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2 Step Solution To Fight Anxiety and Tension During A Take

How to fight Anxiety tension in actors
How to fight Anxiety-tension in actors

Learning Relaxation Technique
Learning Relaxation Technique in our coaching class

I'm failing in auditions

My performance while filming in a "take" is not good

I'm nervous and tense in auditions and during a "take"

  • As an actor, you have little time to prepare. People want desired performance quickly
  • The worst enemy of acting-Anxiety and tension
  • Many actors and other artists reportedly struggle with anxiety, tension. Many fail in auditions and in ?

Performance Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Racing pulse and rapid breathing
  2. Dry mouth and tight throat
  3. Trembling hands, knees, lips, and voice
  4. Sweaty and cold hands
  5. Nausea and an uneasy feeling in your stomach
  6. Vision changes

The cause

Simply put, stress and anxiety about performing in front of people causes performance anxiety

2 Steps Solution

No Time Available Technique

Breathe out your anxiety
Anxiety makes your breathing shallow and rapid. And rapid, shallow breathing has a way of increasing anxiety—not a useful cycle. Using a quick and easy breathing technique can help you to restore a calming pattern of breathing. If anxiety attacks you, try following these four simple steps to help you find some relief:

1. Inhale deeply through your nose.
2. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
3. Slowly let your breath out through your lips while making a slight sound—hissing, sighing, or whatever comes naturally.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for a minimum of ten breaths.

Performance Success Sitting Technique OF Yoga | Self Hypnotism | Auto-Suggestion

This can be practiced in a sitting position as well

Yoga Relaxation Techniques for actors to Relax Body and Mind A SURE WAY TO SUCCESS!
Yoga is the union with the divine. It is a philosophy used to the growth of mind, body, and spirit and also a system of exercises that help to balance your body and mind. It also increases your breathing techniques and focuses the grouping of your body. This way it can help you tremendously as an actor to overcome tension, tiredness, fears of rejections in auditions, on the set in front of a camera.

Relaxation method for actors

"The Corpse pose", also known as Shav Asana, is a tremendous yoga posture that can be used among poses, which allows total relaxation. The corpse pose is a standard yoga relaxation pose, which is practiced by all disciples of yoga.
Anyone at any time when one requires a few minutes of total rest and relaxation can also practice this yoga relaxation technique.
It can be easily practiced while waiting in an audition room or just before a "take" in a shoot. However, it is suggested to begin learning and pracicing this technique in lying down flat position at home, till you start feeling a relaxed and calm state


  • It is most important to select a place for practicing yoga relaxation where you will not be disturbed. You need to wear loose comfortable clothing. First, you lie down on your back with feet about 18 inches spaced out with your hands palm upward about 6 inches from your sides. Let your legs and feet to roll outwards.
  • See that your body feels balanced. Close your eyes and relax centering your consciousness on the rise and fall of your abdomen. Deeply and slowly take the breath.

Next step:

Now you have to relax to go into a mild self-hypnotic state and then guide and instruct your subconscious mind:
Instruct starting from > your toes, then legs, thighs, waist, abdomen, shoulders, hands, neck, face mind, then finally eyes. Give a bit of extra time on the individual part of your eyes

For example when you reach to your eyes:
  • "My feet from ankle to toe, please relax", wait
  • "My feet from ankle to toes are relaxing, becoming study... relaxing..."
  • "Wow! My feet from ankle to to are relaxed" wait and repeat
  • Like this, slowly proceed to the other parts of your eyes like eyelids, eyebrows. Here you must feel heaviness in your eyelids with a feeling of sleepiness
Once done, the wait, feel a sort of floating feeling, a sense of nothingness.

Next, instruct yourself:

  • I'm gonna to be a good actor, repeat
  • I'm gonna to remember my lines
  • I will do my best in audition
  • I will get the role
  • I will enjoy filming of scenes, shots
  • I'm looking good
  • My voice is becoming better


A. Select few objectives
B. Always give "Positive" suggestions to your subconscious mind. NEVER NEGATIVE for example don't say "I will NOT be afraid, "will not be tense" etc. Instead say"I will be this", "I will do" I'm gonna to be great" and so on..
C, Start and try to do this exercise every day. In the beginning, it may take 20 to 30 minutes. Slowly you will be able to do in 10 minutes and eventually you can do in 2 minutes at any place. Maybe just before an audition, or before your shot.

Learn this relaxation technique from us

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2 Step Solution To Fight Anxiety and Tension During A Take


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