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Air Date
Monday, November 24th, 2008 7/8c

Late breaking news…


Reports of the mass elimination of abilities among those with special powers rocked the Heroes world today. It appears that the eclipse has somehow blocked the use of all powers! It is uncertain at this time if the abilities will be restored when the eclipse is complete. Stay tuned for additional information.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


Arthur Petrelli, in a white-eyed induced trance, sketches the future and his is not at all happy. (And we know what happens when Arthur is pissed.)

Sylar and Elle practice the art of electrocution from a distance when Arthur shows up and asks Sylar to find Claire and bring her back to him. Elle decides to partner up with Sylar and together they head off to find Claire.

Angela tells Claire that she believes she is the catalyst and that she must be hidden and safeguarded for her own protection. She also tells her that Nathan has gone off to find the Haitian and Matt to find Hiro. It appears she is amassing the Heroes together for a reason.

At Primatech Nathan decides to head to Haiti and Peter convinces him to take him along. In a flash Nathan and Peter disappear with a contrail.

In the meantime, Mohinder dissects his failed experiment and finds that he is quickly turning into… something else (spiderman, lizardman, mothman? We’re not quite sure.)
Arthur shows him the sketches he’s made and tells him the “everthing is going to change today!”

At the Suresh apartment in Brooklyn, New York Matt and Daphne discuss what to do next. Daphne is afraid of Arthur and believes that he will take her powers if she does not do what he says. Daphne calls herself “a betrayer” but Matt tells her that he trusts her. Matt wants Daphne’s help finding Hiro when he and Ando conveniently show up at the apartment. Matt is told that Hiro has lost his memory and Daphne declares… “we’re all going to die!”

Noah Bennet brings Claire to Steven Canfield’s house (where he unleashed a black hole). He tells Claire that it is a safehouse and that he wants to keep her safe.

Back in Brooklyn Matt cannot read Hiro’s thoughts because he is thinking in Japaneses and Matt does not understand him. Daphne tells him that they’ve lost their “re-set button” and leaves in a flash because she feels that Matt doesn’t trust her.

Sylar and Elle arrive at the Hotspur Car Rental Agency. Elle tells the ‘rental car guy’ that Sylar is a serial killer and that he has kidnapped Elle. When Sylar asks why Elle tells him that he is chained by his father and that they should be allowed to do and take anything they want. The rental car guy shows up brandishing a shotgun and Sylar gets smacked with the butt of the gun. During the dialogue the rental guy thinks he can become a hero if he captures Sylar. Sylar’s response? “I hat heroes!”

Mohinder studies the total solar eclipse and finds that he is changing into… something else and he can’t control it. He is leaking goo from his hands.

Noah teaches Claire self defense with a board from the broken floor at Steven Canfield’s place. When Claire asks if he’s trying to teach her Tai Kwon Do he says, “No, baseball!”

Tracy calls Arthur to report and tells him that Nathan went to get the Haitian. Arthur tells her that it was a smart move on Nathan’s part and then he orders her to go to Paris Island. When she questions him about the Marine training facility at Paris Island he responds, “Every war needs an army!” Angela hears part of their conversation and in a forshadow Tracy clichés, “No rest for the wicked!”

Matt tells Hiro and Ando that they must go to Lawrence, Kansas to find Daphne and Hiro teleports them to Kansas. As they head to Daphne’s house the eclipse begins.

In a montage we see the following:
- Arthur throws the sketches off his desk.
- Mohinder cocoons himself against the wall of the lab.
- Angela reminisces over a family photograph.
- Nathan and Peter are falling from the sky.
- Sylar and Ells steal a car from the rental agency.
- Clair practices “baseball.”
- Close-up of the sketch of a bleeding Claire in Noah’s arms.

Mohinder extricates himself from the cocoon and finds that he has changed back to his old self. The lesions, sticky goo and sores have all disappeared.

Nathan and Peter get lost in the jungle of Haiti and find messenger/prayer dolls.

Back in Lawrence, Kansas Matt meets Daphne’s dad but he won’t let Matt in to talk to Daphne. Matt tries his mind trick on him but it does not work. Daphne tells her dad that she wanted to come home because “it’s happening again!”

Nathan and Peter are still lost in the jungle and are fighting. Nathan yells at Peter and tells him that all he’s ever done is save his life. Peter calls his brother a puppet. While they fight the Haitian appears and cautions them to be quite.

Claire is still breaking boards and tells her dad that she is mad at him for always leaving. Elle appears at the front door and tries to use her electrical power on Claire but her powers fail her. Sylar tries to use his ability on Noah but he too cannot force his powers to work. A fight ensues and Noah cracks Sylar’s arm (it sounded like he broke it). Elle grabs the gun and shoots Claire who does not heal. Noah leaves carrying Claire out of the house.

Noah brings Claire home and tells Sandra that they cannot call 911 or they’ll report it to the police. He tells her that they will take care of her themselves.

Hiro, Matt and Ando cannot use their powers and Hiro tells Matt he must save Daphne with a Hero’s Quest (sans powers). Throwing ears of corn at Matt Hiro tells Matt he’ll continue throwing corn until he can stop him.

When Matt leaves to see Daphne Hiro and Ando go off on a task of their own. They’ve reached the end of the comic book and they must find the next issue.

Mohinder is in complete remission of his changing symptoms and he decides to go and find Maya. But before he can leave Arthur and Flint confront him and tell him that he needs to get people their abilities back.

Hiro and Ando find Sam’s Comics in Lawrence.

Nathan, Peter and the Haitian are moving through the jungle. The Haitian tells them that he must find his brother who is an evil man and his power is that his skin is impenetrable. He also tells them that he must stop him again. Peter wants to help but before they can decide what to do the jungle erupts in gunfire. They run but Nathan is captured. When he tells who he is the Haitian’s brother tells him that his father warned him that he’d come!

Back at the Bennett house Claire seems to be healing (like normal people do) and Noah intends to leave. Sandra tells him that he can’t go because Claire needs him but he tells her that he has unfinished business to attend to.

Daphne’s dad leaves and Matt comes back. He tells Daphne that he loves her and she tells him to come in. He does and finds that Daphne has not only lost her ability but has lost motor function also. She is in leg braces and using crutches.

Sandra finds Claire bleeding out and calls and ambulance.

Elle fixes Sylar’s separated shoulder and they are both panicked by the loss of their abilities. Sylar tells her that the loss of power is a relief and that the hunger is gone. Elle and Sylar kiss and the camera pulls back to reveal… Sylar’s face in the sights of a sniper rifle aimed by Noah Bennett!

To be continued…

The Alternative Takes Note:

Arthur Petrrili’s Sketches:
1. Noah holding a bleeding, seemingly dead, Claire.
2. The Eclipse
3. Matt, Hiro and Ando at Daphne’s house in Lawrence, Kansas.
4. Sylar kissing Elle
5. Peter and Nathan falling out of the sky.
6. Mohinder dead (or just cocooned?)

People who have painted the future (so far):
1. Isaac Mendez (the first and original)
2. Peter Petrelli (temporarily)
3. Unturu (the African tribesman)
4. Arthur Petrelli
(also, Hiro and Matt have both gone eye-white in visions but did not paint or sketch.)

The Haitians:
(Dichotomies of power)
- The Haitian can cancel all abilities just by being present.
- His brother, Baron Samdi (sp), has the ability to withstand anything penetrating his skin.

New Ability:
The Haitians brother has the ability to withstand bullets, knives or fire from penetrating his skin and is impervious to their effects.

Level 5 detainees:
There are still a number of Villains detained at level five:
1. The Puppeteer
2. Danny Pine (the metal-handed guy)

Sam’s Comics:
1. Sam’s Comics in Tokyo (Hiro and Ando visited there last week)
2. Sam’s Comics in Lawrence, Kansas (Hiro and Ando again visit in search of the new issue of 9th Wonders). Incidentally, both Seth Green and Brecken Meyers are employees at the Sam’s in Kansas! Are they the wise men of which Hiro speaks? Cool!

Hiro’s places where wise men gather:
1. Greek Oracle at Delphi
2. The Library at Alexandria
3. The Hall of Justice
4. Sam’s Comics

9th Wonders comic:
The new issue had an advertisement for a Tit-Tat Kandy Bar on the back page.

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