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Wolf Like Me Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The episode opens in the kitchen with Mary (Isla Fisher) and Emma (Ariel Donoghue) doting over Anthony Hopkins (Emma’s class bunny). Gary (Josh Gad) arrives and verifies, once again, that the new home’s shutter defense system is operable before reminding Emma that Auntie Sarah (Emma Lung) is expecting them. Emma reminds him that he’ll need to feed Anthony Hopkins. At Sarah’s, she meets them at the door before Emma wishes Gary good luck with “date night.” While waiting for the approaching full moon in the basement of their new home, Gary explains his reasoning for bringing along the plastic baby doll that’s now sitting awkwardly between him and Mary on the floor. She assures him there is no need for this trial run because she’s not giving birth during a full moon. His attempts to convince her it’s at least worth a test only frustrate her. She becomes even more frustrated as she pretends to be certain that her wolf form won’t harm him or the baby. Her uncertainty eventually leads to anger, but they don’t depart mad. Instead, they embrace before he locks her in for the transformation.

Elsewhere, Sarah, Emma, and Ray (Anthony Taufa) are enjoying “Watership Down” on DVD until one of the more graphic scenes causes Emma to have a panic attack. Rushing into the kitchen to retrieve her medicine, Ray finds Olivia (Honour Latukefu) feeding the pills to the fish. While remotely monitoring Mary’s transformation from his mobile device, Gary receives an urgent call from Sarah regarding the panic attack and missing pills. Luckily, Gary has backups and offers to bring them over. However, when trying to leave he realizes that the home’s security system is engaged and he’s locked in. Checking his phone, he also learns that the lock to the cellar is disengaged. He no longer appears so certain that Mary won’t attack him while in wolf form. He slowly inches his way to their bedroom where he quickly empties the closet and hides inside. He receives a call from Sarah while hiding, but the wolf’s attention is drawn to the nursery. When Gary attempts to escape, he ends up cornered in the kitchen. From there, he tries to reach some part of Mary in the wolf by relaying familiar stories of their meeting and life together. When this appears unsuccessful, his only option is to use Anthony Hopkins as bait. He eventually uses it to lure and trap the wolf in one of the rooms.

After a quick evaluation of the damage, Gary goes outside to unexpectedly encounter Emma and Sarah racing towards him. Sarah explains how she was able to save one of the pills from the fish tank, but Emma wanted to see him. When asked, he blames his frantic state on the escaped bunny and his attempts to retrieve it. A suspicious Sarah asks about Mary and the spot of blood on his head. He attributes the blood to Anthony Hopkins and blames the rest on the malfunctioning shutter system. That appears to be enough of an explanation for Sarah but Emma doesn’t want to leave. She reluctantly agrees. The episode wraps with Mary in human form evaluating the wreckage, especially in the nursery.

Wolf Like Me Review

Excellent episode and despite being mostly filler, it did cleverly verify a few things. Most importantly, Mary’s wolf state is unpredictable. No matter how much she loves Gary or the new baby, her wolf is a liability. I really appreciated the shorter run time of the episode and immensely enjoyed the clever Easter eggs regarding the rabbits. I will, however, be disappointed if the fate of Anthony Hopkins isn’t further explored. It’ll be interesting to see how Emma’s class and teacher react to the missing rabbit. The episode deserved an easy 6.4 out of 10.

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


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