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Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 "Bratva" Review



The episode starts with a flashback of Oliver taking out drug dealers. After Oliver's press conference, the team is notified that General Walker has fled custody. General Walker is still in possession of the nuclear weapon and is planning on selling it in Russia. The team goes to Russia to track down Walker. Rene is staying in Star City to watch after Quentin who just got out of rehab and is going to address the media. Oliver meets Anatoly at the airport, but much to Oliver's surprise Anatoly punches Oliver and tells him "You never should've come back to Russia". Anatoly knows that Oliver betrayed one of the other Bratva members. Oliver meets with Anatoly but Anatoly refuses to help Oliver unless Oliver also helps him. Oliver refuses the offer saying "That part of my life is over". Felicity meets a worker for Detralink and blackmails him. Team Arrow tracks down Walker, but it is a trap. Oliver captures one of the men working for Walker and threatens to torture him. In a flashback, Oliver takes down a vertigo dealer. In the present day, Rene is prepping Quentin Lance for the interview with Susan Williams but it goes south when Rene brings up the death of his daughter Laurel. Diggle starts beating up the captured prisoner but is unable to get any information. Oliver decides to take the deal with Anatoly which requires him to help the Bratva in exchange for the Bratva helping Oliver. Oliver does what is asked of him by Anatoli. In the flashback, Oliver crosses off the first name on "the list" which was the vertigo dealer. Anatoli gives Oliver the location of General Walker and lends Bratva men to help in the fight against Walker. Diggle confronts Walker who tells Diggle that selling the bomb was a ruse. Felicity and Rory work to disable the bomb which was triggered when they entered the hanger. Rory knowing that the rags survived the nuke at Havenrock offers to contain the blast by covering the nuke with his rags. Diggle decides not to kill Walker even after he taunts Diggle. Rory is able to contain the blast. Anatoli says Oliver took an Oath, and Oliver says it was temporary, but Anatoli tells Oliver Oaths aren't temporary. In a flashback, Anatoli is beaten up by Gregor and Oliver offers to kill him for Anatoli. The interview with Susan went well for Quentin because Rene told Susan a story about his childhood. When Rene was young, and Lance was still a cop, Lance caught Rene graffitiing a building. Instead of bringing in Rene, Lance told him he could be more than a thug. Rene says that this set him on a better path. Rory decides to leave the team because his rags don't work anymore after the blast. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Susan is only getting close to Oliver to get information. Susan appears to be meeting with a private investigator who shows her a picture of Oliver while he was a Bratva member. The investigator also says the tattoo on Oliver's chest is one that a Bratva captain gets. The investigator also points out that the Green Arrow was operating in Russia at the same time Oliver was there.


This episode finally brought back Quentin Lance who has been absent for the last few episodes. Lance's character is one of my favorites on the show and it was good to see him back. The previews had me worried that a feud with the Bratva would ensue but thankfully this didn't happen and Oliver and Anatoli are friends again. Anatoli says that an Oath isn't temporary so I assume this will play into effect sometime later. Oliver will most likely be called back into action to do some Bratva work in the future. Is Felicity going dark side? It appears that she is planning on using the information on Pandora to do some dirty work. Even though the people on Pandora are bad people, it is still unethical to use it, which Rory pointed out. It really is sad to see Rory go, and I hope his leave of absence is temporary and he eventually gets his rags fixed. John did the right thing and let Walker live, even after all the pain he caused to John. The plot twist at the end of the episode was expected. Susan has twisted the truth and backstabbed too many people for me not to see this coming. I figured her relationship with Oliver was not genuine from the beginning. Hopefully, Oliver realizes this before she exposes him as a criminal and as the Green Arrow. My question is whether or not she is somehow connected to Prometheus. Overall this was another solid episode of Arrow.

Rating: 4/5

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 "Bratva" Review


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