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Bouncer! How To Become Bollywood Actor-Good Looks OUT Talent IN

Emerging Bollywood Star-Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Emerging Bollywood Star-Nawazuddin Siddiqui

"good-looking Bollywood Hero’ template is gradually wearing out, paving way for gifted newcomers"Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Every day, thousands of actors attend auditions and interviews to land a role. As an actor, you are always auditioning and looking for the next job. You stand in front of -casting directors and their teams,  producers,  choreographers, and influential industry experts who determine whether or not you will get the part.

As an actor or and an acting coach for long,  I can tell you:

Hope and hard work are not enough to win the job.

Even being a good actor and contacts are not always enough. Instead, you can increase your chances of getting selected by presenting unique and impressive characteristics.
To win every audition and interview, you must use the right set of tools and techniques. 
Body Language plays a critical factor in whether or not you will get the job. In order to stand out in a crowd of hundreds (if not thousands) of actors, you must take control of your Body Language so casting directors will remember you.

To audition or interview successfully, use body language to your advantage. First, observe how you currently use body language and nonverbal communication. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I prepare my body and voice before an audition?
  • What facial expressions do I make in the audition room when I’m not performing?
  • How does my voice is when I introduce myself to casting directors?
  • What did I do in my last audition to get the role?
  • Did body language contribute to my last rejection? What did I do and how can I change it?

Once you have done some self-diagnosis. Use these body language hacks for actors
Based on

Bollywood Stars Who Believe A Good Body Language Is A Part Of 'Talent' To Enhance Success Chances

6 Talented Bollywood stars who believed in good body language
6 Talented Bollywood stars who believed in good body language than looks alone

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Aamir Khan
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Ajay Devgan
  • Vidya Balan
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Improving Body Language

Body language isn’t a mere set of “techniques” or a show to put on for others. It is how you move in this film and TVworld. and how you move, In many ways, it dictates how you feel, what you say, what you strive for and what you allow to escape your grasp. It demonstrates your emotional state, your confidence, your vivacity. It is an important to create an impression in the industry, to the world who you are. Because you show what your body is doing.


  •  For instance, when you hold your body with confidence, you will actually feel more confident. If you slump your shoulders and hang your head, looking down, your brain will read that as sadness and depression, and you will actually FEEL sadder and more listless
  •  A weak limp-fish handshake, for example, will immediately create an impression as someone ineffectual, unconfident and untrustworthy. 
  • By contrast, someone who presses your hand will immediately demonstrate confidence and power.

 7 Body Language Secrets To Learn

1. Do your eyes say “Welcome!” or “I don;t like you!”?

Oftentimes the first form of connection with another person will be through your eye contact. Clearly, squinting suspiciously or looking with frowned eyebrows will convey that you are initially closed to another. By contrast, warm, relaxed eyes, and an easy slow smile when you encounter someone, will make them feel welcome and accepted.

2. Is your chest open to the other or closed off?

Think about a person with arms crossed tightly over their chest. Do they feel warm, receptive and friendly? Or guarded and judgmental?
Uncrossing your arms, and not holding anything in front of you (like a drink, or books or folders) signals that you’re open to interacting with people and ready to face what the world brings, whatever it brings. However, when you block your chest (your heart) with folded arms or objects, it may seem like you’re trying to protect yourself from something consciously or not.

3. How is your posture?

Think of a posture of an Indian Military Officer. Think of a confident politician. Think a straight spine. Think eye-level. Think feet planted solidly on the ground, with your weight evenly distributed. This kind of posture conveys strength, solidity, alertness, and confidence. By contrast, if you hunch your shoulders and head is drooping down, if you’re weight is uneven, you convey a lack of sureness, a lack of solidity.

4. What is your voice saying?

  • You are an actor. Words matter, but the meaning is always dependent upon how you speak those words; tonality. In workshops, In an audition or in a scene, if you say “I love you” like a murderer, a schoolboy, or as if someone won a lottery in a voice with a tone whose wife has just died, what you convey will be absurd.
  • Remember, how you say it matters as much as what you say.
  • Start noticing the voice and tonality of your voice on a voice recorder. Join Voice improvement classes or ask your acting coach
  • 5. Add a personal "touch".

When we communicate, it’s out of a desire to be truly friendly or to impress to meet our objective — even if for a brief moment. To raise the level of connection people feel with you, try establishing "touch". Now, there are many kinds of touch. One of the examples is, at a moment of agreement or laughter or sudden closeness or understanding you can briefly touch someone’s upper arm. A simple touch like that is usually not felt as intrusive and it can quickly deepen the connection that you’re having with another person. The other examples could be tapping shoulder or hand. Be careful —  some of it can feel unwelcome like slapping buttocks, punching someone's chest with the clenched fist. To create a sense of being appreciative, start slow.

6. Are you standing far apart or close?

  • Whether you know it or not, the physical distance that you’re close or far away from a person influences the kind of impact you have on them. The closer you are to a person when you’re communicating, the deeper the connection will be felt between the both of you. If you’re farther away, the lesser the connection will be.
  • Here’s another special-intimacy trick of the entertainment trade. Instead of standing directly opposite someone, which can create a “confrontation” feeling (especially if you physically larger and or with lady casting directors/Female co-actors ), try standing to a person’s side and speaking with them, which half-looking out at the world together. It’ll have the both of you feel as if you’re a team.

7. Mimicking people who have impressed you

Have you watched great actors in their real life like award functions, or attending some public function? Or wondered why politicians impress public? Do you like someone you know who has immensely impressed you? Watch that person's body language again and learn to copy. Use them in your meetings and communication
"Oh, we are alike!"
When meeting and talking to a person, simply mimic the gestures, keywords, vocal tonality, and pace of speech of the person you’re talking to. Doing this will deepen the connection level between you two because we all have a similarity bias, which means that we tend to like people whom we find our similar to us.
For example, if the person to whom you’re speaking speaks quickly, try matching that pace. If they use an unusual word like “Samzhain ne aap?,” or "Mere kehne ka matlab hai.."(In Hindi) or "Undoubtedly" "What I mean is",  find a way to put that into your vocabulary while talking with them. If they Tap (pound) the table while enjoying a joke, do the same. If they lean in to listen closely, then you lean in to listen closely to them.

Maybe for many actors, learning Body Language Techniques may be unimportant but research on Bollywood stars have proved, they create a tremendous amount of familiarity and comfort, and is one of the key success factors.

Join us to learn

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Bouncer! How To Become Bollywood Actor-Good Looks OUT Talent IN


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