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6 Steps On How To Kiss In A Scene And Be A Romantic Actor

A kiss in Bollywood film

I love romance scenes and wanna be a romantic actor
Okay. Then read below and be one

Having your first kiss is awkward enough, but having your first kiss with a whole crew standing around you is even more uncomfortable. While acting for the camera, a Romantic scene may have re-takes of a shot. For some actors, this experience is too scary! Some refuse to kiss which probably may affect their opportunities in films with similar scenes.

Newbie Kriti Kharbanda, who is making her Bollywood debut with horror film “Raaz Reboot,” says kissing on-screen was a tough task for her.

However, any actor who wants to perform regularly and is career conscious will probably fall into a kissing role sooner or later

My suggestion does not mark boundaries for the reason that you do not want to limit yourself and mess up your dream of stardom. Just accept and learn how to!


  1. As I mentioned above,becoming a romantic actor requires good looks.
  2. Becoming a romantic actor is not going to be easy. It is, in fact, more difficult than becoming a regular actor. 
  3. A romantic actor must have a charm and appeal that causes women to swoon every time he appears on stage or screen. In short: a romantic actor must be good looking. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare. 
  4. To become a romantic actor it is important to realize that looks are going to be as important as talent.
  5. Romantic characters are usually difficult to act out because the scenes that are shot in these films require guts and boldness, especially for an actress. Intimate scenes with unknown men have always been a troubled affair for actresses since long. Therefore, learn to be very close to your co-stars
  6. What would you say the most common and essential traits are among romance heroes and heroines?
  7. Develop acting technique to portray Faithfulness, Honor, Strength,  Strong Creative Emotions and an ability to exhibit Instant sexual urge and orgasms. 

6 Steps on how to kiss in a scene

  1. Don't have a bad breath.
  2. Kiss on upper or lower lip missing mouth slightly.
  3. Take it as a mechanical task with no romantic implications (If uncomfortable, fake romantic emotions)
  4. Understand the type of kiss. The script offers clues, but in the end, this is up to the director. It should be clear whether you are acting out a romantic kiss, a lustful embrace, a quick welcome home kiss, or some other approach. Depending on the camera setup, you may not even be required to make lip contact with the other actor.
  5. If you're acting out a passionate kiss, you can close your eyes right before it happens. This looks romantic, but may also help you imagine the scene
  6. Imagine someone else. If you're having trouble making the kiss look believable, imagine that you're kissing someone you want to kiss
 Join us to learn

Things You'll Need

  1. A good coordinator, especially the one who deals primarily with Bollywood films/ Feature films by independent producers. Maybe a second coordinator who deals with recommending actors for serials and commercials
  2. Physical coach:. Join a gym and work on your body and face
  3. Acting coach:: Who should be able to coach you not only on how to be a good actor/ actress, teach you on how to be a romantic actor and also will coach you on mannerism, how to deal with people, language, attitude etc. Ask the coach what types of romantic roles he/she  thinks you are suitable. Listen to coach's advice and act.
  4. Work on your image. Ask female friends what they think of your style. How would they describe you? Are you the good-looking geek? The rugged hunk? Romantic actors tend to be typecast. Work out which stereotype you most resemble and work towards achieving this image fully.
  5. Research romantic actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan or Anushka Sharma. Find out how they managed themselves. Try to learn from their life stories. Network with people involved in producing romantic comedies.
  6. Get and go to auditions. You are never going to become a romantic actor if nobody knows who you are. Go for any role going. Don't be too selective. Heartthrobs start out in the most unlikely of places. It is more important that you get on screen if you want to become a romantic actor. 
  7. Then have patience and wait for a plum role to come along.
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    6 Steps On How To Kiss In A Scene And Be A Romantic Actor


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