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Little Women Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, Pastor March (Dylan Baker) gets a visit from a soldier. He is asked about the incoming letters. March gives the soldier a letter to deliver to the mail train. We also see an injured soldier on a nearby bed. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy cut their hair and send it off to charity. After the intro, Jo (Maya Thurman-Hawke) complains that Christmas will not be the same without presents. Meg (Willa Fitzgerald) encourages her to get off of the ground, so she doesn’t ruin her dress. Beth (Anne Elwy) explains that they’ll be fine, as long as they have one another. The girls chat about the upcoming party. Laurie Laurence (Jonah Hauer-King) is shown riding in a carriage. Marmee March (Emily Watson) returns home. She tells the girls about her day at the depot.

willa fitzgerald little womenMarmee reveals that she has a letter from the girls’ father. Laurie arrives at his grandfather’s (Michael Gambon) house. It is clear that Laurie is uncomfortable with Mr. Laurence. Marmee reads the letter to her girls. In the morning, Hannah (Eleanor Methven) prepares food for the family. Before too long, Marmee enters and changes their plans. She tells them about a local German family that has no food. The girls decide to take their food to the family in need. Along the way, Jo runs into Laurie. They chat briefly, before the March family continues on their way. They deliver the food and Jo uses Hannah’s hat to patch a broken window. Once they return home, Jo spots Laurie looking down from his window. She waves in his direction. The following day, Jo tries to iron Meg’s hair. Unfortunately, she winds up burning it. Meg is terrified.

little women episode 1 recapMeanwhile, Laurie sits down and plays the piano. He is scolded by his grandfather. He tells him that no one is permitted to play that piano. Jo and Meg head to the party. Meg dances, while Jo remains on the sidelines. At home, Amy (Kathryn Newton) draws her mother’s picture. Jo hides away. Laurie speaks with her moments later. Laurie admits he doesn’t know their names just yet. Jo formally introduces herself. Meg enters seconds later. She complains that she has twisted her ankle. The girls return home with Laurie and John Brooke (Julian Morris) seconds later. Brooke is introduced as Laurie’s tutor. Later, Beth tells Jo about seeing Laurie looking down from the window. She wonders if he could be lonely. Jo insists that he probably is. The following day, the girls are forced to return to school and work.

little women laurie episode 1Jo spends time with Aunt March (Angela Lansbury). She cares for her bird and also reads to her. Marmee tells Beth that she has allowed her to avoid school and work. However, she still wants her to mingle with the locals. She encourages her to visit the Laurence house and play the grand piano. Aunt March becomes angry with Jo for yawning. She insists she should have taken on Meg instead. After work ends, the girls have a snowball fight with Laurie. Next, Laurie spends time with Jo. She writes on her book and she chats about traveling to Italy. She agrees to go with him, but only after she finishes the current chapter. Moments later, Amy enters and catches Meg and Jo preparing to go to the theater. Amy pleads with the girls to let her go along. Meg tries to negotiate, but Jo flat out refuses.

maya thurman-hawke little womenWhile they’re going, Beth tries to muster up the courage to visit the Laurence house. She returns without doing so. Marmee offers to take her out. Amy stays home. While the girls enjoy the theater, Amy burns Jo’s book. When Jo and Meg return home, they give Amy candy to apologize. Soon, Jo finds out about her book. She argues with Amy and eventually slaps her across the face. She insists she will never forgive her or write again. The following day, Laurie learns about their problems. He insists that the family seems so idyllic and perfect. They agree to go skating. Jo isn’t happy to learn that Amy has already been invited. After Amy arrives, she asks for help getting on her skates. Jo refuses. Amy skates around and crashes through the ice. Jo and Laurie work together to pull her from the water. Jo and Marmee chat about their anger. They both admit that they have a difficult time controlling it.

little women season 1 episode 1After the conversation, Jo apologizes to Amy and she does the same. Later, the girls go boating with Laurie and Brooke. Beth remains on the beach and chats with a man, who admits he isn’t particularly interesting. Meg tells a woman about her job. The woman seems to look down on her for working. Then, Brooke tells Meg that he will be forced into the war after Laurie goes to Italy for college. He believes that nobody will care about his absence. Meg suggests otherwise. Jo begins writing once again. Beth finally goes to the Laurence house to play piano. She plays the wrong piano and nearly gets scolded by Mr. Laurence. However, he lets her play his daughter’s piano. Later, Marmee gets a letter from the army. She learns that Mr. March is very ill. She will be forced to travel to Washington. Laurie delivers a message to Aunt March, while Jo is sent into town for supplies. Marmee tells the other girls to pray that she has enough money for the train.

emily watson little womenWhile in town, Jo sells her hair for 25 dollars. Aunt March arrives and agrees to give money to Marmee for the trip. Jo returns home and shows off her new hairstyle. Before too long, Marmee heads for Washington.

Little Women Review

I must admit that I enjoyed the opener of Little Women. The show was slightly slow from time to time, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. The actresses did an amazing job in their respective roles. Jonah Hauer-King and Julian Morris were also good. In fact, the entire cast is pretty amazing. I enjoyed the series and can’t wait to watch the remaining two episodes. This episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Little Women now!

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Little Women Episode 1 Recap


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