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The Disappearance Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, we see a young Henry (Andre Simoneau) take the baby to a woman’s house. Andrea Smith invites him in. She signs the paperwork and the baby is transferred to Andrea’s care. Henry (Peter Coyote) has a dream of sorts and imagines Anthony (Michael Riendeau) watching a static television. Then, Luke (Aden Young) wakes up beside of him. After the intro, Catherine (Joanne Kelly) arrives. Luke shows her the paperwork. Susan (Micheline Lanctot) contacts Cooper (Kevin Parent), who is still outside of Stephen Price’s house. He agrees to keep following Price, while Susan looks into his past. At the hospital, Henry wakes up. He demands that the police speak with Price immediately. Luke quickly turns the conversation to Dodd and his mother’s rape. Henry explains that the boy was adopted by the clerk. He doesn’t want to give any more information.

Helen (Camille Sullivan) wakes up to a surprise. She rushes to the doctor and learns that she is pregnant. Luke meets up with her at the clinic. Luke insists the Helen has other options. Helen also admits she has had intercourse recently. Seconds later, Helen becomes enraged with Luke for suggesting that she is trying to replace Anthony. Helen refers to her brief counter with Chilton and insists she would do anything for Anthony. Back at the hospital, Henry runs into Fred (Neil Napier). Fred tells Henry that it is sometimes good to slow down. Susan meets up with Brother John and tours the orphanage, which was shut down not a long time ago. John admits that Stephen was bullied frequently. The facility was closed after a student committed suicide. He explains that Tommy Adams was a bad seed and committed suicide after he was punished for tying Stephen to a tree.

Susan wonders if Tommy might have been killed as an act of revenge. She learns that Stephen had an alibi. That night, Luke and Catherine discuss Henry and his mental status. Catherine insists the Henry did everything for their mother. They head for the old folk’s home seconds later. There, they meet with Mrs. Smith. She is asked about the kid she adopted, but she refuses to answer any questions. She tells them to talk with Henry. Fred returns to Henry and asks about his book. Moments later, Luke enters. Henry confirms that the boy never tried to get in touch. Henry becomes angry when he learns that his kids tried to speak with Debbie Smith. Henry insists it is best to focus on Anthony now. Helen meets with Frank and tells him about the baby. She admits she wants to keep it, but expects nothing from Frank. Cooper continues following Stephen. He tracks him to the Cedar Hill retirement center.

Cooper heads inside and learns that Stephen visited room 242. However, there is no such room. Henry chats with Fred once again. Luke gets a call from Michael Smith. Henry’s conversation with Fred makes him think that something could be hidden inside of the cats. Luke meets with Michael and learns that Debbie was threatened at the hospital. Someone wants to keep her quiet. Henry calls Susan and tells her to perform an autopsy on the cat. Luke speaks with Michael more and learns that Andrea had a tough childhood and got clean from drugs when she adopted the boy. However, things fell apart she got back on drugs a short time later. She overdosed and the boy stayed in the house with her body for several days. The boy was taken to an orphanage and Michael never saw him again. Luke returns home and speaks with Catherine and Helen about the boy. Catherine remains adamant that Henry wouldn’t do anything to the boy.

Eventually, Catherine leaves Helen and Luke alone. Luke apologizes for his earlier behavior. They share a kiss and things lead to something more. Henry chats with Fred once again. He returns the book and confirms that he is leaving the hospital. Cooper continues following Stephen. Price heads to a payphone and calls someone. Then, he is asked to return to the station. Something has been discovered inside of the cat. Luke speaks with Henry again. Henry insists that Margaret had the final say in everything and was a part of giving up the boy for adoption. They meet with Susan and discovers that the picture Henry gave Anthony was found inside of the cat’s body. It has a number on it. Henry believes that they’re being led on a treasure hunt. That night, Cooper breaks into Stephen’s house. It is the one that Anthony was in. He heads downstairs. Stephen approaches from behind and shoots him with a shotgun.

The Disappearance Review

The Disappearance isn’t the best show I have ever watched, but it is intriguing nevertheless. In fact, it is good most of the time. The mystery is excellent and I feel the urge to find out what happens next after each episode. Some of the behavior exhibited by the characters is a little strange, but that can be overlooked. I enjoyed this episode much more than the previous. So, Anthony was indeed in Stephen Price’s house. Price is definitely a nut ball.

Did he really have something to do with Anthony’s disappearance? It seems a little too convenient. I am convinced that the writers will go with something less predictable. I could be wrong though. Can’t wait to find out. This episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Disappearance now!

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The Disappearance Series 1 Episode 4 Recap


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