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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12 "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" Review



The episode starts off with Arthur Ketch from the British Men of Letters asking Mary Winchester to tell him a story. Castiel, Dean, Sam, Mary, and Wally are eating breakfast discussing their plan to take down a demon. The scene transitions to the team getting their butts kicked by the demons. Wally is killed and Castiel is seriously injured. The scene transitions and Castiel, Dean, Sam, Mary, and Wally are seen preparing to ambush the demon. Mary strangely walks out from the basement door. When Castiel asks what she is doing she claims she was urinating. Dean fires bullets with devils traps on the demon, and Sam stabs the demon with a demon killing knife, but it has no effect. The demon's eyes glow yellow and Mary leaves. The demon attacks Castiel and then stabs him with a large spear. Mary takes Castiel to a barn and Sam and Dean meet up with her. Mary tells Sam that the demon has yellow eyes. Earlier Mary and Wally are seen stalking the demon. Wally is lying to Sam and Dean by saying he needs help with the demon when in fact Mary is tasked with taking care of the demon. Mary is doing this so Sam and Dean don't ask questions. Before the ambush, Mary walks into the basement to recover something in a safe (later we find out this is The Colt). Back to the barn scene, Castiel is dying and Crowley shows up. Crowley tells Sam, Dean, Mary, and Castiel that the demon is a Prince of Hell. Princes's of Hell are the oldest demons after Lilith the first demon. Azazel the yellow-eyed demon that originally killed Mary Winchester before the series takes place, was a Prince of Hell. Six years earlier Crowley gives Ramiel Michael spear. In addition, Crowley gives Ramiel a box containing something (later we find out this is The Colt). Crowley tells Ramiel that since Lucifer is imprisoned and Lilith is dead Ramiel is next in line to the throne. Ramiel declines and tells Crowley he can be King of Hell. Ramiel tells Crowley that if anything happens to a Prince that it will be Crowley's fault. Crowley reveals that the spear used to stab Castiel is Michaels. Crowley teleports to Ramiel and attempts to convince Ramiel not to attack the Winchesters. Ramiel telekinetically throws Crowley into the barn and proceeds to attack the Winchesters. Dean traps Ramiel in a ring of holy fire. Ramiel demands that the object that is stolen from him be returned. Sam and Dean say they don't know what he is talking about, but Mary stays quiet. Ramiel uses Michaels spear to blow out the holy fire and he attacks the Winchesters. Sam knocks the spear out of Ramiel's hand and uses it to kill Ramiel. Meanwhile, Castiel is still dying from the Spear. The spear slowly kills angels but quickly kills demons. Crowley remembers what Ramiel told him, "The magic is all in the craftsmanship". Crowley breaks the spear in half and the magic heals Castiel. Castiel questions what Ramiel meant by someone stealing from him, but Dean blows it off. Arthur tells Mary that it's "quite a story" but Mary is furious that he sent her after a Prince of Hell. The object Mary stole from Ramiel is The Colt. In the very last scene, Crowley is calling his contacts searching for The Colt. Lucifer who is chained up taunts Crowley. Crowley says "shut up dog" to Lucifer. Lucifer's eyes glow red and he says "that's not my name".


This episode of Supernatural kept switching scenes which sort of made it hard to follow. This episode finally addressed what rank Azazel was. Azazel the yellow eyed demon from Season 1 was apparently a Prince of Hell. Prince's of Hell are extremely powerful because the Devils Trap didn't work on Ramiel and neither did the demon-killing knife. Ramiel tells Crowley in the flashback to leave them alone, which implies there are more Prince's of Hell, so I assume this isn't the last time we see a Prince of Hell. The object Mary steals is The Colt. The Colt has not been seen since Season 5 when Dean attempted to kill Lucifer with it. The Colt was seen in Season 6 when Sam and Dean traveled through time and killed the phoenix to collect its ashes, but that was the 1861 version of The Colt. We finally know what happened to it but unfortunately, it is in the hands of the British Men of Letters. Lucifer is strangely not in his cage. I thought Lucifer was trapped in his cage, but apparently, Crowley is keeping him chained up by his throne. This is the reverse of last season where Lucifer kept Crowley chained up by the throne and he called Crowley doggy. There were definitely some funny moments in the episode, which Supernatural is known for. The scene at the restaurant where Dean and Wally are trying to get Castiel and the waitress to hook up was really funny. Overall this was a good episode of Supernatural that answered some old questions long time viewers have had for a long time. However, I thought it was sort of hard to follow. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12 "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" Review


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