The Dundies" in which the annual staff awards, "The Dundies," are handed out by Michael. Michael struggles with the event due to some corporate complaints about his past handling of the event, while still managing to offend each and every one of his fellow employees. Following a fight with Roy, Pam gets hammered and the spends the evening joking around with Jim. The two end up kissing before Pam catches a ride home with another coworker... Other episodes include "Christmas Party" in which Michael screws up the office Christmas party with another one of his erratic decisions, and "Conflict Resolution" in which Michael's efforts to improve relations within the office result in a worse situation.

Below is a list of episodes included on The Office (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 7 (The Dundies) Air Date: 09-20-2005
Episode 8 (Sexual Harassment) Air Date: 09-27-2005
Episode 9 (Office Olympics) Air Date: 10-04-2005
Episode 10 (The Fire) Air Date: 10-11-2005
Episode 11 (Halloween) Air Date: 10-18-2005
Episode 12 (The Fight) Air Date: 11-01-2005
Episode 13 (The Client) Air Date: 11-08-2005
Episode 14 (Performance Review) Air Date: 11-15-2005
Episode 15 (Email Surveillance) Air Date: 11-22-2005
Episode 16 (Christmas Party) Air Date: 12-06-2005
Episode 17 (Booze Cruise) Air Date: 01-05-2006
Episode 18 (The Injury) Air Date: 01-12-2006
Episode 19 (The Secret) Air Date: 01-19-2006
Episode 20 (The Carpet) Air Date: 01-26-2006
Episode 21 (Boys and Girls) Air Date: 02-02-2006
Episode 22 (Valentine's Day) Air Date: 02-09-2006
Episode 23 (Dwight's Speech) Air Date: 03-02-2006
Episode 24 (Take Your Daughter to Work Day) Air Date: 03-16-2006
Episode 25 (Michael's Birthday) Air Date: 03-30-2006
Episode 26 (Drug Testing) Air Date: 04-27-2006
Episode 27 (Conflict Resolution) Air Date: 05-04-2006
Episode 28 (Casino Night) Air Date: 05-11-2006

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The West Wing (Season 3) DVD Review

Since it first aired in late 1999, The West Wing has been one of the most popular drama series on TV. Hollywood veteran Martin Sheen plays the lead role of President Jed Bartlet in this show which chronicles daily events in the life of a president. The daily operations of Bartlet's White House are run by varying individuals such as Claudia "C.J." Cregg (Allison Janney), Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), Leo McGarry (John Spencer), Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff), and Charlie Young (Dule Hill). The West Wing focuses on these loyal attendants as they work around-the-clock to keep the White House running smoothly. In so doing, the stresses of the job and various personal hardships make for a voyeuristic glimpse into what many believe to be an accurate snap-shot of White House working life...

The West Wing (Season 3) DVD offers a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Manchester: Part 1" in which C.J. mistakenly reveals during her press conference that President Bartlet suffers from a medical condition, prompting an onslaught of media attention regarding the president's health. In gearing up to spin the revelation, the staffers discuss whether or not Bartlet should apologize to the nation for failing to reveal the problem. Meanwhile, Abbey is not pleased when she learns that Jed has decided to run for re-election... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "The Indians in the Lobby" in which a pair of Indians announce their plans to stand in the lobby of the Department of Interior until they receive an answer on their 15-year-old application to buy back lost Indian lands, and "Hartsfield's Landing" in which the staffers begin to execute their presidential primary strategy (beginning in New Hampshire) in their plan to win Bartlet's re-election...

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Below is a list of episodes included on The West Wing (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 45 (Manchester: Part 1) Air Date: 10-17-2001
Episode 46 (Manchester: Part 2) Air Date: 10-24-2001
Episode 47 (Ways and Means) Air Date: 10-31-2001
Episode 48 (On the Day Before) Air Date: 11-07-2001
Episode 49 (War Crimes) Air Date: 11-14-2001
Episode 50 (Gone Quiet) Air Date: 11-21-2001
Episode 51 (The Indians in the Lobby) Air Date: 11-28-2001
Episode 52 (The Women of Qumar) Air Date: 12-12-2001
Episode 53 (Bartlet for America) Air Date: 01-09-2002
Episode 54 (H. Con-172) Air Date: 01-16-2002
Episode 55 (100,000 Airplanes) Air Date: 01-30-2002
Episode 56 (The Two Bartlets) Air Date: 02-06-2002
Episode 57 (Night Five) Air Date: 02-27-2002
Episode 58 (Hartsfield's Landing) Air Date: 03-06-2002
Episode 59 (Dead Irish Writers) Air Date: 03-27-2002
Episode 60 (The U.S. Poet Laureate) Air Date: 04-03-2002
Episode 61 (Stirred) Air Date: 05-01-2002
Episode 62 (Enemies Foreign and Domestic) Air Date: 05-08-2002
Episode 63 (The Black Vera Wang) Air Date: 05-15-2002
Episode 64 (We Killed Yamamoto) Air Date: 05-15-2002
Episode 65 (Posse Comitatus) Air Date: 05-22-20

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Zumba DVDs Reviews

I have recently seen that Zumba DVDs are becoming very good source (option) for who wants to lose their weight with natural way and of course without any side effects, so read my article which gives you a real Zumba DVDs reviews for your starting weight loss program with Zumba DVDs.

Zumba DVDs are actually made for give everyone a fast and safe way, who wants to lose his or her weight very quickly with a natural process. It works for all which are suffering from unwanted calorie (fat) and get rid of them, it doesn't matter what is his or her age.

Like you and I, there are many populations of the world (approximately 55%) are suffering from unwanted fat and they want a solid and permanent solution to get rid of them. So they like to take a review of Zumba DVDs.

The reviews of Zumba DVDs are based on the real experience of the people who follow the steps of Zumba DVDs and after that they find a perfect figure and get rid of fat.

There are many Zumba DVDs reviews are available for you, on this OFFICAL website of the Zumba DVDs dancing steps at which are given by the user of this amazing weight loss program (Zumba DVDs). If you want to prepare or motivate yourself with Zumba dancing steps, you must read these articles for starting your campaign with Zumba.

Zumba is very famous in USA, Brazil, China, West Indies, England, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries as well. Zumba DVDs are actually made for everyone who is searching for a natural way to lose his or her weight without going gym or other health club.

Zumba DVDs can become great source to lose your weight with very easily and without any side effects in our body, if you follow right these steps. More and more people in the world everyday are joining Zumba dancing steps to lose their weight.

On this Zumba's site there are real reviews are available of real user, who became beneficial after using this amazing and unique weight loss program, which can motivate yourself with a program who burn your calories in faster than other expensive weight loss program.

So read more articles about Zumba DVDs reviews and prepare yourself and motivate yourself. So what are you waiting for just go to this website and take review of people what are they saying about Zumba DVDs.

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Pilates DVD Review: The Jump Board Workout

By Nicole Rogers

Any Pilates instructor knows that the one exercise requested over and over again by clients is jumping on the jump board. In fact, I don’t think anyone has ever said the word “jumping” to me in a Pilates studio without smiling. Jumping is fun and weightless and graceful—what’s not love? To help you with new ideas for this classical prop, Pilates Sports Center has produced The Jump Board Workout, a 50-minute DVD for intermediate and advanced levels.

The DVD is essentially comprised of one shot with a woman performing the intermediate exercises in the foreground and a man performing the advanced versions in the background holding hand weights. The instruction is clear and concise, starting with a series of jumps, then Hundreds, another long series of jumps, side-lying jumps (I had never done these before and they are difficult), a hamstring series, and a cool down series that starts with leg and hip stretches using the Magic Circle and ends with Eve’s Lunge. The cues are helpful, but certainly geared toward instructors or advanced students. Cues like “maintain neutral” and “keep working from the core” obviously assume some previous Pilates experience.

I watched the DVD at home and practiced most of the moves later on a Reformer (though I did fewer reps). Without question, this is a tough workout for the entire body, and definitely a solid cardio workout. The DVD offers the option of placing the hands under the buttocks to protect the back, which I recommend. Jumping takes an incredible amount of core strength, especially when done for a long period of time. My lungs and legs were burning at the end of 20 minutes on my own, and I didn’t even try using the hand weights! The workout also gave me some great ideas for teaching.

This DVD offers some nice variations and additions to the standard jump board routine, and if you can do enough of it to fit some cardio into your workout, all the better. The Jump Board Workout, $29.95, is available from Balanced Body

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A Ballet Workout Dvd Review - Is Fitness Dancing Effective?

There are quite a few Ballet workout DVDs hitting the market right now, along with a wide variety of DVDs focused on a variety of other dance forms. When there are hundreds of other workouts on the market as well, why would anyone go with Ballet?

Benefits of Fitness Dance DVDs

Workouts based on any form of dance have a great advantage over any other type of workout simply because they are fun. While you are getting a good workout that builds muscle and increases your cardiovascular fitness, you are smiling and enjoying yourself. It doesn't feel like a grueling workout, but you still have the sore muscles in the morning to prove that it was in fact effective.

Another benefit of workouts based on dance is that they tend to work muscles that you do not work through many other types of exercise. For instance, when you run on the treadmill you are burning a lot of calories, but you are only really using the major muscles throughout your legs and some of your core.

On the other hand, when you get into a dance routine you are moving in all different directions, reaching up tall and dipping down low, and basically working a variety of muscles. You work small muscles along with large ones, and you work the upper and lower body in unison. This is why it is common to feel sore in odd places when you first start dancing.

There is a big difference between doing a long set of push ups and doing a dance routine which works those same arm muscles without you ever realizing. For this reason, you are more likely to stick with a dance based workout in the long term.

The Ballet Advantage

Now that it is clear that dancing is an excellent way to develop a lean body and lose weight, what gives a Ballet workout DVD the advantage over a DVD featuring hip hop?

Ballet is actually one of the gentlest forms of dance when it comes to the impact and wear and tear on your body. Since the movements featured in a Ballet workout DVD tend to be more graceful and slow with feet planted firmly on the floor, you will drastically reduce your risk of injury. Hip hop DVDs are quite popular, but they are also very fast paced and intense, and are not very relaxing.

Yet, the slower flow of a Ballet workout DVD does not mean it is less effective. In fact, you will feel the burn in every part of your body while doing this form of dance. Just like Yoga and Pilates, most movements pull from your core muscles and there is an emphasis on connecting your mind to the movements of your body.

The result of the controlled, focused movement is a very tight, toned body with a much lower body fat percentage in most cases. If you look at professional ballerinas who do these workouts on a routine basis, you will find them representing the ideal body type that women all over the world strive to achieve. It isn't because they starve themselves, but because they are toned and well formed as a direct result of Ballet.

There is no question that you could burn a lot of calories with a fast paced hip hop workout filled with complicated footwork and routines. Yet, it is also a proven fact that you could burn just as many calories and get more body toning benefits from doing a Ballet workout DVD that features easier to catch footwork with a slower, more graceful pace.

Note on Form

Everything that was just stated about a Ballet workout DVD hinges on the assumption that you are following a technically correct instructor with proper form. Just because you recognize a celebrity on the DVD cover doesn't mean you are getting the best workout. When it comes to Ballet, you are better off finding a DVD instructed by someone skilled in this particular dance form.

Who Should Do Ballet?

Okay, so who should really be doing a Ballet workout DVD? This is an art form that many people relate to small children in tutus, but that is not the reality in the adult dance world today. If you were to go to a fitness studio offering a fitness Ballet class, you would be quite surprised to see a mixed group of people, often representing every age, race, and gender group.

This is because Ballet is effective for everyone! Anyone who wants a lower impact workout that delivers a tight, toned body and maximum fat burn will find a Ballet workout DVD well worth the investment.

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Which is the best buy as with domestic Disc abs work outs? Cardio, kickboxing, living, Bikram yoga - there are various training DVDs in the marketplace that unearthing get gets a very little scheming.

Facts about needs to be considered when assessing the best home DVD abs workout to buy. You could find the lowest pricedthe cheapestthe most beneficialthe idealone of the bestthe lowest pricedthe most effectivethe bestthe idealthe idealthe cheapestthe most beneficialthe most cost effectivethe lowest pricedthe most cost effectivethe least expensive Video and be really glad you saved money. Yet, if the workout doesn't work it isn't cost effective and isn't the best buy. That cheap DVD might not have an instructor that knows how to teach you the correct technique tosystem tosystem ofapproach tostrategy topath totechnique toprocedure tomethod fortechnique tostrategy toapproach totechnique tostrategy toapproach to the workout that increasesrisesacceleratesrisesmaximizesapproachesimprovesprovides greaterboostsmaximizesimprovesboostsimprovesacceleratesspeeds upmaximizesincreasesincreases your results. The style might not interest you, which makes you lose interest. You also might not get the reason you need to continue with the program. It just depends on you and the program.

The same is true for the more expensive programs. These might be advertised as working in 60 to 90 days and all it takes is doing their program. Nevertheless, it is not the best buy if it doesn't work for you. Perhaps it is too intense and you don't have the stamina yet to perform the program. It won't help if you aren't able to use it.

Do your research to learn about the variety of home DVD abs workouts. You'll want to compare program conditions as well as price. There might be store discounts or website discounts that help you save on the program you want. Just be sure you trust ?the store?, but especially a website. You'd hate to save money, but get your home DVD abs workout only to find it is an illegal copy or not really the program you purchased. Consider if you need more systems as well because it might not be the best buy if you are buying a lot of further things.

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The Pacific DVD Set - A Review of a Dramatic and Amazingly Brilliant World War 2 Miniseries

By Clive Anderson

Words such as classic and epic have already been used in reviews to describe the Pacific DVD set and whilst they are easy to say they are not often used without just deserve. So, they are a very high accolade indeed for this awesome World War 2 miniseries which has only recently become available for you to actually buy.The pacific DVD set came to be as a result of what can only be described as a monumental collaboration between two of Hollywood's giants in the form of actor, turned director Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg and boy have they pulled out the stops on this one.
There have of course, been other series made using World War 2 as a back drop but, I cannot say that I have ever seen the war in the Pacific captured and depicted in such a way and because of this I think that it puts it in a class of its own on the viewing front.
Looking at reviews there are so many people who have been thoroughly bewitched and totally absorbed by the three main real life, characters on whom the series is based and everybody seems to be total agreement that a masterpiece cleverly unfolds before your eyes.
What really is so stunning is the fact that everything you see really took place as told through the eyes of those three exceptional men and recorded in their personal memoirs so that nobody should ever forget.
It is both humbling and enlightening in equal measures to be given such a graphic insight into what these marines had no choice but to endure whether it was from the hard, difficult and unrelenting jungle conditions and the psychological effects of an unforgiving enemy or from the heart rendering and bewildering very personal suffering on them due to long distance relationships and the effects that living like this day-to-day had.
Of course, the war would never have been brought back to life in this way without Spielberg and Hanks weaving some of their absolutely awe-inspiring magic and another massive appeal has to be the realism that they have created right down from the smallest details to the biggest battle scenes, just breath-taking.
The Pacific miniseries seems to have the ability to take you to the middle of the action where ever it is and make you feel like that you are experiencing the whole thing as if you were actually there such is the power of the drama, seeing is believing.
The Pacific DVD set also includes footage from other Pacific World War 2 veterans which makes for humbling viewing too and very much adds to the validity of everything you see, a real classic of that I am pretty sure.

You can now discover some great insider's information on this outstanding World War 2 miniseries as well as an opportunity to review and purchase the Pacific DVD Set at an amazingly low price just by simply going to=>

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Digital: DVD Ripper Reviews

By Rich Vial

Passing media from one hand to the next without paying the owner of the copyright is wrong. But if you want to make a backup for your personal library, you are smart. Even if most of your movies are downloaded directly onto a computer hard drive, having a hard copy is a smart course of action. If you want to make a backup to your movie collection, you will need to know who makes the best DVD rippers and who to avoid.Reviews gave the number one position to DVD Cloner 7. It is the newest in the Cloner series and it has the very best features. The power packed software is user friendly and has all of the latest decryption codes. It includes multi-format compression and DVD restoration for those movies that have been handled roughly. If you want to rip Blu-ray or HD, you will need to download a few bonus features, but doing so is made easy to understand by the Cloner designers.
Just a little less praise-worthy, according to reviewers, is the 1 click DVD Copy 5. When set up, this software is said to be as easy to use, and efficient as the Cloner software. However, reviews suggest that it is somewhat of a hassle to find and download the third-party decrypter needed to rip your media.
If that seems like a difficult task you might want to choose another DVD ripper. The DVD Fab Platinum 5 is equipped with all the features. It has a sharp learning curve and users say the end product is slightly inferior to other software's, but it has everything you will need to get right to ripping DVD's. In the end, once you are familiar with the enormous feature set you are ready to burn any DVD, Blu-ray or otherwise.
Lastly, DVD 95 Copy Pro 3.8 to round out the competition. There are tons of other software's out there, but these four had the best reviews from the most sources. Copy Pro 3.8 is lauded for the numerous compression options. It takes a savvy user to wield the power of the compression features and that can make it tricky for first time users. Getting used to the compression features will unlock a truly good program and getting there is tough. The one downside to the software is that it lacks a good ripping component. Once you decide what you want to spend, go out and find one of these great DVD rippers.

Rich Vial is a webmaster for Buy DVD Cloners visit:

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Zumba DVD Reviews - What All Zumba DVDs Have In Them

By JR Banks

A lot can be learned through DVDs, not only the knowledgeable academic stuff but also the techniques to perform various forms of dancing. Take Zumba for an instance, you can buy Zumba DVD from anywhere and start performing this fantastically designed fitness dancing routine with the convenience of your home in the most economic way. You don't need a trainer to actually teach you the moves and steps, you can do it all by watching the Zumba DVDs at your home.Zumba DVDs are readily available everywhere. They tell you the perfect ways to tone up your body through dancing. There would be six different sets or workout sessions in the Zumba DVD compilation with fun and catchy rhythms to focus on shedding the flab from the individual's arms, waist and thighs especially.
The Zumba advanced DVD disc set is the one which is recommended to the individuals who are through with the beginners' phase already. This set will focus on the moves, like the Latin dance moves. It will help you in making your body more agile and flexible by consistently twisting your waist and using your joints.
The next set would be the Latin dance fitness DVD which is another package offering complete workout of the body. It will make you sweat like hell and will still keep you interested in sweating more by the end of the day. This set comes with four DVDs having different dances to enjoy. Zumba DVD worth the amount you pay for it. It will give you a quick access to the dream body you had in mind in a very short time.

You should look more about Zumba fitness DVD and Zumba shoes that can help you out in enjoying your life better.

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Bodylastics DVD - Circuit Training and Chiseled DVD Review

By Joseph Milano

Are you looking to find out what the Bodylastics DVD is all about? When you purchase or buy Bodylastics you can also upgrade your order so that it includes the Bodylastics circuit training DVD. With some sets this is already included at no extra charge. After having ordered this home gym and watched the circuit training DVD I found it to be more applicable to women than to men.
Now don't get me wrong a good circuit training workout is good for everybody. It gives you a combination of strength training along with a cardiovascular workout. However, I can't see doing this type of work out more than perhaps once a week. The DVD itself has good visual qualities. It's not a cheaply made video production.
However, Blake Kassel the owner of Bodylastics has recently introduced some new Bodylastics DVDs that focus specifically on a muscle building or bodybuilding workout.
The two that are currently available are:
Chiseled Series 3 - I must say this is an incredible muscle building workout. This DVD set comes with a total of six videos and you get enough workouts for an entire month. No workout is ever the same. In fact for the low price of only $24.95 I believe you can throw away the P90 X workout DVDs. This workout is incredible and really targets and uses the principle of muscle confusion. No workout is the same!
Chiseled Series Super Pack - this set includes 18 different DVDs and a total of 54 different workouts. You could actually train for three entire months (90 days) and never perform the same work out again. By the way, this is not true about the P90X workout. The chiseled series super pack sells for the incredibly low price of only $39.95.
However, there is one catch to all this you must already own a set of resistance bands. But the same is true if you were to go out and buy Tony Horton's P90X workout program. This workout does not focus on too many body weight exercises unless you were to include push-ups using the resistance bands. Using the ankle straps, the door attachment, and the Bodylastics resistance bands you can get a complete total body workout without any other equipment. And for a lot less than what you would spend for the P90 X DVDs.
So before you go out and spend $150 on the P90X system you may want to check out what Bodylastic and other fitness equipment companies can offer you. Remember after you buy the P90X DVDs you still need to buy the workout equipment. Here's your chance to get ripped for what many people consider to be a reasonably low price.

Would You like to Discover How to Get Ripped in 90 Days Using Resistance Bands or Free Weights?Then take a moment to visit the following website. It's the online resource if you're looking to Build Muscle or are looking for home gym reviews, workout videos, P90X success stories, reviews and much more. And it's all 100% FREE!
==> To read more FREE and unbiased reviews and find out where you can get money-saving coupon codes click here ==> Bodylastics Coupon Codes 2010

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Looking For DVD Ripper Reviews?

By Rich Vial

Going through some of the DVD ripper reviews will make the buying decision easy for you. These reviews throw light on the important features of each program and compare several of them with their competitors. Thus at just a glance, you know all about the software that you are buying. For about $50, you can get decent software that will fulfill all your requirements.DVD Ripper will help you make a copy of DVD on hard disk or another blank DVD. You can have a back up copy of important videos or movies installed either on your PC or some blank DVD. Thus, no need to worry about your DVDs getting scratched or damaged.
There are several such software available in the market and you will be spoilt for choice when seeking to buy one. Some websites are dedicated to rating these software on the basis of standard criteria and side-by-side comparison. Some software are more comprehensive than others, while some are faster than others. Thus each one has its advantage and disadvantage, and it only depends on the buyer what works for him/her.
Some of these software are as follows:
DVDCopy: Among the wide variety of formats that it supports, it also copies to and from hard drive and DVD. It provides for drag and drop options when you are using the program while you can also control the burning speed. The company manufacturing this software offers a strong customer support. The program supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000.
MyDVD: This supports more file formats than DVDCopy and apart from drag and drop options, it also allows for controlling speed of burning. It also supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000.
DVD Cloner: This also supports wide variety of file formats but does not have as good features as DVDCopy and MyDVD programs. It supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000.
Nero Burning ROM: Apart from supporting various file formats, it also has strong copying capabilities like compressing DVD 9 to DVD 5 while retaining good quality and restoring damaged or defective files. It converts audio files as well and supports Windows Vista and XP.
You can download these programs online or buy their CDs. Downloading is quick and easy, you just need to have an internet connection. Once downloaded, the program can be easily run or installed on your PC or laptop. It is better to have a look at DVD cloner reviews online before spending the money.

Rich Vial is a webmaster for Buy DVD Cloners visit:

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Vinyasa Yoga DVD Reviews

By Macy Robbins

Do not be under the impression that practicing yoga will make you look slimmer. It will not burn calories for you. What you will find is that it will help develop self control, add grace to your body and help release toxins from your inner system.It is well known that yoga does great things for your body, mind, and sole along with stretching, strengthening and toning all your major muscles. One of the particular forms which you can practice for this is Vinyasa Yoga.
If you are all set to start practicing vinyasa but find it difficult to do so because of your odd working hours, then the solution to your problem is a Vinyasa Yoga DVD.
When you go out to buy a DVD, it is very easy to get confused, seeing so many of them from different instructors. A considerate, perceptive, sincere and well written yoga DVD review will help you make up your mind and choose the best available for your needs.
A Vinyasa Yoga DVD will guide you like a yoga instructor. It will no doubt fire your enthusiasm for yoga thus making you eager to continue and practice it day by day and posture by posture. Thus getting a good product is very important and this can only be accomplished by reading reviews before making the decision to purchase.
You can get vinyasa DVD from many online stores. But before finalizing on the yoga instructor or a store to purchase from, do remember to research and read the reviews of people that have used one of the few you are considering to purchase from the same store.
There are many online stores that run attractive deals on these types of DVDs but this should not tempt you to just buy any DVD without reading its reviews.
A good Vinyasa DVD will motivate you to practice yoga regularly. So why wait any longer, get a copy of your yoga DVD right now.

To read genuine customer reviews on many of the best yoga DVDs, as well as information on yoga and how it can help you, visit my website Vinyasa Yoga DVD

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Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder Review

By Jerry K Johnson

The Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder has lots of good features that make it a must have piece of equipment for your video production needs. This is a regular DVD recorder that is compatible with DVD+-RW discs. It is similar to the majority of DVD recorders available today.Out of the box
When you first power it up, you'll notice it takes a lengthy time for it to be ready. It also takes a long time to for this DVD recorder to read a disc when you put it in the tray. When the disc tray slides in, it seems like it takes quite awhile before you can start using the disc. The remote control has quite a few buttons on it. If you own the D-R410, you 'll soon find that the most frequently used button will be the 'SET UP' button. At times, its hard to tell apart from the sea of buttons on the remote. Panasonic should've made the 'SET UP' button a contrasting color to make it easy to locate.
Turning to the back panel, all the typical inputs/outputs will be found and it also includes an HDMI output for connecting to an HDTV. The D-R410 upconverts standard definition video up to 1080p to an HDTV. The front panel is equipped with RCA and S-Video inputs as well as a Firewire (IEEE 1394) port for linking a DV camcorder.
Connecting A Mini-DV Camera With Firewire
When linking your mini-DV camcorder, the D-R410 can operate your camera with the Toshiba remote. The D-R410 will identify the assigned name of your DV camera. When you see the name of your camera on the screen, it's you're ready for use.
Playback and Recording
This recorder features timer recording but it doesn't have a built-in tuner. Actually, there isn't even an antenna connection. So if you want to record over the air programming or other programming, you'll need a separate tuner. On long recordings, you can also set chapter intervals to create chapter points on your DVD. Intervals are manually set between 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Recordings can be set to automatically finalize when a recording is finished.
When a DVD is finalized, the D-R410 only allows limited options for the basic DVD menu. If you would like a more user friendly navigation menu, you'll need a dedicated DVD authoring program to achieve that. You can title individual tracks or let the D-R410 set titles as date and time of your recording. It also allows you to rename the title menu which is the about the extent of the customization features.
When viewing DVDs, the D-R410 has Dolby Digital and DTS with the coaxial output. This unit can also play MP3 and JPEG photos from CD-R-RW discs. With the HDMI connection, an HDTV must be HDCP compliant.
This model doesn't feature a built in hard drive which makes the price of the D-R410 very attractive. Even without a built-in hard drive, you could still schedule recordings to disc like a DVR but only to the capacity of DVD discs.
Having the capability to upconvert to 1080P on HDTVs is a welcome feature. This means that your regular DVDs will look great on your HDTV. There isn't a hard drive built-in which means it can't function like a DVR. Even so, making DVDs with the Toshiba D-R410 is straightforward.With a price of right around $100, this DVD recorder is a great buy!

The Toshiba D-R410 is also great if you're shooting DSLR video. Simply connect your HDSLR camera through the composite cables to the input of the DVD recorder.

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