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7 Sure Success Steps For Struggling Actors

What are sure success steps for struggling actors?

I have tried but not becoming a Bollywood Star. Help me

I'm struggling for the last 5 years to be and want to give up

I'm Good looking good body struggling actor but no success 

Lost everything. What to do before I commit suicide?

What is the last hope for a struggling actor?

I have lost money, living place, my parent's hopes and friends due to my dream to be an actor. What's my last hope?

I have spent a lot of money in school and with casting directors. Now no solution but suicide.

I have failed in auditions due to bad acting.

Here Is My Acting Secret And Best Hope To Be A Star Actor 

Whether you are an aspiring actor or a common person, your life goal is to meet your objective-Be Great and Happy
Everybody is acting day in and day out. But are we successful, great and happy?

How To Be A Great Celebrity Actor

Step 1

Whar Are The Requirements To Be A  Bollywood Actor
SWOT Analysis: Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to you
How to meet requirements

Step 2

Do You Really Know What Is An Actor, Acting, And semiotics?

Acting: The fine art of performing fictional roles in plays, films, TV, commercial ads, public road shows, reality shows, anchoring modeling etc
Actor: A person who plays (portrays) a character in a performance
Semiotics: An actor transformation into a convincing character. A person has to be unique in playing a character in “All aspects” of a character: situation, behavior, emotions, attitudes, gestures and signs. This uniqueness should be highly “creative”

Step 3

Why Most Of The Actors Fail To Be Goods And Successful?

The actors perform with their acting tool or the instrument- Body, and Mind. This instrument of everybody is set, has an “Essence”, an archetype which makes him/her unique.
If an actor has to perform a fictional role, a new interesting life, a character has to be created after analyzing the script to be played truthfully and convincingly.
However, the biggest hurdle in this sincere endeavor is his “own self”, his essence, his/her “type”. The more an actor tries and forces self to act in the best possible way, more it looks an “acting” and fake. The actor’s  “self” like his/her body language, voice, gestures, attitudes, emotions etc come in the way to transform convincing into a character which an actor has created by his/her imagination.
Then, how an actor can transform into an authentic character which looks real?

Step 4

How An Actor Can Neutralize And Free Him\Herself To Portray A New Life?

Developing Acting Instrument (Body and Mind)

Step 5

Observe self. Who are you? Note down your
Your Physical profile: height, weight, hair, face, eyes, mouth, skin, shoulder, chest, walk, gestures, voice, language, any physical abnormality, your style etc
Your Mental profile: attitude types, emotions, intelligence etc
Your Social Status: class (rich, middle class, poor), income, education, occupation, knowledge etc

Author's Note:
My personal opinion is,  though many who believe and practice Stanislavsky Acting Technique may not agree is to bring the character in you rather than desperately trying to be a character. An actor transformation should be convincing, even to the incredible heights, that’s all.
And this conviction of mine is based on observing and analyzing world’s great actors, They are legends, a history-
Charles Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Mohanlal (India), Kamal Haasan (India), Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Amitabh Bachchan (India)
Keep in mind, they are known today and would be remembered for generations first by their names and then by the characters they have played or awards they have won. However, these celebrities too focused on changing from “ self”- a common person, to transform and present an astonishing and highly creative performance giving a memorable character to the viewers thus lifting a film to incredible heights.

Step 6

Simple home exercises to practice daily

Remember, physical and mental tension, fear and doubtful about self, people (strangers), situations and future is no1 enemy to a person’s success and happiness


  • Relaxation
  • Yoga-deep breathing, self-hypnotism and auto-suggestion techniques to be practiced either lying down or sitting (post)
  • Movements
  • Focus on practicing every part of your body starting from scalp (moving it), eyebrows (arching), eyes (Staring, large, small, narrowing), moving face and mouth while creating wild sounds, rolling of neck, movements of shoulders, use and vigorous movements of hands and fingers while talking, waist, legs and different types of walks
Special movements
  • general wide movements
  • Expand and try to become big and bigger like a monster, contract and try to become small and smaller rolling into a small self on the ground
  • Walk weirdly with absurd gestures and movements to free your fixed type and to free your joints
  • Molding exercises for joints, fingers, transform into figures, sculptures, and objects
  • Floating- on sea, space or on the moon
  • Flying-against gravity, strong wind
  • Radiating- sending rays through body parts like hands, fingers, eyes, exhaling and breathing out sharply
  • Flowing on a river course (turbulence, calm waters)
  • Creating beauty in body language (by gestures and movements of anything you do), even in voice (quality, breath control, range, diction, accent)
  • Learn to free your physical type to be able to transform into a new life by learning dance, music, mimicry, martial arts


Develop the power of imagination

1.Observation: Set time for observing very keenly people, birds, animals, objects at public places like the bus stop, garden. metro rail stations, zoo, museums etc.
2. Create stories on observed characters- ask questions on their life and create replies self thus building scenes
3. Then play these created stories self-being one of the character in the story you created for the object you observed

Word game

Write down few random 7 words in big fonts on a piece of paper like
and so on, one below the other
Relax. Close your eyes and put your finger on a word. Look at the word and create a story, experience, a related scene.
Now perform telling and showing the scene in front of an imaginary audience

Develop the power of listening

In our hectic and stressful life, we unconsciously don’t listen attentively. The result is our inappropriate reaction and responses which may not be appreciated by one who is talking to you. In life, we react and behave with what we experience, by our 5 senses on what we hear, see, smell, touch, and taste. The key is we must carefully notice these experiences to create convincing, truthful and real responses to meet our objectives
The best way is to recollect and practice those real scenes of what we heard or experienced with our 5 senses

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7 Sure Success Steps For Struggling Actors


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