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Victoria Series 2 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) go for a ride through town. Albert spots a man with a gun. Albert tells Victoria to get down. The man runs away and escapes. The couple returns to the palace. Then, they discuss the incident with Sir Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay). Victoria suggests taking another ride. Peel admits it would be a good way to lure the suspect out again. Albert doesn’t like the idea. Moments later, Albert gives Victoria a chainmail umbrella. They go for another ride and the man emerges. He is quickly taken into custody. Bodie (Tommy Knight) tells Cleary (Tilly Steele) that they’re not assassination attempts, since the weapons were not loaded.

Ernest (David Oakes) speaks with Harriet (Margaret Clunie). She remains standoffish with Ernest. When he leaves, she breaks her pencil. Victoria makes the decision to travel to Scotland. Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) seems upset when she learns she will not be invited. Albert and Victoria head to Scotland moments later. As soon as they arrive, they’re greeted by the Duke of Atholl (Denis Lawson). Wilhelmina Coke (Bebe Cave) congratulates Drummond (Leo Suter). She admits that she knows Florence and she is a wonderful woman. The Duke promises Victoria that she’ll be safe with the Atholl Highlanders nearby. The bagpipes continue to play as the couple is led inside. Skerrett (Nell Hudson) runs into a local man, who seems fond of her.

William Beattie (Lewis Mackinnon) reads a poem for Victoria, Albert and the crowd. On the outside, Skerrett and the servants dance and party. Cleary sits with Brodie, as Skerrett is forced to dance with the local man. One Beattie finishes, Albert and Victoria admit they hated it. They return to their well guarded room. They’re awaken by bagpipes in the morning. Victoria pleads with the Duke to postpone the visit to the alms houses, so she can see the countryside. He agrees and decides to go with her. Albert teaches Victoria how to fly fish. Lord Alfred (Jordan Waller) watches Drummond from a distance. Victoria and Albert decide to ride back to the palace. However, they become lost in the mist. The Duke and the others go on the hunt for them immediately.

During the search, Drummond tells Alfred that he is worried about returning to London. Alfred quickly finds out that he does not love Florence. Coke chats with Harriet about men. The search party is forced to return home empty handed. Albert and Victoria continue until they find a small house. Back at the palace, the Duchess of Buccleuch (Diana Rigg) expresses concern for the couple. She thinks the worst. Harriet rushes out of the room and Ernest follows. Harriet remains cruel with Ernest. She blames herself for her husband’s death. Victoria and Albert are invited inside by a friendly elderly couple. They pretend that they own a factory in London. Back at the palace, Skerrett gets a kiss from the local man. Victoria and Albert dine with the couple.

That night, the elderly woman teaches Victoria a thing or two about sewing. Back at the palace, Alfred convinces Drummond to wait until daybreak to inform the Prime Minister. The older couple allows Albert and Victoria to use their bed. Victoria admits she has enjoyed her time not being queen. In the morning, the Duke becomes more concerned. Moments later, the house is surrounded by soldiers. Albert and Victoria tried to hide a little longer. They’re eventually forced to show themselves. Victoria is given some sewing supplies, before she leaves. Once they return, Ernest tells Albert that he can tell he is not happy to be back. Albert doesn’t deny it. Harriet is happy to learn about the couple’s return. That night, the Royals prepare for a party. Drummond and Alfred decide to stick with the servants, since they’re much more fun.

Alfred and Drummond escape to a private spot. Coke watches from a distance as Drummond kisses Alfred. Victoria shares a drink with the Duke. Skerrett is forced to break the local’s heart. He figures out that she has a sweetheart of sorts in London. Nevertheless, they continue to dance together anyway. In the morning, Harriet holds Ernest’s hand. Then, Victoria and Albert return home. Skerrett delivers a list of food demands from Victoria to Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley). At this time, he admits that he loves serving the queen. However, he believes she left her good sense in Scotland. That night, Victoria returns home and throws off her lavish clothing. She sews, while Albert cooks fish using the fireplace.

Victoria Review

I had to throw this recap together very quickly, due to work and time restraints. So, if there are errors above, please forgive me. The episode was much different from the previous ones. It was slightly slower and featured less action. Nevertheless, it showed Victoria from another angle. Victoria and Albert were given a short period of time to escape the royal lifestyle. It seems that they enjoyed the normalcy, yet Victoria isn’t willing to give up the crown so easily.

Alfred and Drummond moved their relationship further, while Harriet seems to be willing to rekindle with Ernest. How will Ernest’s health impact their relationship? This season has been a little aimless, but cheerful and satisfying nevertheless. As I said previously, I could watch Victoria all day and night. The episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Victoria right now!

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Victoria Series 2 Episode 7 Recap


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