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The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

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As the episode begins, the family discovers a deceased cat. They meet with Susan Bowden (Micheline Lanctot) in the morning. They learn that the cat has been around for quite some time. Since the skin is gone, the cat has been around for at least a year. Henry (Peter Coyote) grills Susan, but she gives up nothing. Henry is told that his actions could have potentially contaminated the crime scene. Susan pleads with the family to let the detectives do their job. Catherine (Joanne Kelly) watches a news report about Anthony’s case. Then, she is sent to Fred’s (Neil Napier) room. She finds him leaning over the toilet. Catherine offers him medicine, but he won’t take it. Fred tells Catherine that he cannot stay, because he has so many things to sort out. He doesn’t want to die in a hospital like his mother. After the intro, Henry and Luke (Aden Young) get into an argument. Helen (Camille Sullivan) shuts them up.

Eventually, Luke makes a comment about Jim Chilton. Then, he admits that he has been scouring through his father’s case files. The argument continues, until Henry storms out. Catherine follows. Helen tells Luke that he is weak. Next, Luke, Catherine and Henry meet with the guy that found the cat. He tells them that it was decapitated. Henry doesn’t believe that someone is out for vengeance. Helen meets with Jim, who is watching dirty movies. He agrees to tell Helen what she wants to know, but he makes her work for it. Cooper (Kevin Parent) and Susan decide to track down their three remaining suspects. Henry and the others follow them. Luke sneaks up to the detectives’ vehicle and spots the case files in the backseat. While the detectives are distracted, Luke busts out the window and steals the files. Helen finishes serving Jim. Then, he agrees to take her to a party.

Luke and the others scour the files. They find names for Martin Lackey, Stephen Price and Francis Pine. Catherine gets a call from the hospital and is forced to leave immediately. It is discovered that Price (Sean Devine) was homeless for a little while. Susan and Cooper meet with the man and question him. He is odd and eventually retreats back inside. Cooper is suspicious of the guy. Catherine learns that Fred has fled the hospital. She believes she knows where he would have gone. Catherine is driven to a camper in the middle of nowhere. There, the couple meets with Gill Cartwright (Edward Yankie). Gill seems to believe that Helen is going to service him as well. Cooper and Susan meet with a man, who knows Price. Then, he meets with a female friend of his. The woman tells them about the last time she saw Price. He saw a man and became very excited. He jumped in the man’s silver vehicle and left. Mandy is unable to tell them anything else.

Gill and Jim continue hassling Helen. Henry and Luke discover that two detectives are now guarding Lackey’s house. Luke gets a message from Helen and is forced to leave Henry alone. Catherine manages to track down Fred. He admits he didn’t want to die in a hospital like his mother. Henry returns to Lackey’s house alone and breaks in after the cops leave. He finds a hidden room and eventually manages to find the key. Gill freaks out when he learns that Helen wants to find her son. He begins attacking Jim. Luke arrives outside and Helen runs into his arms. Gill invites them inside and promises to tell them the truth about Henry. Henry heads deeper into the house and finds a drug den. He wrecks it. Catherine and Fred share a drink. Once thing leads to another and they share a kiss. Gill tells Helen and Luke about Henry’s wife being raped.

He tells them that the rapist’s name was Jason Dodd. Luke immediately believes that Dodd might be his father. Susan contacts Luke and tells him about his father’s adventure. Luke reminds her that Henry’s actions got the detectives into Lackey’s house. Susan tells him that they need to think about looking for a body. Meanwhile, Henry heads for Price. He meets the man outside and attacks him with the newspaper. Luke and Helen meet up with Henry at the hospital. Susan is there as well. Susan tells the couple that Dodd passed away after being castrated. Cooper meets with a man who knows Price. Luke returns home and scours through the paperwork. It is discovered that Dodd cannot be his father. Price’s boss explains that Price was raised at the St. James orphanage.

The Disappearance Review

The 3rd episode of The Disappearance was a little difficult to fathom. I am enjoying the mystery and the investigation into the three suspects. However, I found Helen’s actions to be odd to say the least. I find it a little unrealistic that she would just drop her drawers for Jim, who has been in prison. He probably has numerous STDs at this point and I would hope Helen would have a little more common sense than that.

I thought Sean Devine was spectacular as the odd Stephen Price. I am not sure where Fred and Catherine are going, but I am a little concerned that their relationship adds nothing to the story. That could change in the future and I might be proven wrong. This episode wasn’t bad, but some of it was a little outlandish. It scores a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Disappearance now!

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The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


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