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What setup do I need for gaming?

An exclusive Gaming setup is the absolute best way to enjoy your favorite video games, especially given the average Brit spends about 5 hours per week playing video games. Investing in a state-of-the-art gaming setup is the surest way to get the most fun out of your sessions. You can opt for a console setup, a brand PC, or a custom-built gaming rig with peripherals and accessories

No matter your preferences, the right components will ensure smooth gameplay with zero frame rate and network issues. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about gaming setup, all the way from what it entails, its benefits, and how to create and maintain one yourself.

What is a gaming setup?

A gaming setup comprises hardware and software that enables you to play video games, whether silly little racing and casual games or grandiose multiplayer online role-playing endeavors. Of course, not all gaming setups are the same. There are different gaming setups like console gaming, PC gaming, cloud gaming, mobile gaming, and handheld gaming.

Assuming you are not here to learn about mobile gaming, we’ll focus on the rest. That means your gaming setup may comprise a console, monitor, and controller in case of console gaming or a CP, graphics card, monitor, and controller in case of PC gaming. The latter is the most customizable platform out there, allowing you control over the hardware that you play on and how your games run through it all. 

Of course, some players may be content with the above-mentioned standard setups for console or PC gaming while others strive to add other accessories such as ergonomic gaming chairs, gaming desks, lighting equipment, and surround sound systems. It all depends on your budget, taste, and preferences. 

Who needs a gaming setup?

Gaming setups comprise super processors, graphics cards, audio systems, and the internet. This equipment can be handy for different people in various circumstances, including:

  • Casual gamers: Casual gamers are folks who don’t fully commit to high-level gaming but rather enjoy video games spontaneously, especially free-to-play mid-core games that don’t have a sophisticated learning curve.
  • Hardcore gamers: Unlike casual, hardcore gamers commit to playing at an extremely high level, whether competitively or just for pleasure. They log a significantly massive number of hours in multiplayer online battle arenas, first-person shooters, and massively multiplayer online role-play games.
  • Streamers: Streamers are folks who broadcast their gaming sessions on Twitch, YouTube, and other gaming streaming services to attract donations, subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorship, etc. 
  • Content Creators: Apart from day-to-day gaming, you can also use your setup for video editing, programming, YouTube streaming, etc.
  • Remote Workers: For those who work at home, a good setup allows you to simply switch from a gaming station to a workstation, whether for graphics design, coding, data processing, content streaming, etc.

What makes a gaming setup?

The main component of a gaming setup is the PC. This is just a normal computer specked out with a high-grade processor and graphics chip to run games. It can be a laptop, a tiny desktop tower, or a full custom water-cooled rig. Different people have different opinions on what a good gaming PC is. 

Criteria for evaluating a gaming PC.

The most important part of a gaming PC is the graphics card or GPU. It renders the game visuals and is usually the limiting factor when it comes to determining your frame rate. We recommend focusing on a high-quality graphics card instead of investing all your money in a huge capacity hard disk or RAM. 

A high-quality graphics card like the AMD RX 7000 series or Intel Arc-A will enable you to run the latest AAA titles at a high frame rate while also providing access to the latest features such as real-time ray tracing, deep learning super sampling, AI acceleration, and high-quality video encoders. 

The CPU is less important than the GPU but still essential for maintaining super high frame rates in many modern games, especially if you want to play over 144Hz. That said, most games are designed to run on a single core, so adding more cores will be a waste (the law of diminishing returns and gaming processors). 

Other important parts of a gaming setup


The monitor functions as the centerpiece of the gaming setup, allowing you to view images. There are various types of monitors on the market. Pick the right size for better viewing angles, full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution or higher for sharper visuals, and at least 60HZ refresh rate for smoother images.

Keep in mind the response time and range of colors it can display, too. Pick a higher color gamut monitor with a max 5ms response time to ensure clear, sharp, and vibrant visuals. A higher response time will result in ghosting and motion blur. 


The keyboard is an important gaming setup component. Go for an ergonomic design keyboard with anti-ghosting tech, macros programmable commands, and customizable backlighting for low-light environment gaming. Macros allow you to program certain commands into the keyboard for quick task execution, especially during gaming. 


You’ll also need a good mouse for accurate movement and tracking during your games. Look for a mouse that has adjustable sensitivity, allowing you to change the number of dots per inch to enable quick or precise movements. Other important mouse features to consider include programmable buttons and a 500Hz or higher polling rate for accurate tracking with less lag times.


Headsets enable players to immerse themselves in the gaming experience and also communicate with fellow gamers in multiplayer games. That means prioritizing a microphone, noise canceling features, and at least 7.1 surround sound for optimal listening. Make sure it fits well, too, without being extra heavy on your head.

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What setup do I need for gaming?


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