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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 11 "Turncoat" Review



The episode picks up after last week's episode where Rip Hunter traveled through time and murdered General Geroge Washington. Rip Hunter is aiding the British forces by giving them modern day weaponry. A time quake notifies the Legends that there is a time aberration in Christmas of 1776. The legends travel back in time to get George Washington out of danger but British soldiers armed with automatic weaponry attack the Legends. Sara and Rory attempt to get George Washington out of danger but Sara is shot by Rip. Rory and Washington are captured by Rip and the British. The ship and Gideon, the ships A.I., are down because of an EMP, so Gideon is unable to fix Sara's wounds. The EMP also renders the quantum splicer that enables Jefferson and Stein to merge useless, and also causes Ray to be stuck in a shrunken size. Rip and British men attack the Waverider while Nate and Amaya get attacked as well. Nate is rescued by Amaya after he was thrown off a cliff and into a river. Martin performs surgery on Sara while Jefferson fixes the Waverider. General Washington and Rory are taken to General Cornwallis who plans to hang Washington for treason. Jefferson is being chased by Rip while in the Waverider. Jefferson is able to start the auxiliary power for the Waverider but Rip confronts him. Jefferson tells Rip he knows where a piece of the spear is and Rip asks to see it. Ray while in a shrunken state is chased by rats. Jefferson is able to get away from Rip. Sara wakes up but Stein and Sara are confronted by Rip. Rip kills Sara and Jefferson tells Rip where the spear is. Ray is able to fully restart the Waverider. George Washington and Mick Rory are able to escape and are assisted by Nate and Amaya. Gideon is able to save Sara. Jefferson tracks down Rip to kill him, but Sara convinces Jefferson not to kill Rip. Nate and Amaya retrieve all the modern day weaponry from the British men making the Revolutionary War a fair fight again. The timeline is fixed and the Legends exchange gifts and they toast to the family they've created. 


Another solid episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. I thought it was really funny when Rip gave the British troops automatic weaponry. This obviously gave the British a huge advantage. George Washington wanted to die with honor but Mick gave George a pep talk about what an American is. Mick ultimately tells Geroge not to play by the rules. Geroge taking this into consideration decides to attack the Hessians while they are breaking for Christmas celebration. I thought it was cool to see George and Mick interact and later become friends at the end of the episode. Since Mick interacted with George and ultimately saved the day, he got a statue in Washington DC, which was also funny. Nate and Amaya's relationship got pretty serious for a moment there but Amaya wants it to be a one-time thing. The relationship between Amaya and Nate is very strange. Amaya obviously knew Nate's grandfather because she is from that time period and worked with the JSA. Overall this was a good episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Rating: 4/5

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 11 "Turncoat" Review


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