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Struggling Actors! Which One Deserves To Be A Star Actor?

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How to be a star actor?
Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif: The Star Actors

Is Your Dream Is To Be An Actor?
A Great Actor, To Be A Celebrity?
Do You Want Name, Fame, And Money As An Actor
Acting Secret To Be A Great Actor 

  • Whether you are an aspiring Actor or a common person, your life goal is to meet your objective-Be Great and Happy
  • Everybody is acting day in and day out. But are we successful, great and happy?

Here Is The Secret To Be A Great Actor

Requirements to be a great actor

Do your SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

Know What Is Acting Really

The fine art of performing fictional roles in plays, films, TV, commercial ads, public road shows, reality shows, anchoring modeling etcACTOR: A person who plays (portrays) a character in a performance

What is Semiotics?

 An actor transformation into a convincing character. A person has to be unique in playing a character in “All aspects” of a character: situation, behavior, emotions, attitudes, gestures and signs. This uniqueness should be highly “creative”

What is the process and method for an actor to transform into a convincing Character, living truthfully under imaginary circumstances

What Is The Tool (The Instrument)?

Body and Mind

  • This instrument of everybody is set, has an “Essence”, an archetype which makes him/her unique.
  • If an actor has to perform a fictional role, a new interesting life, a character has to be created after analyzing the script to be played truthfully and convincingly.
  • However, the biggest hurdle in this sincere endeavor is his “own self”, his essence, his/her “type”. The more an actor tries and forces self to act in the best possible way, more it looks an “acting” and fake. The actor’s  “self” like his/her body language, voice, gestures, attitudes, emotions etc come in the way to transform convincing into a character which an actor has created by his/her imagination.
  • Then, how an actor can transform into an authentic character which looks real?
  • Observe self. Who are you? Note down your
  • Physical profile: height, weight, hair, face, eyes, mouth, skin, shoulder, chest, walk, gestures, voice, language, any physical abnormality, your style etc
  • Mental profile: attitude types, emotions, intelligence etc
  • Social: class (rich, middle class, poor), income, education, occupation, knowledge etc
  • After the above analysis of your own self you will realize why it’s difficult to portray a new life, a new character:

If pour the liquid into an already filled glass, it will spill. You can’t rewrite something new on a page already full. You have to empty the glass and make the page blank by deleting the text

How to an actor neutralize self?

Body and mind exercise to develop abilities to adjust your physical and mental essence (archetype) to suit a character’s profile to an extent which makes an actor living a truthful life of a character.
In my personal opinion, though many who believe and practice Stanislavsky Acting Technique may not agree, is to bring the character in you rather than desperately trying to be a character. An actor transformation should be convincing, even to the incredible heights, that’s all.

Analyze world’s great actors, They are legends, a history!

Charles Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Mohanlal (India), Kamal Haasan (India), Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Amitabh Bachchan (India)

Keep in mind, they are known today and would be remembered for generations first by their manes and then by the characters they have played or awards they have won. However, these celebrities too focused on changing from “ self”- a common person, to transform and present an astonishing and highly creative performance giving a memorable character to the viewers thus lifting a film to incredible heights.

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Struggling Actors! Which One Deserves To Be A Star Actor?


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