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Trust Me Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Cath (Jodie Whittaker) tries to wrap her head around the previous night’s events. She heads downstairs and finds Molly (Summer Mason) hanging out with Andy (Emun Elliott). Andy apologizes for waking her. Andy asks about Brigitte (Sharon Small). Cath doesn’t mention the man’s incident. She takes Molly to school and leaves seconds later. At work, Cath and Karen (Lois Chimimba) chat with Dawn (Caroline Deyga). Brigitte arrives and pulls Cath aside. Brigitte explains that they need to work together. Cath becomes suspicious when Brigitte drinks from her bottle. Brigitte explains that they’re not perfect and are bound to make mistakes at some point.

Cath visits the man. While he hasn’t passed away, he is in a coma. Then, she enters the lobby and finds a man sleeping on the nearby chairs. She wakes the man up and he immediately becomes angry. Seconds later, Cath’s former neighbor, Mona (Cara Kelly), is brought into the hospital. Mona insists she is fine and is only suffering from a little indigestion. Then, she admits she has felt pain for a few weeks or so. Andy arrives at the hospital and asks Karen about Ally. He is stopped by Rob Beasley (Duncan Pow), the patient liaison. Beasley tells Andy about the incident from last night. They chat in Andy’s office. Apparently, the man’s partner has already gotten in touch with the hospital. The woman is a solicitor, who sits on the District Council.

Meanwhile, Charlie (Michael Abubakar) and Karen speak about the incident as well. Charlie admits he thinks it is weird that Ally takes everything so person. Karen isn’t worried in the least. She believes that Ally sincerely cares about the patients. Cath continues speaking with Mona. Mona asks Cath about her problems. Again, Cath admits she took something that belonged to someone else. Andy interrupts. He pulls Cath aside. Cath finally tells him about the incident. She admits that Brigitte overruled her. Andy suggests pinning the blame on Brigitte. Then, we see Karl (Blake Harrison) at work. He speaks with a colleague and gets instructions for making a delivery. Back at the hospital, Cath, Andy and Brigitte sit down with Beasley.

Cath pretty much accepts the blame. Brigitte speaks with her in private. She admits she didn’t want her to take the blame. She just wanted a little back up. At this point, Cath calls Brigitte out on her drinking. Cath prepares to leave the hospital. On the way out, she is stopped by Karen, who agrees to back her up. Seconds later, it is discovered that Dawn has been stealing from patients and relatives. An incident at a nearby ethylene plant sends several patients to the hospital. Andy talks Cath into staying and helping. Brigitte goes to the bathroom and thinks about drinking, but doesn’t. Cath cares for a badly burned man, while Brigitte attends to a man, who has barely been injured. Cath manages to save the man’s life. Then, Cath and Karen speak with the man’s wife. They provide her with update.

Karl calls Cath and then heads over to the hospital. Then, Charlie shows Cath how little she knows. She freaks out, heads to the school and gets Molly. Then, she runs into Karl outside. They head to Andy’s place to get Cath and Molly’s belongings. Karl also learns about Cath stealing Ally’s identity. Before they can leave, Andy enters the apartment. Karl and Andy get into a fight, while Andy accuses him of being an wife abuser. Molly goes missing. Karl rushes outside and finds her in the middle of the street. He gets hit by a car, while trying to save her. Karl is rushed to the hospital. It seems everything is thing. However, he passes away after being left alone with Andy. Cath immediately becomes suspicious.

Andy promises that he did nothing wrong. She prepares to leave the hospital, before Andy speaks with her in private. He tells her that she has completely changed her life and she shouldn’t just throw that away. Cath continues with the scheme. She heads right into work. When she arrives, she learns that Brigitte will be stepping away for awhile. She wants Cath to pick up the slack. Cath agrees to do so. Cath struts through the hallways with a smile on her face. It appears she is on top of the world.

Trust Me Review

I don’t get it. I really don’t. I understand what Trust Me was trying to do, but it ultimately failed terribly. The series has been disconnected and tedious. It was somewhat interesting in the beginning, because it was unique. Nevertheless, that was probably the show’s only redeemable trait. The rescue scenes were fairly good, but the show itself was lifeless, aimless and basically pointless.

I’ve enjoyed the actors and actresses elsewhere, but even they could not save this stinker. After watching Trust Me, I am seriously concerned about Jodie Whittaker’s ability to play Dr. Who and I do not even watch Dr. Who. I believe she is simply too stiff and dull to carry it. As I mentioned before, I hope I am wrong, but I think that casting decision might be a bad, bad mistake.

For the sake of everyone involved, let’s hope that Trust Me is soon forgotten. The finale scores a 4 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Trust Me now.

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Trust Me Series 1 Episode 4 Recap


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