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SkyMed Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

As this episode of SkyMed begins, a man streams and claims he is going to survive 72 hours alone with nothing but his wits. Since he is worried about bears, he hung his pack up high. He is unable to get the pack down so he ends up climbing the tree to retrieve it. The man falls and impales himself on a shovel. Stef (Sydney Kuhne) and others arrive to treat him and transport him to the hospital. When they turn the lights off, they notice that his wound is illuminating. At the hospital, Crystal (Morgan Holmstrom) thinks she has heard of that before. She looks it up before telling the others about angel’s glow. It is theorized that the wound is infected with a soil bacterium that causes it to glow.

Crystal says the parasite eats other bacteria. Dr. Yana doesn’t think the bacteria would grow there. He says he did a video in Tennessee and used the same shovel. Sunita (Sarena Parmer) urges Chopper (Praneet Akilla) to exercise and get better. He gets discouraged since it has been several weeks and his hand still isn’t working. They kiss until Bodie (Aason Nadjiwon) interrupts to invite Chopper out on a Cessna. Chopper doesn’t want to do that and he doesn’t want to hang out at the crew house either. Bodie doesn’t think Sunita wants his hand to get better. Chopper doesn’t want to sit on a plane he can’t fly or hang out with people doing the job he can’t do anymore.

Bodie knows he got cut from selection camp so he asks what happened. Chopper is going back with Sunita because he wants to be an engineer. Nowak (Thomas Elms) surprises Tristan by taking him to the wrestling show which features a grudge match between Rezputin and Toban Bear. When Hayley (Natasha Calis) and Wheezer (Aaron Ashmore) arrive, they learn that Tristan is particularly excited about the death match. Tristan hopes to spend the night with Nowak only to realize he is working. Nowak admits this was the only way he could get a flight up from Thompson. Wheezer agrees to let Nowak have the night off. Hayley questions why they’re there tonight. Wheezer explains that the expansion is an “if you build, they will come” type of deal. He thinks other hospitals will sign on once they see them handling two provinces.

Wheezer is okay picking up side gigs to keep SkyMed afloat. He pleads with Hayley to help so the pilots don’t have to get second-second jobs. The wrestler wants to make sure the audience gets a good shot. Toban ends up falling and hurting two others. Nowak and Tristan begin rendering aid. Since they’re unstaffed, they try to juggle responsibilities. Hayley tries to care for a man’s head wound. Although Wheezer doesn’t think it is a good idea, she uses the wrestler’s staple gun to deal with the head wound. Dr. Yana tells Crystal that she was right about angel’s glow. Hayley arrives with the patient. Dr. Yana scolds her for using unsterilized staples and Crystal gets involved as well. In the morning, Jeremy (Braeden Clarke) brings donuts because he wants to ask for a favor.

He was hoping Tristan would let him shadow him in the medevac. Jeremy explains that he needs to learn faster and things with Crystal are complicated. Hayley agrees it can be hard to learn from Crystal. Tristan lets him tag along. Lexi (Mercedes Morris) apologizes for walking in on Stef while she is changing. Bodie walks in and questions whether he interrupted something. Lexi quickly says no. When Tristan and Jeremy arrive, they learn that the patient is agoraphobic so she wants to be wrapped in sleeping bags. Tristan asks if that’s why she hasn’t been to a doctor about her hypertension. She admits that is why she hasn’t been anywhere. It has gotten worse in the last two years. Tristan informs Tomi (Tanchay Redvers) that her pressure is very high. She met someone online and would really like to meet her in person.

As they transport her in the airplane, Bodie talks to Lexi about Stef. Lexi insists pilots are held to a higher standard so she can’t be involved with a coworker. They soon notice smoke in the aircraft. They have to land in a tight clearing as Lexi calls for assistance. Crystal talks to Hayley about Yana and the staples. Hayley tells her about Jeremy asking to shadow Tristan. Wheezer and Nowak begin worrying that something is wrong since they haven’t heard from them. Their plane was supposed to be cleared by maintenance. They get an emergency locator transmitter alert so they believe it is coming from their plane. Wheezer addresses the employees to tell them about the missing plane. He asks them to bring the crew home. Chopper tells Sunita there has to be something he can do from the ground.

Stef finds Madison (Emilia McCarthy) with the baby waiting for word about Bodie. A man comes over and helps Madison calm the baby. Once he gets Madison a seat, he learns about Bodie. Madison says Joel means the world to him. Later, Nowak asks Reese (Ryan Ali) why the others are going home. Reese explains that the others need rest. Wheezer argues there is nothing to do until the fog clears even though that could take days. Reese asks Nowak if Tristan told him about the kiss and whether that is why he’s been so crappy. Nowak says he doesn’t like flying with people he can’t trust. Reese insists Tristan loves him. If Nowak is worried about him, Reese believes that is on Nowak. Wheezer breaks them up before telling Nowak to go home and get some rest. Hayley checks on Wheezer who just got off the phone with the ops manager.

He admits this isn’t a good look for a new expansion. Wheezer tries to show her how to deal with her shoulder pain. Reese interrupts and catches them in an awkward situation before saying the sar captain is looking for Wheezer. Hayley goes outside where she checks on Crystal. She tells Hayley how Jeremy helped her when she didn’t think anyone would accept her. He made her feel like she belonged. Crystal is worried he won’t be there for her anymore. Chopper tells Sunita that he made a list of places he remembered where they could possibly land. He admits he feels useless on the ground. Sunita says he had a look in his eye like he was in love when he flew for the first time. She knows she is the one who ended their marriage.

When she saw that look in his eye, she knew flying would always come first. Sunita tells him not to settle for this just because he can’t fly. Nowak urges Chopper to come flying with him, but Chopper is worried about the fog. He tells Chopper to stop feeling sorry for himself and get on the plane. The show jumps back 12 hours. The plane lands before Bodie learns that the distress signal didn’t go out. He says they have to assume that help isn’t coming. Tristan needs help getting Tomi outside because he believes he broke one of his ribs. Tomi is hesitant to go out there. Lexi and Bodie collect wood so they can create a fire. When Tomi sees a plane, she ends up shooting the flare. Bodie thinks the plane was way too high to see it though. He tells her to stay in the plane and stay out of the way.

Jeremy checks on her later and insists Bodie is just mad at the whole situation. Tomi tells him how she ran away when she was younger and got hurt so she thought she was going to die out there alone. Jeremy keeps her calm and takes her outside with the others. Tristan tells Jeremy what he did was impressive. Jeremy explains that he is trying to change. He tells Tristan how he went into the bush and set traps. He ended up catching a fox that was choking to death. Jeremy couldn’t leave him like that so he grabbed the wire and set him free. He wants to help people. Later, Bodie and Lexi realize they don’t have enough supplies. She talks to him about how they may not come back when they get into a plane. Bodie tells her about the donor screening.

He believes it is his mom so he wondering if he wants to meet her. Now that he is stuck out there, he is worried he may never see his son again. Bodie doesn’t want to meet his mom if she doesn’t feel about him how he feels about Joel. When they wake up in the morning, they notice the fog and realize sar won’t be able to look for them. Tomi begins panicking so Tristan tries to treat her, but he doesn’t have anything to treat hypertension. They hear a plane above them. From the plane, Chopper notices smoke coming from nearby. He takes control of the plane and finds the downed plane. Nowak is thrilled when Tristan makes it back to the base. Chopper apologizes to Bodie for before and tells him he can fly after all. Madison tells Bodie that they were worried about him. Jeremy tries to convince Tomi to come out so she can get her prescription and meet her friend from online.

Once she walks away, Crystal comes over to tell Jeremy that he was right. She had a tough time forgiving him for disappearing. Crystal says they have a lot of history and she doesn’t know if they can change together. They just want the best for each other. Lexi finds Stef and tells her she wasn’t there. She has realized she is never going to live if she keeps putting her life on hold. They begin kissing. Stef explains that she did her laundry because she really cares about her. Bodie tells Joel that they’ll spend the entire day together tomorrow. Madison tells him no more crash landings. Once she leaves, Bodie sees the man who comforted Madison at the hangar. The man calls him Austen before calling himself Kingsley. He explains that he is Bodie’s father.

SkyMed Review

The third episode of SkyMed’s second series was okay although it sometimes feels like there is something missing from the show this time around. The series is well-made and the performances are consistent, but it lacks emotion and relatable characters. The show focuses more on relationships and less on the medical drama. The side characters or patients could be fleshed out a bit more to give the show more depth.

SkyMed remains watchable though and the story is always easy to digest. If viewers have realistic expectations, they may enjoy what the show has to offer. It is mostly a soap opera with some medical scenes and terminology scattered throughout to try to set it apart from other similar shows. This episode scores a 6 out of 10. Recaps of SkyMed can be found on Reel Mockery here.

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SkyMed Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


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