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The Idea of the Car Engine


Considered as the engine of the practical applications of the science of thermodynamics, where this science focuses on the conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy. There is no doubt that every person owns a car or used to move from one place to another .. Will asked yourself how it works day and drive the car in which the role of each piece to make the car moving at speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour. I think it is important that the person who uses the car to know what's going on after the operation and especially on the breakdown and go to the mechanic to repair do not know exactly what has been done to fix it? What is a piece that has Ptgerha? As well as when buying a new car, the price depends on what specifications mean Cylinders 2 liters, or that it contains 6 or valves, it works to pump the fuel Fuel Injection and other such things .. In this part of the physical interpretations, we will clarify the idea of the engine and to identify its components ... Internal combustion machine Divided into two kinds of engines to be known as the external combustion machine external combustion engine is used in the old steam locomotives and marine vessels, using thermal energy from burning coal to vaporize the water and use steam pressure to push the pistons, which in turn are connected to a pole of movement of the reels but this type engines used to say the lack of efficiency and the difficulty of manufacturing and maintenance, and the second machine is defined as the internal combustion internal combustion engines which is currently used in most cars, because these engines from operational efficiency and ease of filling the car with fuel and relatively low cost of manufacture of the external combustion engine.

To clarify the idea of the internal combustion machine on which the engine will work in a way that drew parallels between the Cannonball old ones we see in old movies where the person put powder gunpowder in the rear of the gun and then put the metal ball in the barrel of a gun. The firing of the missile is lit gunpowder to thermal energy generated enormous amount of pressure increase which tended to push the ball hard metal barrel of a gun .. The reader may wonder about the relationship between the idea of the work of the gun and the aforementioned drive the car?? In fact, what is happening inside the engine is very similar in principle to the idea of the above-mentioned work of Cannon, this is the idea of internal combustion as the heat energy from burning gunpowder generated within the engine components to give the same energy payment resulting from the high temperature and pressure.

Description of the full cycle of the engine (1) Run the introduction of: the piston begins its work in the movement of the top position for him to move to the bottom where the valve is open entry to enter a mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder combustion. And the ratio of fuel to the air for a small but sufficient to bring about combustion. This game shown in the period specified in yellow. (2) compression stroke: the introduction of valve closes when the piston starts at the top of the movement of the pressure air and fuel mixture and the temperature rises gradually to help to raise the efficiency of combustion. This game shown in Figure profile purple. (3) stroke combustion: In the moment in which the piston to the highest high of the mixture at high pressure off electric spark to bring about the combustion (explosion) of the fuel component of the mixture, so that both the temperature and pressure has risen dramatically to push the piston down strongly. This game shown in Figure profile orange. (4) exhaust stroke: when a piston in his movement down to the lowest value for the exhaust valve opens to get out of the combustion products and from the piston to the exhaust out of the car and rise as a result of rotation of the piston to the crankshaft top drove the remainder of the combustion products to start a new session of the withdrawal of a new batch of air and fuel. This game shown in Figure profile green. Again, no chance that the movement of the piston was always vertical movement up and down, but this movement by the turn of the submerged in oil (to reduce friction) of vertical movement to a circular motion to take a column gear crank shaft to run the wheels of the vehicle, which would move the car forward or backward.
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The Idea of the Car Engine